Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Majia Nadesan / Gary King

Fukushima  / The New JFK Show #31: Phil Nelson discusses his new book From Mastermind to The Colossus while briefly summarizing LBJ: Mastermind of JFK's Assassination. Phil also challenges Seamus Coogan to a Debate of his upcoming review on CTKA. An excellent interview from a guest banned by Black Op Radio.


  1. LBJ Was Mere Pawn, Was NOT Not Not A Top Mastermind

    Nelson is dis-info: not a word about the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") legalized COUNTERFEIT scam, necessarily the very top element of all/any organized crime.

    I'm very surprised and disappointed in Gary King that he lets Nelson get-away w. all this dis-info, lies, and general diversion away fm the JFK assassination.

    To be sure, Nelson knows lots of crap, trivia, details, anecdotes, etc., but it's all designed to divert fm the necessary head of it all, the powers behind the Fed--nothing happens or goes down without the okay of the Fed powers, these being Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and nowadays, Trilaterals; Bilderbergers have been around since at least 1950s.

    Sure, LBJ was placed in charge--but no more than board directors of a corp. choose a CEO and tell him he's "quarterback" running things, but LBJ was NOTHING but a pawn himself, doing what he was told, watched carefully by such as J. Edgar Hoover and the others. Note the other CFR members stayed-on w. LBJ, like McNamara and McGeorge Bundy.

    LBJ then went and began the idiot Vietnam debacle, programmed to be so fm the beginning, Americans to be ground-up, distracting fm what ensued: (a) Russia emerging as super-power w. "parity" in ICBMs, and then, just a little later, (b) China to begin it's 40 yr long climb to economic super-power, Jew S A now about to become a 3rd world nation, its industry and manufacturing utterly gutted and sold over-seas, etc.

    So Gary, what happened is u let this guy totally divert upon a great mass of trivia and details--ABOUT LBJ--NOT about the JFK assassination and large circumstances thereto.

    Only at the very end does Nelson begin to touch upon the Jew subject, but he then alleges LBJ used the Jews more than Jews used him, ho ho ho ho ho, what a laugh--and what a stupid, brainless lie--totally inconceivable. It's matter of hist. record that the HUGE payments and aid fm USA to Israel BEGAN w. LBJ.

    In fact, LBJ was himself A JEW: see

    Nelson also makes note of the USS Liberty incident, but this also is great evidence of who controlled who, the Israelis blatantly attacking a US ship--and getting away w. it all w. the help and complicity of a US Pres.

    This is the first FAILURE of Gary's shows on the JFK assassination--totally diverted upon the LBJ subject by a con-artist, Nelson, who is surely paid by CFR et al. The actual JFK assassination was mentioned only tangentially and in very, very little detail.

    Better luck next show, Gary, but u ought to learn fm this episode--u gotta keep to the subject, not letting a B.S. artist, like Nelson, get us all distracted and diverted on a totally different subject, like LBJ, nothing about JFK and the assassination.

    1. I agree. No doubt, LBJ performed a lot of the foot work to get the assassination accomplished but it doesn't make intuitive sense that a relative jack-ass pawn, like LBJ, would be allowed to make such a huge unilateral decision and then be powerful enough to completely cover his own tracks. Modern presidents lend the illusion of power. Maybe they're allowed to make small decisions. In no way could I imagine they would be allowed to make a monumental decisions, like an assassination, on their own. And LBJ was just a VP. The final green-light and the power to effectively cover it could come from none other than a Rothschild Jew.

      Look at it from the perspective of the Rothschilds. You control everything. You've bribed, coerced and murdered everyone you need. Are you going to allow a small-potatos upstart, like LBJ, direct your public policy in such a huge manner? LOL THINK ABOUT IT! There is no way that would ever happen.

      And expecting LBJ to be the one who executed the perfect assassination AND perfectly cover it up is like making LBJ to be some sort of super-human one-man-band. No one can be that good at doing everything. LBJ was doing what every Jew does... following orders which work towards the ultimate goals of Jews everywhere, none of it good.

  2. apsterain, I have heard just about every JFK radio/tv show that has ever played and this is just about the only one that turns the ship in Israel's direction. It seems your beating up Phil and I for not going far enough. Phil knows about the CFR, Trilateral and the burgers. Go back and listen to Gary King/John Hankey/Jim Fetzer LBJ debate to see where i stand, I listed dozens of CFR people. I also mention that LBJ's 16 wise men were all CFR. Phil has gotten a lot of crap from people and I am more about defending his right to say it that necessarily agreeing with the Mastermind part.

