Friday, October 3, 2014

James Mariano / Nick Kollerstrom

World Trade Center / Are UK truthers terrorists?


  1. Freeride: I think Fetzer wants u to comment on the radio show--or something having to do w. it.

  2. Coming from the I hate everything kosher fart sniffer.

  3. I think what Nick Kollerstrom did took huge balls. The inane response he got, on record for all to read, see and hear, demonstrates the cowards game Cameron chooses to play.

    9/11 Truth for the Win

    1. Cameron did not say that people like Kollerstrom who have contrarian views on 9/11 etc. are terrorists.

      The text of the speech is here:


      Kollerstrom says no-one claims 9/11 was a Jewish plot. Beg to differ. I do, for one. Of course Jews were behind it and pursuing Jewish interests. It matters not one bit if they used non-Jewish professional servants of Jews such as members of the USG or mainstream press corps.

    2. Nick: note I've questioned ur intelligence before, and u continue to justify my questions.

      Here's a direct quote fm the PM's speech:

      "And we must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, our universities and yes, even our prisons."

      As u know, "inciting hatred" is just a weasel-phrase for dissent. ZOG and allies are determined to squelch dissent.

      Here's another telling passage:

      "So we shouldn’t stand by and just allow any form of non-violent extremism. We need to argue that prophecies of a global war of religion pitting Muslims against the rest of the world. These things are nonsense. We need Muslims and their governments around the world to reclaim their religion from these sick terrorists as so many are doing and quite rightly doing today. We all need to help them with programmes that channel young people away from these poisonous ideologues. And we need the strongest possible international focus on tackling this ideology - which is why here at the United Nations, the United Kingdom is calling for a new Special Representative on extremism."

      I'd say Cameron is equating dissent w. "extreme-ism" (which is left un-defined, u notice) and terrorism--which equations have been made by others, regardless.

  4. oh I think it has everything to do with that show apsterian.

    The past is a window into the future. Only those who know where they have been will know where to go, or what to look for, to be more precise. I did not comment as we all listened to the same MP3, and can only state that I agree, or some other futile comment that no one give a fuck about. I choose education in regard to the big picture VS chasing a mosquito around the house thinking that, that's the problem and everything will be better once I smash it in against the wall, ignoring the swamp next to my house. Thanks to both guests.

  5. The scholarship on "The Greatest Story Never Told" is quite lacking.

  6. LOL at 1:18:00 or so Fetzer gives a ringing endorsement of Rand Paul! Kollerstrom asked if there are any candidates in the US who stand for any of the truths regularly talked about on this site. Fetzer answers enthusiastically, Rand Paul! He even says he is the greatest politician since JFK. Didn't Jim learn his lesson from his ringing endorsements of Obama in 2007/08? The same damn thing would happen if Rand Paul (somehow) got elected POTUS--he would be controlled by others.

  7. SW: ck

  8. Important point mentioned in the show about how the collapse of building 7 was very different from the collapses of the WTC towers.

    The huge dust "plumes" spreading out from the towers could hardly be a result merely of concrete floors being crushed in some pancake scenario or whatever "natural" means the official version claims it was.

  9. Kringle, give it a rest. I see you're starting fights willy-nilly. And you're discrediting Professor Fetzer's discussion boards, turning them in to an ignominious, undignified joke.

  10. Anders Lindman said : "Important point mentioned in the show about how the collapse of building 7 was very different from the collapses of the WTC towers."

    As Simon Shack has shown, the videos of the collapse of WTC7 are fake [ie pre-manufactured CGI], no different from those purportedly showing the collapse of WTC1 and 2.


    Regards ,onebornfree.

    1. @Onebornfree I remain unconvinced. I still believe the footage of the collapses is real. The toasted cars are suspicious though. I think they can have been planted.

