Friday, October 10, 2014

James Perloff

Pearl Harbor (w/ Joshua Blakeney)


  1. Perloff's Work Extremely Useful Informative For World History Of 20th Century

    Indeed, James Perloff's book is outstanding scholarship, combining brevity (it's only about 200 pages), outstanding sources and references, and incisive writing--telling the story of ZOG, how ZOG is founded upon central-banking, and the key events which led-up to present Jew world order.

    As I recall, Perloff begins the work w. W. Wilson regime, including Wilson's mentor, Col House, who wrote the revealing fiction-work, "Phillip Dru, Administrator," the hero, Dru, who sets-up world gov. on socialist principles.

    Integral to the story is workings of that ultimate conspiratorial network, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which decisively took over USA fm passage of Fed Reserve act in 1913

    Perloff then demonstrates the inexorable rise of world gov. paralleling communist statism both in the world and in Jew S A.

    The only things to be added would be the corruption of the middle class of the West, including in USA, for adoption of moralism-Pharisaist culture fm philosopher Imannuel Kant, late 18th cent., it all being part of the CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    And Jews are and were PERFECT masterminds as their culture is built upon Talmud and its thematic subjectivism upon which Kantian Pharisaism-moralism was used to justify central-banking, the 19th cent. featuring the following Hegelian statism, and Marxist totalitarianism, the Jew-led bolsheviks of early 20th cent. perfect leaders and enforcers of world-dictatorship.

    The other off-shoot of this western corruption was establishment of the zionist terror-state. Perloff's work does brilliant job for all the political-economic facts and details, leaving-out only the more basic cultural developments of Kantian moralism and subjectivism under-lying the criminal bankers behind ZOG, Israel, Soviets, and United Nations world dictatorship.

  2. The Truth is a Lonely War

    By James Perloff

    "My paternal ancestors were Russian Jews. My great-grandfather’s name was Abraham Perlovsky. People who criticize Zionism (as I’m about to do) are frequently accused of being motivated by anti-Semitism. Since I’m half-Jewish myself, I hope it’s clear that such feelings do not impel me. And lest this book be quoted out of context, let me state that I am unequivocally opposed to racism in any form."

    Well said, James!!

    Have you met the racist, nut case, moron and rabid Jew baiter, apsterian yet?

  3. Oops!! Sorry, James.

    "The Truth is a Lonely WARRIOR"

    By James Perloff 

  4. apsterian -

    Hey!! You have the ½ Jew Spengler
    and now the ½ Jew James Perloff
    in your "collection" of required
    Jewish reading material!!

    You got a WHOLE Jew!!! LOL

    Keep this up and you can open a bookshop beside the Wailing Wall
    in Jerusalem!!


  5. Quit playing the same Beatle songs over, over, over, over, over. How about caring enough to use your imagination a little bit.


  6. Nick: along w. ur basic, obvious, plain lack of basic intelligence, observe ur PRESUMPTION:

    U say, "LBJ is not known...."--HOW DO U KNOW THIS?--do u have any citations?--doesn't it occur to u u need to back up ur assertions w. substantiation? Why do u imitate Jews w. ur groundless assertions?

    Same then again for ur 2nd sentence.

    Christianity IS anti-Semitism--ck Gosp. JOHN, specifically, 8:44 "Ye are sons of ur father the devil who was a liar from the beginning...."

    Christ opposed the Pharisees, telling them they made the Mosaic law (Torah) of "none effect," giving out with their own commandments as being fm God, Christ sticking-up for the OBJECTIVE (God-made) reality, necessary basis of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--against Jew lies based on their subjectivism and "interpretation."

    But keep trying, nick