    1. Jews, Banking's Place In Midst Of "Decline Of The West," Including USA, Through All Events

      U ask for commentary, and when u get informed criticism, u call it "beating up." And now u say ur motive is to "defending his [Nelson's] right" to preach dis-info (and outright lying), Nelson saying, very clearly in the broad-cast, LBJ used Jews rather than being used by them, ho ho ho ho ho--whatever.

      Anyway, I don't disagree w. his "rights"--long as I get to "beat up" on him for his lying and dis-info, eh? Ho ho ho ho

      Don't u think Nelson DESERVES "a lot of crap" for his lying and dis-info?--and isn't that perfectly fair thing?--I'm not saying he should be muzzled or censored, ho ho ho--after all, it's we anti-semites who dare to criticize Jews who are censored.

      If u and he KNOW all LBJ's "wise men were . . . CFR," they staying-on after JFK assassination, then that's HUGE clue right there for who was behind the assassination.

      My main pt. is to OBSERVE the necessary/obligatory nature & structure of the large criminal conspiracy: that central-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING operation underlying and behind it all, which gives them all their power, nearly un-limited funding, allowing them to own & CONTROL everything, esp. the Jews-media, and the bought-off and paid-for politicians and judges who and which all worked to squelch any investigation, but for poor, isolated, beset, and be-deviled heroes like Jim Garrison.

      Notice they (the powers behind things) didn't call Garrison "anti-semitic"--as that would have much and rather given things away, eh? Ho ho ho ho

      Gary: the show ended up being rather side-tracked about LBJ and hardly anything was said about the JFK assassination--maybe that was ur intention. But then there was the lie about the Jews, nothing being said about LBJ himself being Jew and/or his many Jew connections--and that is relevant, germane, and even essential if u really want to get into LBJ.

      LBJ had HUGE "cover" fm somewhere, eh?--CFR, etc., was the obvious outer-face to it, CFR itself being largely Jew enterprise fm the Brit Round-Table and Cecil J. Rhodes.

      If u think about it--isn't it absurd to imagine it was LBJ who wanted USS Liberty sunk, and that he used Israel to do it?--impossible, laughable. Rather, truth OBVIOUSLY is Israel and Jews used LBJ--Israel wanted Liberty sunk--WHAT do u think?--tell us.

      Note the JFK assassination was a great SEA-CHANGE in things political, even cultural--no less than presently w. 9/11 event, mere logical follow-up.

      Israel was ABSOLUTELY vital to the whole situation and JFK assassination event as, for example, it required co-operation of the Jews-media, the pt. being that if u look-see, u find ISRAEL GOT ONE OF THE BIGGEST PAY-OFFS, especially when u look at the HUGELY enlarged allocations of funds fm US gov.--NOT TO MENTION the safe continuation of their developing their nuke program. Mike Collins Piper's work, "Final Judgment," is good back-ground for all this info on LBJ and JFK.

      Hence then proper view and setting for things is (a) Jews and (b) rise of central-banking (Rothschild) foundation for criminal take-over of the world, (c) beginning w. Brit. empire, Rhodes and Round-Table societies, (d) moving to USA w. CFR, then (e) foundation of United Nations world Jew gov., simultaneous to founding of Israel and (f) then Israel's evermore central place for things, including (g) JFK assassination, (h) 9/11, among all the others, (i) USA now languishing in mid-East as it languishes in general, (j) China over-taking for economic dominance, (k) US Dollar about to collapse.

      Nelson's purpose is obviously to DIVERT fm the Jew angle, putting a half-baked emphasis on LBJ which can't stand-up soon as anyone gets into LBJ's Jew-connections, including then, esp. Israel terror-state.

    2. Don't Under-Estimate Growing Power Of Israeli Terror-State

      Oh--and there's one little, teensy item I forgot to add for u, Gary, my man--and that is, don't forget, all the raw data fm NSA goes straight to our dear, dread over-lords in Israel, according to Snowden and Jew colleague, Greenwald. Do u begin to realize power of Israel which has metastasized?