    2. You need to be precise to weight in. The buildings were detonated behind a wall of smoke. So, when you put things into correct perspective, about filming the actual collapse there can be no debate here. As we can safely assume, developing of smoke screen can not physically affect buildings. Anything structural that you see falling during the alleged collapses, such as the mast, windows, steel beams etc and also the people, could not be taken out by a cloud of smoke. All that you have left is made in hollywood scenery.

      Now, you may want to suggest that the smoke puree sans artifacts was indeed the real thing captured live on tv. The smoke screen could theoretically be used to simulate these fancy collapses, aside of course from its primary task of doing camouflage for the demos. It could be, but it wasn't. Why bother with trivia? After doing such an extensive illusion photoshoping a cloud of smoke would be easy.

      Notice how the whole, so called, truth movement avoids talking this angle like the plague. They are not interested in the topic.Thankfully, the topic takes interest in them and will present itself without contradictions of any sort.

    3. Here's Simian Again, Popping-Off W. Trivia, Making Dis-Connected Assertions Without Any Perspective, Ho Ho Ho

      Simian: say everything u say is true--so what?--isn't it all product of Jews-media?

      So what are u trying to do?--get folks to focus-in on a tree, keeping fm looking at the whole forest?

      We notice u provide no perspective or context for ur little details of trivia--but then u comment and assert on what the "truth movement" "avoids talking" about, not giving any examples, not saying why.

      "Truth movement"?--what is that, exactly, anyway?--can u give any names? Ho ho ho ho ho

      And we also remember u insisting Jesus Christ was Jew, eh? Ho ho ho ho oho

    4. Is Simian A Jew, Himself?

      Simian: u lie, don't u?--u certainly ARE insisting--for HOW is Christ a "Jew"?--don't u realize "Jew" is Talmudist (or racially-related), by definition?

      So what are u saying?--anyone fm region of Judea is "Jew"?

      Do u have any citations to back ur assertion?

      And how was Spengler "half-Jew"?--do u have any citations?--any proof? Ho ho ho ho

      U sure do a lot of pushy-type insisting and asserting, simian--those are signs of Jew-ness, aren't they? Ho ho ho ho ho

    5. People see evermore and better just what a brilliant "researcher" and "truther" our dear little simian really is--he just pops-off, asserting and insisting he's not insisting, ho ho ho ho.

      Ask urself, WHO is who does this kind of "researching" and asserting without substantiation?--HINT: it ain't gentiles, ho ho ho ho oho.

    6. Simian Loses In Translation, I'm Afraid

      Below text is copied fm Wikipedia, under sub-heading "biography":

      * * * * * * * * * * *

      "On 26 May 1799, Friedrich Wilhelm Grantzow, a tailor's apprentice in Berlin, married a Jewish woman named Bräunchen Moses (whose parents, Abraham and Reile Moses, were both deceased by that time). Shortly before the wedding, Bräunchen Moses (ca. 1769–1849) was baptized as Johanna Elisabeth Anspachin (the surname was chosen after her birthplace—Anspach).[4] The couple gave birth to eight children (three before and five after the wedding),[5] one of whom was Gustav Adolf Grantzow (1811–83)—a solo dancer and ballet master from Berlin, who married a solo dancer and ballet master from Munich named Katharina Kirchner (1813–73), with whom he procreated Oswald Spengler's mother Pauline Grantzow.[6] Like the Grantzows in general, Pauline was of a Bohemian disposition, and, before marrying Bernhard Spengler, accompanied her dancer sister on tours."

      * * * * * * * * * * * *

      So if this text fm Jewwy Wikipedia is correct, then Spengler's GRAND-FATHER was "half-Jew," not Spengler. So we see u're either liar or really, pretty dumb, simian.

      U write, "Anyone you backup was a jew or from Judea," which doesn't make much sense, simian, ho ho ho ho

      Then u assert about "spamming w. nonsensical disinfo"--but what "dis-info" are u talking about, simian?--u're not making much sense here for us.

      Next, u say, "Don't you think, if the Jews bossed everything Christianity would also be a Jewish illusion"--which also doesn't make much sense.

