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Greg Hallett

Usurpation of the British monarchy

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'One Born Free'

9/11 tv fakery

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Morgan Reynolds

Atheism vs agnosticism

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Jones Harris / Richard Hooke

JFK assassination science: Altgens photo #6

Bank Robbers and Serial Killers? The CIA hires them, the FBI ignores them

by Jim Fetzer

"[A]sking the EFF BEE EYE in the year 2012 for 'help' is like substituting your normal foam life vest on your boat, with a series of ten pound LEAD weights all cobbled together in a vest formation."--an anonymous friend

Clyde Forshaw When you dig into conspiracies like JFK and 9/11, as I have done, and host a radio program discussing them, you cannot always predict how things are going to play out.  Several years ago, for example, I began to hear from a woman who used the handle "Agent Ladybug", which sound innocuous on its face, but where the story she had to tell--as it has gradually unwoven--would make your hair curl.  If what she has been telling me is correct--and, to my ear, it has the ring of truth--then she has been associating with one or more serial killers, who may even have been involved in crimes as serious as the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK and even John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The persons she has identified to me include her own brother, Roland Ottus, for whom she introduced the named "Raoul" and told me he had been involved in the death of MLK.  She also explained that another member of this gang (although she has not used that word) was photographed in front of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, where even J. Edgar Hoover himself acknowledged that this person was not the man accused of the assassination of JFK.  According to my source, it was actually Walter Tabinski.  And the most dangerous of these three, Clyde Forshaw, has committed serial murders, if her information is correct, some of which she personally witnessed herself.  I grant that her story is difficult to believe, but she has a mountain of details and other considerations to back it up.

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Tom Cahill

Ponzi scams, official corruption

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Janet Phelan

Sandy Hook / conservatorship scams

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Jim Fetzer

Interviewed by Kurt Baron / by Meria Heller

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Brian Stavely

9/11 TV fakery

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Jim Fetzer / Jim Viken / Clare Kuehn

Earl Gluck "Interview" / Critiques by Jim Viken & Clare Kuehn

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Clare Kuehn / Total Info

Assassination of John Lennon

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Ned Delaney

9/11 "Grassroots"

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Jim Rothstein

Elite child-abuse rings