      Thus we need to UNITE our people in anti-semitism, seriously--why we need the REAL Christianity, worship of truth, above all/any--against Jew lies, reason being integral part of the Holy Spirit, by which to grasp such truth.

      It's actually one of the worst things Jews and their filthy, putrid influence has done to our once vibrant culture--to making our dear Christianity seeming to be AGAINST reason, in favor of mysticism--nothing being further fm truth.

    3. Now you're getting into some really interesting subject matter... how to defend against the pest. You have to acknowledge that he is very successful at what he does. Prof. Kevin MacDonald Cal State, Long Beach, has done an excellent job of analysing it. Big secret... they conspire. A group will win out over an individual every single time and in any endeavour. But in Western culture, it's bad manners to conspire (unless, of course, your a Jew). So, as I see it, we need to conspire against Jews, just to compete. But wouldn't the act of conspiring make us all Jews by another name?

      I find everything about the Jew repulsive, as do most who understand what the Jew is. The last thing I care to do is to mimic his behavior. And therein lay the conundrum.

    4. Allison: ck

    5. Reality Is Objective; History Is Cyclic

      In short: note the Jew, foremost subjectivist, moralist-Pharisaist, collectivist THRIVES when culture is in downward, "decline" stage of coming-apart--"Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--after gentiles have become corrupt, effete, and caught-up in Jewwy-style Pharisaism, pretending to "good-evil," sanctimony, hubris.

      Gentiles and Christians must simply re-discover the REAL Christianity which worships TRUTH = Christ (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which necessarily entails objective, Aristotelian reality as necessary premise/criteria for such truth--against Jew lies, subjectivism, and moralism/Pharisaism, these being the Hegelian opposites.

      Christian soldiers can take heart fm historic example of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. who revived the moribund culture of the time, at least briefly.

    6. If you told me leprechauns jumped out of your ass, yet could mount an effective campaign to slay the beast, I would follow you to the end. However, I can take stock in the ass-jumping wee about as well as I can Christianity. Christianity is, itself, a device, not much different than the CFR or the Fed. Read CAESAR'S MESSIAH. I've never changed the mind of a religious fanatic yet but the truth is laid out right there if you're so inclined to read it.

    7. Christianity: Much Corrupted In Degenerate Culture Too Affected By Satanism, Mysticism

      Are u sure u really understand what Christianity is?--it was designed as anti-Semitism--and it's ONLY thing that's EVER worked against Jews.

      Thus Christianity is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precept, truth only possible by means of an OBJECTIVE reality serving as criterion/premise.

      Note most folks have difficulty grasping formal logic, science, or reason--SOOOO they make use of leadership and "religion" such as Christianity.

      I haven't read "Caesar's Messiah," but I HAVE listened to the author (forgot his name right at the moment) fm several vids on U-tube, and I assure u he hasn't a clue as to what Christianity is or is designed to be.

      U gotta realize Christianity is simply an aesthetic presentation of a genuine philosophic world-view and philosophy--designed, as I note, to oppose and rebut Pharisaism.

      If what u're against is the mysticism and irrational "fanaticism" many so-called "Christians" feature, I agree, BUT note that mysticism WAS NOT the original or basic purpose or meaning.

      Christianity, properly understood and treated is BRILLIANT means of UNITING gentiles for sentiment and emotion against the Jew/Jewwy/satanist enemy, let me assure u

      Don't forget one of the worst things Judaism does is it corrupts weak Christians--as to getting them to adopting the Jew "faith"--which is precisely the sort of fanaticism u indicate.

      For "faith," properly understood according to Christian reason merely means LOYALTY, that's all. Christ (= Truth, don't forget) doesn't want u to accept as truth stupid crap that doesn't make sense--JEWS DO THIS, and unfortunately too many "Christians" of the half-baked sort have adopted this moronic Jew conception of such moronic "faith."

    8. Joseph Atwill's book is the most important book I've ever read. For less than $20, I can't think of a better purchase. Atwill is a genius. Some of the arguments are very simple to grasp. Some of them will take a great deal of work on reader's part but the logic is always solid. If you're eager for the truth, read the book.

      I often see Christians shy from material, such as this. They think it might shake their belief. To me, that just goes to show how wafer thin their belief is to begin. It tells me they're knowingly believing something that better logic would tell them not to.