      For note, simian, Jews rule and influence things by means of their financial power which begins w. such as US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam--get it? And indeed, it is well-noted Christianity is much affected by this Jew financial influence, including the theology.

      "You jolly Moshe"?--ho ho ho ho ho

      Hey simian, obviously u don't speak English too well, do u?--so where do u come fm?--tell us.

    7. Below-copied fm Simon Pimon October 9, 2014 at 1:50 PM:

      "Someone who talks about toasted cars etc is not my level of debate on 911. You jump a level I give you context."

      So simian, u're saying there were NO "toasted cars"?

      "Level of debate"?--ho ho ho

      U're truly a prodigy of researcher/scholar, simian, ho ho ho ho ho oho

    8. I'd let you off the hook on Spengler; he was only a quarter Jewish on one side, but the same wiki page will tell you he was anti-nazi and pro Jewish. That would make him a half Jew in my book.

    9. simian: THAT'S all u have to say? Ho ho ho ho ho ho hoo. HOW could Spengler be "pro-Jew"?--was he Satanist?

      How about u, simian?--are u "pro-Jew"? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

    10. What country do u come fm, simian?--tell us

  11. Freeride,

    "I choose education in regard to the big picture VS chasing a mosquito around the house thinking that, that's the problem and everything will be better once I smash it in against the wall, ignoring the swamp next to my house."

    You live in a house next to a swamp?!

    Why am I not surprised?

  12. Anders Lindman said : "The toasted cars are suspicious though. I think they can have been planted."

    No, hard as it is to initially believe,all of the toasted car imagery appears to be fake too.

    Ironically, even professed "serious" 9/11 researchers, [such as Dmitri Kalezov, for example,or Judy Wood and her rabid acolytes], have apparently been fooled by this imagery- all because they are all unable [or unwilling] to see what is, in point of fact, plain as day on close analysis,[ once one knows what to look for].

    The so-called "toasted car" imagery, all of which mysteriously appeared years after the events of 9/11 [ i.e. they are what I call "class 2" 9/11 imagery- "class1" being the original MSM broadcast imagery], mostly consists of heavily photoshopped still photos, the origins of which , to this day cannot be reliably established. [i.e. there is no "chain of custody"].

    I won't give any links here- just google "fake toasted cars, 9/11" or something similar.

    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. On initial inspection I find the Shack video you posted more impressive than Anders does, but it takes time to really go through and think about these kinds of videos. Thanks for the tip though.

      In the comments to the video, Shack writes,

      *Please note : the CBS report starring Vince was broadcast on september 12 2001.*

      Presumably including the toasted cars.

  13. Apsterian:

    "...This is why we students of philosophy are so disappointed in a supposed phil. prof. like Fetzer--who fails to assess Jew problem at roots & basic premises--and by definitions, Jews being Talmudists."

    You're a Student of Philosophy? Golly, you're a studious, erudite fellow after all! You kept that well concealed! Your humility knows no bounds. I applaud you, my good man.

  14. Nigel: this, above, is ur 2nd post, this thread, and u've said NOTHING whatever about the broadcast subject-matter or anything reasonably related.

    Don't u fear u're "discrediting Professor Fetzer's discussion boards, turning them in to an ignominious, undignified joke"? Ho ho ho ho ho

  15. Hey Freeride! It's time you joined those mosquitoes in the swamp.
    After all, they have the same IQ
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  16. The Marioano hour for those who haven't listened: 58 minutes hard-blowing, 2 minutes "check out Khalezov."


    On balance the comments here don't help the good work Fetzer does but only reinforce the bad.

    Certain people failed in the past to make anti-anti-semitism look smart and reasonable. Perhaps they have returned with new names to make antisemitism look insane and moronic, VT-style?

  17. Hey Nick: aren't u the same guy who says u haven't seen any evidence LBJ was Jew?--even when u're given EVIDENCE, like at

    And here u are talking about Fetzer's work and what helps and doesn't? Ho ho ho ho ho

  18. Hmmm, yes, but the problem I seem to be having is that whenever I listen to a broadcast and feel the need to join a related discussion, the conversation seems to have somehow already reverted to something around the conviction that Jews are to blame.