      I have no idea what type of Christianity to which you must be referring. Literally, faith means groundless belief and Christianity is a faith.

    9. Real Christianity Easily Understood

      Allison: "faith" only means LOYALTY, according to Christ and St. Paul, but note again, as I indicated above, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--this Christian thesis meant and designed to OPPOSE Pharisees and their thematic LYING (JOHN 8:44).

      Thus Christianity directly and necessarily implies an OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian (or "God-created") reality which then serves as basis/criterion for such TRUTH.

      When u say, "[L]iterally, faith means groundless belief...," note u're referring to the Jew conception, which was, unfortunately, adopted by SOME later "Christians," and indeed, many so-called "Christians" to this day--BUT that is not the real or original Christian conception.

      Christianity is a "faith" as it's something to be loyal to.

      Observe also no possible "good" or benevolent God would demand "belief" in nonsense which cannot be proven--ONLY A DEVIL WOULD demand such stupidity--and Pharisaism/Talmudism/Judaism is literally Satanism which demands u "believe" lies, e.g., that Jews are "chosen," etc.

      Atwill does NOT understand Christianity, and if his "arguments are very simple to grasp," then I challenge u to simply state the arguments urself, off top of ur own "head," so to speak.

      For if u pretend u understand Atwill's "arguments," u ought to know what they are on ur own knowledge, right?

      Ask urself, Allison, why shouldn't Christians "shy" fm things which u urself cannot explain?--if u say Atwill's work is "most important book," then why can't u say what it's about in ur own words?--is it because u don't understand what the book says or is about?

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. LOL You're attacking Atwill's book on my ability to summarize it? Let me just share one of the really neat features of the book. But, no, I honestly cannot do the book justice buy summarizing it. Here's a couple of nuggets I can still remember. I read it last probably about five years ago.

      There are certain parts of the Bible which have never made sense... to anyone. There are other parts of the Bible which seem to contradict one another. But once you get Atwill's explanation, it all falls into place. No contradictions. No mysterious passages.

      Atwill also explains that the Bible cannot be deciphered without the Josephus history. According to Atwill, the Bible had ALWAYS been consumed with the Josephus history as a companion until I think he said around 1800. The Josephus history is not an accurate history. But the Josephus history is an absolute requirement for understanding what the Bible is... and what it is not.

      You owe it to yourself. Read this book. You can afford the $15.

    12. Come to think of it, the book it free off the torrents.

    13. Bible Is Aesthetics, Literature By Way Of Teaching Philosophy, Etc.

      Allison: I wasn't lying when I told u I watched/listened to Atwill on a few U-tube vids--I was not impressed.

      Why read a book which u couldn't understand well enough to be able to say anything substantial about? U don't demonstrate that u actually learned anything fm Atwill's work.

      Allison: Bible, but esp. New Test., IS LITERATURE--it tells a story, get it?--that's all it wants to do, all it tries to do--get a clue.

      The Biblic philosophy is delivered in form of literature--okay?--it's philosophy in form of AESTHETICS--it's not necessarily meant to be taken literally.

      But u gotta realize MOST PEOPLE CANNOT HANDLE FORMAL LOGIC or science--either then or even today. Folks, for the most part, need what they can understand of philosophy in form of art--aesthetics--STORIES--why can't u grasp this?

      Ok?--so Christ came (so the story goes) to preaching the original Mosaic law, clarifying, illustrating, and in some cases re-stating (a).

      (b) Further, Christ did this preaching in order to warn the people about the Pharisees who mis-represented and tried to HI-JACK the Torah law, Christ denouncing these Pharisees who made the law of God "to be of none-effect"--see Gosp. MATT, entire chapter 23.

      (c) So the Pharisees decided to murder Christ like they imagine they can lie and murder the truth--BUT which truth always outs and "resurrects" in the end. Christ = truth, this against Jew lies and their subjectivism whence they purport to "interpreting" the original Mosaic, Torah law.

      So u see, Christianity (a) is founded in literature, (b) teaching a significant philosophy, truth the only way to Godly happiness, in contrast/opposition to the Hegelian anti-thesis preached by the Pharisees, lies in way of conquest in war.