    Though while we're on the topic, incidentally,
    it's certainly food for thought to consider the Talmud teaching that Jesus was the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier called Panthera, and the bastard son of an adulteress. I can see the attraction in this version of events. Jesus as an Italian certainly fits better with his sketchy character outlined in the Gospels.
    I also don't see what's offensive in the Talmud's idea that Mary was a hairdresser. Hairdressing is a perfectly respectful profession, if you ask me. After all, if we accept the Gospel writers' character portrait, the mother of Jesus was a bit of an old good-for-nothing layabout.
    It all makes for very interesting discussion anyway, doesn't it?

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  23. @Nick Dean:

    Yes, Nick - Vince's movie set simulating the WTC7 area does indeed feature a few burned / rusty vehicles. As it is, I think that an important part of the original script of the 9/11 planners / movie-makers was to hard-sell the idea that raging fires somehow ignited and devastated that particular area. This, in order to 'justify' why thick smoke was seen (in reality) oozing uninterruptedly out of the Southern façade of WTC - for the best part of the day. Please see:

    In any case, that early CBS clip featuring Vince showing heavy smoke exiting from the WEST side of the WTC7 is in stark conflict with the other handful of animations depicting "the Building 7 collapse" - which feature NO smoke (or soot) whatsoever emerging from the WESTERN side of WTC7. Moreover, Vince's clip features an impossibly pale / near-white North face of the notoriously reddish-brown WTC7 - i.e, a very poor digital rendering of the same. Last but not least, we see Vince wandering around in what looks like a surreal, deserted area - without a single firefighter to be seen tending to the flaming WTC7 ... not a soul to be seen, in fact - but our 'heroic' Vince reporter and, well, his cameraman !... I don't know about you, but I find it very difficult to imagine that such an absurd, "eerie"scene could possibly have taken place in the real world - as "Manhattan was under attack".

    Simon Shack

    1. Golly gee, simian, WHO do u think would it be who could have concocted such a hoax/fraud? Ho ho ho ho ho

    2. It struck me immediately that the 'smoke' out the west side doesn't rise!

      The point you make about weird coloration in all(?) the footage is stronger than I first credited. There is just no good reason for it that fits the standard narrative.

  24. What's your problem, freeride?
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    apsterian should ban you from his forum for wasting time.

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  29. NOTE TO ALL: Posts are disappearing without trace.

  30. NOTE TO Fetzer: Who has admin rights to this blog?

    1. I do. Total does. But I am the one who takes them out complete, more for aesthetic reasons than any other. I could leave them with "admin deleted" notes. Periodically I try to clean up these blogs.

  31. Nick Dean said :"The point you make about weird coloration in all(?) the footage is stronger than I first credited. There is just no good reason for it that fits the standard narrative."

    Yes. Unfortunately this type of info does require a discerning eye somewhat beyond "the norm" , in order to register/comprehend the coloration issue, I suppose.

    It was initially hard for myself to develop that "eye", and to then learn to use it on a regular basis.

    It becomes easier to employ over time, in my experience.

    Most will just dismiss the coloration issue [if they can even see it] as some type of explainable, innocent, "natural" video anomaly, to them perhaps caused by transfer of the original MSM footage to the newer digitized on-line format.

    As you had said previously, "it takes time to really go through and think about these kinds of videos." , and many [most?] will not take that time and consideration, for any number of personal reasons.

    Regards, onebornfree

  32. Since we are discussing the topic of the strange colorations (seen in much of the early 9/11 imagery), I would like to remind everyone of the below-linked clip extracted from the Naudet brothers' feature movie "9/11" - produced by CBS and distributed by Paramount. Please open it in a separate window :

    As you can see, the brownish WTC7 is depicted - in the Naudet "9/11" movie - as an almost chalk-white building. Now, please know that I extracted that clip from the original DVD of "9/11" which I purchased years ago - so no 'conversion-downgrading' issues can be blamed for this absurdly pale WTC7 façade - nor can any "massive overexposure" explain this - since, if that were the case, the bright flames would not be yellow, but far whiter than the façade itself.