    14. You're breaking my balls because your too fucking lazy to read a free book for yourself? Look, I liked the book. If you want to not like a book you've never read, fine. Just shut the fuck up about it. I'm sick of hearing about how you think the book's no good because my review of it is not up to your standards. You sound like every religious fanatic I've ever met... they're all cowards. They're frightened of any material that they think might weaken their misguided belief in total bull-shit. Either read the book or shut the fuck up about it. I'm can't stand to listen to you whine like a little bitch. And, YES, the Bible IS literature but it's a type of literature you've never been exposed to. It's the type of literature that was popular among the upper classes around the time of Christ. I call it puzzle literature because that's why people bought it... to solve the puzzles within the story. Want to know more? Go read the fucking book... or don't. I really don't give a shit. Just leave me the fuck alone about a book that you don't like yet too fucking lazy/scared/obstinate to read yourself.

    15. Allison Loses Cool At Ignorance Exposed

      Ho ho ho--Allison, calm down; I'm just verifying what u KNOW fm ur reading of a book u say is worthwhile--u're not capable of saying anything of substance about it--HOW do we even know u read the book? Ho ho ho ho

      Note I don't pretend to talking about the book itself--I merely comment upon ur own inability to say anything of substance about it--as to why it's worthwhile.

      Ur "review"?--it's literally nothing, u say it's good, but don't say how or why. I don't say the book is bad just because u don't seem to know anything about it--I merely pt. out ur own obvious inability.

      U have great, irrational, rather pathologic prejudice against Bible, but say nothing that makes any sense--even after I patiently explain what New Test. is about

      I explained the PHILOSOPHY of New Test. lit., along w. citations, which neither u nor Mr. Atwill seem to understand--that's not my fault.

      Why waste time reading a book u can't say anything about of any substance, whose author I listened to displaying his own gross ignorance?

      It's not that I'm "lazy"--I'm actually quite busy, and merely asked u what's worthwhile about Atwill's work--for which then u can't say anything--that's not "whining."

      Allison: if u can't stand my criticism and stating obvious facts about ur incapacity, u shouldn't blame me. U don't like my copping ur empty case, well, gee but that's just TOUGH, eh? ho ho ho ho ho

    16. Allison HuntOctober 22, 2014 at 1:56 PM

      "They're frightened of any material that they think might weaken their misguided belief in total bull-shit."

      * * * * * * * * * *

      Allison: above, we see it's u who "believes" "in total bullshit"--to judge fm what u can say about Atwill's work, utterly ignorant of New Test. literature and substance.

      U know nothing about New Test., AND u know nothing about Atwill, to judge fm what u're able to say about his work. Ho ho ho ho

      Why recommend a book when u can't say anything about it?--"Here, read this book," and when one asks why, u can only say, "duhhhhhhhhhh--just read it," ho ho ho ho ho ho

      U're OBVIOUSLY the one "mis-guided," eh? Ho ho ho hoho

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww, poor Jewwie, ho ho hoh o ho--u and the truth just don't go together well, do u? ho hoo ho ho ho--hey, it isn't my fault. Too bad I've been threatened for full use of free speech, otherwise, I'd go on to tell u about urself, and things, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

  4. both. Got it. Absolutely amazing. How do keep the crap from clogging your keyboard?

  5. How do u keep it clogging urs, genius?

  6. Jews And Jewwies: They're Just Soooooooo "Superior," Aren't They? Ho Ho Ho--But After All, They're Not Called "Pharisees" For Nothing, Eh? Ho Ho Ho

    Folks, isn't this amazing? Observe Jews and their buddies imagine they have an initiative, or high-ground, or some kind of "one-up" over us peasant goyim, ho ho ho--and they just can't resist pushing their stupid lies--it's "absolutely amazing" to them that gentiles have a diff. view--which they just cannot abide, neither are they capable of rebutting but in their pathetic, little, self-righteous ways. Isn't it touching? ho ho ho o ho ho ho

  7. Gary, if LBJ was "pivotal" to JFK, why didn't Jim Garrison pick up on that? From the beginning, Garrison targeted the FBI and CIA which infiltrated his investigation and who were killing off witnesses. Garrison was attacked most viciously by journalist Walter Sheridan and NBC. He appeared on the Johnny Carson show to talk about it where Johnny gave him a hard time. (Listen to the You Tube of that show along with his equal time response to the NBC hit piece.) Garrison was also on Steve Allen's Tonight Show. These are very entertaining and enlightening videos.

    The central question which has not been answered in over 50 years is whether or not Oswald was the lone assassin. Hundreds of books have been written, but how many conclude Oswald didn't shoot JFK?

    Is there a book which goes into the role of Ruth Paine? She's been popping up on shows lately acting so innocent when we know she and her husband were a CIA couple. (He being employed by Bell Helicopter) She claims she just lucked out getting "Lee" the job in the TSBD. I saw her just recently in "The Smoking Gun" on REELZ along with other recent conspiracy "Oswald did it" type fare.

    Another CIA character who appears in endless JFK documentaries is Priscilla McMillan Johnson--Oswald's handler when he returned from the USSR. She was Marina's keeper following the assassination, keeping Marina in hotels, isolated from the public where she could be programmed.
    "Shoot Him Down" NBC, the CIA and Jim Garrison

    "Garrison's case was big news and predictably the news media swung into attack mode. None was more vicious or had more resources at their disposal than NBC. For the job as lead investigative reporter, NBC assigned Walter Sheridan........

    ".......In a 1967 memo the CIA outlined several mass media approaches to counter Garrison's charges. One of their recommendations was to make sure that CIA Director Helms assure that various media outlets "receive a coherent picture of Garrison's 'facts' and motives. .......

    1. Garrison Was Ron Paul Of 1960s

      CompassOctober 20, 2014 at 9:12 PM

      "...[B]ut how many conclude Oswald didn't shoot JFK?"--Of course, legally, issue is guilty or not--there's no proof Oswald shot Kennedy, and it seems certain he was mere patsy.

      "[I]f LBJ was "pivotal" to JFK"--only inasmuch as SOMEONE had to co-ordinate all the gov. offices, this being logically, naturally matter of course for Pres.--he was heavily advised all along the way by CFR--much like football team is "quarterbacked," but quarterback simply following directions.

      CFR-CIA-FBI-Secret Svc coordinated things for JFK assassination, CIA and CFR being perfectly inter-locked, Israel being mainly represented by CFR, but coordinating w. CIA also by means of organized crime, headed by Jews--as in Permindex, directed by Clay Shaw.

      Shaw's purpose was to control the patsy, Oswald, and that's also how Ferry fit in. Decision for the hit was tentative beginning w. Bay of Pigs, went "go" when CFR et al. found out about Kennedy's Vietnam disposition--that's why they had LBJ all ready, and also totally extorted, US Senate about to drop "hammer" for Bobby Baker scandal.

      It's nice when u TOTALLY control the press, entertainment, edjumacation, and the established churches--and at same time tell Americans they're "free" compared to police-state of Sovietskis, ho hoh o ho--what a joke.

      Mighty Internet is BIG fly-in-ointment, so now's ripe for serious bio-weapon.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jews: Followers Of Murderous Talmud, Foremost Criminals Of Society

      Righto, "stevie.t": u just repeat and re-published the same entry-text lies posted by simian pimon fm the other blog.

      What u Jewwies & accomplices blatantly ignore is REALITY, namely that Jews, by definition, follow the murderous Talmud which teaches them hatred of humanity against whom they're required to wage and conduct war, Talmud teaching it's ok to lie to and murder gentiles--AS U HAVE BEEN TOLD NUMEROUS TIMES, but like the psychotics u are just ignore. See and for best Talmudic expo.

      Thus the war that's programmatically waged against humanity according to murder-manual, Talmud, and Jews makes the Jews foremost CRIMINALS who strive to take control of corrupt empires by means especially of "central-banking," this "banking" then becoming the base/core of all organized crime within the culture, as we presently see in West and esp. USA.

      It's no accident that Jews are cordially hated by all people and races, throughout history, and have been kicked-out and expelled fm practically EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH.

    4. See the Pahvlo n. Schanes blog, Simon Pimon October 18, 2014 at 6:32 AM, for the original of "stevie t's" above entry.

  8. Nelson Dis-Info Falsifies Real LBJ Story

    Gary: don't get me wrong--I'm not against u at all, and I'm sure u mainly wanted to let Nelson freely make his case regarding LBJ, so u just didn't press him for the Jew-connections and details thereto.

    I'm against Nelson who's PLAINLY hiding and even denying the HUGE LBJ-Jew connection and implications. Don't forget LBJ began his political career as assistant to the Jew, Kleberg--there's actually a whole story about the Jews and cryptos of state of Texas which Nelson totally and deliberately overlooks, obviously.