    Moreover, that clip clearly appears to originate from the above-discussed video featuring CBS reporter Vince DeMentri. Therefore, we must surmise that it is meant to have been captured by a high-end, professional camera - and that the Naudet bros would have had access to CBS's original 9/11 film archives. Thus, the contention (forwarded by naysayers of my work) that the "white WTC7 is "probably just due to some poorly-converted / downgraded video footage" simply does not hold water.

    Simon Shack

    1. Simian Continues To Over-Whelm The Public With Details and Items

      "Naysayers"?--hohooh ho ho--simian, do u think perhaps u over-state things just a bit?

      I don't nay-say at all; rather, what I simply ask u is, so what?--not that there's nothing there, but WHAT is conclusion?--does it really tell us anything that earth-shattering?--that we didn't already suspect?

      For there's sure a lot of things fishy about 9/11, eh?--so what's conclusion?--this is where u're falling down--IF u're falling-down anywhere.

      So another great hoax has been foisted on the great beast of "the people," eh?--9/11 is another "BIG-LIE," eh?--okay, so what?

      How do this "big-lies" get past the people?--gee, I wonder, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

      U're something like the little kiddo who comes up to mommy or daddy and says, "loooky what I found"--and what is it?--just another caterpillar, eh? Ho ho hoho ho ho

      But, by all means, continue to inform us w. ur earth-shattering items and details--u've already given us--how many?--I'm sure there's many more, eh?

    2. Apsterian, your posts are well-nigh unintelligible. What with your overly-frequent "ho ho ho"s and "eh?"s and your schoolboy text-talk spelling and grammar, I simply struggle to make sense of what you're prattling on about most of the time.

    3. Nigel Intent Upon Diversion, Fails To Note Subject-Matter Brought First By Simian

      Nigel: on the contrary, I think u know perfectly well what's being said, and u "struggle" in any case, just attempting to think and live, eh? Ho ho ho oh ho

      After all, a weakling like u is easily distracted by simple thing like "ho ho hoos," eh?

      Simian, above, was as usual focusing upon trees, ignoring the "forest," for the faked vids, and I inquired as to his conclusion upon 9/11 BIG-LIE, aside fm detail of faked vids.

      Nigel, do u notice u urself HAVE NOTHING to say, all ur comments upon style and personality, like the queer u are, always trying to distract and divert the discussion.

      U COULD have commented upon simian's comment--which was what I was referencing, but of course, u don't have the brains, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho Keep trying though, ho ho ho ho

  33. The excruciating & exhausting Apsterian "ho ho ho" clown (who is allowed to freely / continuously spam his tripe on this blog) neatly epitomizes what this Fetzer "REAL DEAL" blog is all about:

    To discourage / wear out / and disgust any honest truth-seeker. Fetzer is a leading expert of what's known as "limited hangout operations'' - as he has amply demonstrated with his 50-year-long gatekeeping of the mainstream media's role in the 1963 JFK psyop.

    Simon Shack

    1. thing is, we don't care about your futile analyses. We care about what the truth is, and the true nature of our world. Not pointless distractions. But feel free to continue with your theater, just don't complain when someone points it out.

    2. Do you mean "exposure of gatekeeping" by the mainstream media? I have a lot of articles on those who are gatekeeping. Here's a sample:


      "The JFK War: An Insider's Guide to Assassination Research I"

      "The JFK War: An Insider's Guide to Assassination Research II"

      "The JFK War: An Insider's Guide to Assassination Research III"

      "The JFK War: The Empire Strikes Back"

      "The JFK War: The Challenging Case of Robert Groden"

      "The JFK War: The Case of Federal Judge John Tunheim" by James Norwood

      “The JFK War: Hany Farid, Jefferson Morley and the Zapruder film”

      “The JFK War: Outing the JFK Assassination Research Bureau”

      “The JFK War: The two Cyril Wechts, the “magic” bullet and the HSCA”

      “The JFK War: CBS endorses ‘magic bullet’ absurdity”

      “The JFK War: The disturbing case of Jim DiEugenio, LBJ and Israel”

      “The JFK War: What’s going on with Len Osanic and Black Op Radio?”

      “The JFK War: Welcome coverage from CBS and the Santa Barbara Independent”

      “The JFK War: The dysfunctional Education, Deep Politics and jfkfacts research forums”

      “The JFK War: Richard Hooke, Russ Baker and Malcolm ‘Mac’ Wallace”,

  34. Thanks for your support, Freeride.

    Apsterian's "analyses" are truly futile and pointless.

    You spelled it out far better - and more concisely - than myself.

    1. and thank you for revealing your true nature and what you are all about with just a few words.

  35. So you're a "Freerider", huh?

    Gotta love the definition of it:

    "Party that enjoys a benefit accruing from a collective effort, but contributes little or nothing to the effort. "

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. no. My handle refers the a type of bicycle. There goes your investigative skills, and to reply to a post next time just click on 'Reply' below the post.

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  36. Fetzer, either you're a gatekeeper, dumb as a box of rocks, or just plain senile. Didn't you learn anything from your blind support of the candidate Barack Obama?

    Looks as though you've been caught speaking out of your ass once again... Rand Paul is much, much worse than Obama. He's an unwavering, open israel firster - open borders- lying piece of shit. Just for starters.
    He reminds me of a young, effeminate version of John McCain..

    Also... Every time you use the Nazis or The Reichstag Fire to prove your point. I cringe. It shows how truly ignorant you are when it comes to the truth concerning N.S. German history and you lose a little more of your already suspect credibility.

    1. recent events indicates that Fetzer has owners, or at the very least unhealthy associations. It's all good. I was on the fence, now I know. The Real Deal is like the TV, just shut the fucking thing OFF. Problem solved.

    2. of course, but deleting posts from unrelated listeners that merely state facts while letting the Hasbara trolls post their moronic attacks freely, is quite another matter. That is not being scared of being labeled anti-semite. Those are choices that he made, and deliberate attempts at suppressing the truth.

      I'm really ok with his decision, because I've been 'studying' Fetzer for a while now, but could never really 'identify' him. Now I know, and I will make damn sure that everyone knows, though, 'let him who be deceive be deceived', and I can enjoy being taken for a ride myself, when I know that the 'information' given is entertainment, not this hypocrite mix of facts and bullshit. Jewllywood and the Talmud Vision along with the rest is more than enough for my little and already full shit bucket.

  37. BLUEYEDEVIL14/88:
    "...Also... Every time you use the Nazis or The Reichstag Fire to prove your point. I cringe. It shows how truly ignorant you are when it comes to the truth concerning N.S. German history and you lose a little more of your already suspect credibility."

    Would you elaborate on that for me and for anybody else that may share Jim's ignorance?

  38. There are quite a few people in the "truth" movement who don't believe a single word that comes from our government or the jew media. They say we have been lied to concerning every major historical event.
    With one exception....

    The most obvious and outrageous lie all .... Everything we have been told about: Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. If you dont know the "Nazis" were the good guys by now, you're either retarded or a jew.

    1. I'm neither.
      Still, I'd like you to elaborate for me, if it's all the same.

    2. Liar? Not so. I'm very much an expert, dear boy.

      The reason I ask our friend to elaborate is because he has made claims that were, by any standards but your own, extravagant. Stating that "the Nazis were the good guys" makes for fascinating reading, I'm sure we'll all agree, but really warrants some kind of elaboration.

      I, however, have nothing to elaborate upon at present. Unless you disagree?