    So note, as Mike Collins Piper brings-out in his book, "Final Judgment," Ben-Gurion and Israel were against JFK fm beginning, and now it only required the CFR, masters of the CIA and everyone else, to decide JFK's fate.

    Kennedy then antagonized CFR when he issued the silver certificates fm US Treasury dept., a commodity-backed currency--ABSOLUTELY FATAL for implications to the topmost criminal enterprise of all culture, the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam of US Federal Reserve Bank--see

    And of course the other major affront to CFR was balking at the Vietnam quagmire by which Jew S A was to be bogged-down while USSR and China were to be built-up, USA evermore crippled and deconstructed in face of growing, ever-consolidating world dictatorship under United Nations--which UN JFK actually wasn't against.

    Thus the leftist, elitist Jews of CFR became committed w. the Zionist Jews, who later built-up their own constituent interest-group, like "neo-con," "rightist"-styled Judeo-Christians (JCs--see and for expo on JCs) of modern day for decisive, definitive overthrow of gentile, Christian remnant of Jew S A, already horribly crippled for cultural integrity by the War btwn states of hundred yrs earlier, and institution of central-banking in 1913, the income-tax, etc.

    Yet a further anti-American act fostered by LBJ when he took office was the 1965 immigration act which led to flooding of USA w. non-European aliens, further Balkanizing the country for confusion and overthrow of original culture and legal institutions.

    JFK assassination, covered by absolute Jews-media control and influence, actually then set-up later OKC bombing, the WTC bombing of 1993, and 9/11, one disaster distracting fm the previous one, leading inexorably to present police state, heavily armed, the US Constitution relegated to irrelevance in face of ZOG terror and recent release of bio-weapons, US Dollar and economy getting ready for catastrophic collapse. God help USA and Christian people.

    1. Please do your readers a favor and use less abbreviations. I can usually solve them but it always slows down the read. And then there are some I cannot solve. I have no clue what a Jew S A is. Jew South America? OKC, ZOG and WTC are fine. It's the more esoteric ones that are troublesome.

    2. Ho ho ho--Jew S A is what old USA has now become, dominated by Jews--u shouldn't worry too much about my terminologies and acronyms, as I'm sure it'll all come to u.

    3. "CFR-CIA-FBI-Secret Svc coordinated things for JFK assassination, CIA and CFR being perfectly inter-locked, Israel being mainly represented by CFR, but coordinating w. CIA also by means of organized crime, headed by Jews--as in Permindex, directed by Clay Shaw".

      That's correct. But you should also point out that Israel is the Rothschild's creation. Coming from Israel is the same as coming from Rothschild.

      To really make sense of it all, I think you really need to follow it all the way back to the source every time. There is one individual behind all the madness and everyone should know who he is but no one does. That one individual is either David deRothschild or Jacob Rothschild.

    4. Rothschild Just One Of A Race Of Murderers, Liars, Criminals, Psychopaths

      Don't forget Jews follow the murderous
      Talmud: WAR against the gentiles whence it's ok to murder and to lie to gentiles, wherein it says Christ was killed rightfully for heresy and blasphemy.

      Rothschild?--that's just ONE of those murdering psychopaths who worship lies--they're a race of criminals.

      What diff. does it make about Rothschild?--if it wasn't him there'd just be some other Jew psychopath to do the dirty-work.

  9. The difference is huge. Rothschild is the true emperor of the world. He's the hog with the big nuts, the one who calls the shots, the final say in an assassination plan. This is the guy calling every major decision. What's the alternative? Do you believe little Barry Soetorro is calling the shots? LOL Give it a break.

    1. Allison: what happened?--u suddenly gave-up on Atwill who totally over-looks New Test. philosophy and literature, eh?

      Now u're on about Rothschild?--do u have any citations/references for ur assertions?

      Note Rothschild family goes back several generations to the original Mayer Amschel. Barry Obola?--everyone knows he's not even "natural born," total figure-head.

  10. On another note, and I'm a big Beatles fan, I can no longer listen to these shows by Fetzer. The Beatles are great to listen to when I'm on my treadmill, but this guy has worn about three or four of their songs into the ground. Jim, the band released a few more songs then the ones you insist on playing each break. Paperback Writer used to be one of my favorites.....