    3. Well that's wonderful. Thanks for that concentrated and informative history lesson, my good man. I suggest you use the following link and quickly too:

      Best wishes from everyone here.

    4. Jewwy Smug Within His Righteousness

      "Mental health"?--nigel, "mental health" for u means self-righteousness, sanctimony, and hubris (imagining u create reality, like God--rendering urself "good").

      Like ur Jew idols, u believe in lies (subjectivism, foundation of "good" and "moral virtue" for u).

      We Christians, on the other hand, believe in the OBJECTIVE reality, foundation of truth, unlike u Jewwy sort, u see--This is the REAL clash of "civilizations," such as it is.

      So u see, nigel, we don't take ur "suggestions" w. too much seriousness--we know the satanic, sanctimonious madness (which u call "health") to which it leads--it's why we became Christians.

      And we trust ur very smugness (hubris) will lead to ur demise, our "victory," in the CYCLIC course of history, as ur filthy Jewwy culture continues to collapse.

  39. I know this venue is not the place for a real discussion of any of The Real Deal’s guests’ comments and information. However, Mr. Mariano said beginning at 0:03:56 on the recording related that back in the mid-1960’s when the WTC was built, New York City – Manhattan - Planning Department building construction permitting law/code had to include not only architectural plans but also end-life demolition plan for the building in order to be receive building permit. He further related the astounding information that back at that time it was allowed by code/regulation to state NUCLEAR demolition as the planned end-life of the building.
    That information should be verified by acquisition of code/regulations at that time as well as the building plan application for permit for each of the three buildings – WTC 1, 2, and 7.
    Mr. M. further stated that thermite would have been used to take out the columns but that the main destruction agent, to turn “400,000 pounds of steel into dust”, could have been planned and specified as NUCLEAR.

    If what Mr. Mariano said is verified, it would add great weight and credibility to the nukes method of “controlled demolition.”

  40. It would make a great deal of difference to verify that the municipal law allowed for building permit applications to specify end-life destruction method as nuclear. It may be difficult to impossible to get the records for the verification and them probably impossible to ever use the information to move much closer to pressing criminal charges, however, we are searching for quality data, facts, and truth. Establishing that nuclear mode of building destruction was considered legal and appropriate in 1966 would certainly add light and truth to our efforts.

    As for your "true Christian (anti-semitic) soldiers." I suggest you look up the defition of the term "semite." It is a language group that has come to refer to
    "peoples of ancient Southwestern Asia descent including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews (Jews), Arabs, and their descendants."

    No, a Christian is not anti-a language group nor is a Christian to be filled with hate for any people group. The true enemy that Christians are battling is Satan and he has many agents, disciples and sons but their main weapon is the lie because they all work for the father of lies.

    You are a broken record who has only degraded this venue. You do not want to seek truth about false events and you are not conveying life, truth and love that are the armor of a true Christian soldier.

    1. Jeannon: Stinks Of Sanctimony, Pharisaism

      I knew I could get a rise out of self-righteous, Jew-like charlatan like u, Jeannon, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

      Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), so a Christian by definition is worshipper of truth above all/any other premise/precept--regardless what a smug Jewwy like u says.

      Only by means of truth is any other virtue or value possible, truth being only way to Godly happiness.

      Anti-semitism means anti-Jew, foremost liars--this being the definition kikes push, get it?--so I find it most convenient and expedient to make my position clear and most poignant for all who are genuinely interested in the cultural and hence the Jew problem.

      Thus Jews push subjectivism, foundation of lies, Pharisaism/moralism being lead vehicle.

      All u're interested in, Jeannon, is displaying ur sanctimony--u're a Pharisee, pretending to non-existent "good." And Judaism IS SATANISM, this satanic complex founded upon (a) US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING for the practical world, and (b) "good-evil" Pelagian heresy which affects so many among the non-Jews, including especially u, Jeannon--u're BIG part of the over-all problem, one of the gentile stooges Jews rely upon to anchor their satanic empire. I'm sure u're proud of urself, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    2. "...Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)"

      Christ, give it a rest. Apsterian, you cannot use Bible references as a point of proving that "Christ is truth". That's the most circular argument there is.

    3. Satanist Does Not Understand Literature

      That's the literature, ignorant one who pretends to being "expert." Thus Christ stands for truth, hence necessarily, the objective reality which must under-lie--against the subjectivist reality of Pharisees (Jews) whence anything they please (lies) is true if it only serves their interests.

      Thus the Pharisees determined to kill Christ as liars and satanists imagine they can kill truth--not unlike u, nigel, imagine u can kill truth by means of censorship--in order to preserve ur subjectivist sense of sanctimony, etc.

    4. Apsterian: "...That's the literature, ignorant one who pretends to being "expert." Thus Christ stands for truth, hence necessarily, the objective reality which must under-lie--against the subjectivist reality of Pharisees (Jews) whence anything they please (lies) is true if it only serves their interests..."

      Good grief. Not only is that the most unintelligible and inarticulate load of old twaddle you've penned yet, but it doesn't even counter my point.

      Go on, give it another shot, Sonny Jim.

    5. I'm waiting for a proper response,

    6. I'll tell you this for nothing, old fruit: your enormous overuse of the noun "Jew" and the adjectives "Jewwy" and "Jewish" have become so utterly predictable and trite that they have successfully lost all power, meaning and purpose.

      I mean, come on, what's all that about really? You've clearly got more than a chip on your shoulder. I'm almost inclined to suspect it's a case of "the lady doth protest too much, methinks".

    7. Nigel K.: Satanist Zero, Fascist--Only Needs A Bullet--Or A Noose, Ho Ho Ho

      Nigel: u're just a patronizing, nihilistic, homosexual, fascist satanist who wants censorship, dictatorship, etc.--u're pretty worthless, lying, know-nothing sort, who NEVER has anything to say of any substance.

      All u seem to want is for world's parents to hand over their children to such as u, etc. Why do u bother posting?

      "What's it all about"?--just u and ur Jew and satanist buddies mass-murdering ur way through life, and now u here patronizing a Christian soldier of truth, pretending nothing means anything, u're "expert" on Biblic literature, etc., ho ho ho ho--u're just a joke who only need putting-away.

    8. "A Christian soldier of truth"! That's wonderful!
      Sorry, treacle, but you make it so easy to patronise. I'd hate to think I'm humilating you. Forgive me.

      Unfortunately, the rest of your post there I cannot make head nor tail of. I looks like you charged me with being a "nihilist". Well, I suppose I'd lean more towards nihilism than your Christianity in many respects. Still, it seems far from accurate and you've probably gotten your words muddled up again. Am I right?

    9. Ho ho hoho--nigel, why bother posting?--u're just a homosexual, nihilist, satanist playing a game within ur own little head, eh? I'm humiliated, indeed, just for responding to such as u. Ho ho ho ho ho

    10. "...So let's recap. If I admit that I'm in love … sorry, head over heels in love with Satan and all his little wizards, then you will remove my testicles with a blunt instrument resembling some kind of gardening tool and roast them over a large fire. Whereas if I don't admit that I'm head in love with Satan and all his little wizards, you will hold me upside down in a vat of warm marmalade … AND remove my testicles with a blunt instrument resembling some sort of gardening … Oh I see. Well, in that case, I love Satan."

    11. Satanist Is As Satanist Does

      What diff. does it make whether u "admit" anything, genius?--satanist is as satanist does, right? U defend Jews; Judaism is satanism; therefore, it's good evidence u're one, right? U want censorship, (a), and (b) u believe in hate-crime/hate-speech laws, etc.

      U lie, pretending u're "expert" in Biblic literature.

      U're satanist, as the inductive evidence is strong enough to make assumption. Task now is to dis-prove, but u just laugh, like satanist would, confirming.

      As I've explained (see, satanism is really just extreme subjectivism whence u make urself out to being God--and u're certainly subjectivist, without doubt.

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