Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jim Fetzer / JFK Show #32 (w/ Gary King)

JFK (w/ Chance George)  / Gary King and Larry Rivera blow the lid off several long standing beliefs. The hole in the windshield and Z-film alteration are confirmed. If you enjoy new research, then this is your show. In phone interviews locked away since 1971, hear the voices of the motorcycle officers themselves describe vividly what happened that fateful day. Truly an historic show. Search for the YouTube videos, "The JFK Horsemen" and "The JFK Horsemen Part 2".


  1. Tragedy Of Kennedy Must Give Way To Example Of St. Constantine The Great

    Gosh, but what a mind-numbing, tremendous, overwhelming mountain of endless minutiae, trivia, details, and tid-bits with no organization, order, orientation, or direction for the discussions.

    It was somewhat like listening to baseball fans reciting meaningless details and statistics about players one hardly ever hrd of.

    Fetzer seems to have his own grasp of things, though we hardly know where he's coming fm or going to, and Gary King knows quite a lot too, but it's hard to make head or tails for any large, overall sense of things--just a continuous recitation of lore and tedium.

    So I guess the Kennedys got in over their heads, eh?--and they didn't know exactly who they were dealing with, and how ruthless and powerful these figures really were. Talk about DOUBLE-CROSS.

    Fetzer mentioned the "deep state" by Peter Dale Scott, but that's matter of sociology and economics--the people who control the money-banking system, obviously, hence their functionaries, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilaterals, and Bilderbergers.

    And considering the "money-trust," described by the elder Lindbergh, way back when, we see they work to consolidate evermore their monopoly--and Kennedy rather lost sight of this process, and then got blind-sided by these people when he imagined he'd go his own way for things.

    So how then to conclude upon this spectacle of JFK assassination?--we see then the top powers double-crossing one another, JFK caught with short-side of the stick, and just, evidently, as he condoned assassination of Diem in Vietnam, so he was dealt with.

    So JFK assassination episode was quite bold action by powers--blew away the nominally top-dog in broad daylight, and got away w. it all--so far. But the truth will out, always, sooner or later, and we pray for someone like St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. to lead the people and revive the society and culture.

    I see Ron Paul as something of that sort, though he lacks the connection w. people for basic religion and hence, spirit, Paul being too intellectual--and there's no one else even close to Paul.

    But at least Paul encourages a necessary thing--NULLIFICATION of un-Constitutional measures, and even secession of sovereign states--this is the KEY to things for salvation of the people, if that's possible.

    Only a religious/spiritual revolution can save things for people of America, and this is something requiring art of rhetoric and concept, entailing Christian philosophy--I think it's surely inevitable, this revolution, only thing now is to weather the difficult circumstances.

    What was Kennedy's main problem?--his own hubris and presumption he had things under control. People must see what failed for Kennedy, hence the only thing that has a chance for success, Christian TRUTH against lies, subjectivism, and that Pharisaist delusion of sanctimony and righteousness substituting for necessary honesty which goes along w. truth.

    How not to be blind-sided as Kennedy was?--thus the states must re-assume their original, proper sovereignty, the central government giving way--it's only possible by means of spiritual revolution as the monetary system collapses, US Dollar losing reserve-currency status.

    But dictators don't give-up power willingly--that's why they have to end-up fighting one another, the people taking the opportunity, hence necessity for Christian re-awakening upon example of dear St. Constantine.

    1. Yes, apsterian, your points are good, about how JFK got double crossed.

      There was hope that his position was one of real power (& to some degree it was). But the way people conspire -- in purpose and mind-set long before plotting -- is not the study most persons pursue.

      JFK was fielding events in his life, less than exposing those around him.

      It led to his death, just as keeping intel about something away from general citizens does no good in the end.

      We could take, for example, the fact that Assad did not use chemical weapons, the facts of 9/11, Apollo non-landings, etc., to show it would be better to expose these things, but intel persons & politicos do not dare, or, as with trusting Hoover re. JFK's death, only go through official channels (such as Putin's bringing info on the chemical weapons only to the UN Security Council). Sometimes, too, they keep info to blackmail others with.

      It would be better to expose all.

      But we'd riot, yes? No. Most would not. (Some might.)

  2. apsterian wants only minutiae for cases his world-view does not yet have a place for, but for others, the general considerations are mere babble.

    Who better to get the details on record about JFK's death than Jim Fetzer (or Doug Horne, Jim Marrs & a very few others)?

    Rather, apsterian seems just to need a place to spout his idiosyncratic form of analysis of Christianity, & prescribe solutions for the banking systems & the moral weltanschauung of nation states.

    If it were rarer to hear him on it & deeper of spirit, minus platitudinous fanaticism, it would not be so grating.

    1. Claire gives you constructive criticism and you attack her? Soon no one is going to even post here because you instantly attack any criticism with the standard boilerplate you pull out. At least she presents her findings in a congenial, likeable way instead of the way you repel any would-be sympathizers you might have with your overcharged rhetoric.

  3. You tell em Clare, Sorry I haven't talked with you in a while, Patriot Radio New Orleans is going to be starting up again and I want you to be a reporter just like you did last time! You were great as usual. Come in 99 can you read me? *** - - - *** come in &%$#$&^ come in 99........... ***- - - ***

  4. Great show, Gary!

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks Tariq, We have two good shows coming up, Dr. James Norwood and Don Fox talkin JFK

  5. Jim, Sturgis served time as a Watergate burglar. How could you not know that? Also, Jim Rothstein just happened to take the call placed by Marita Lorenz who called 911 to say Sturgis was on his way over to kill her in retribution for her testimony to the HSCA. He said "You know what we do to snitches." Anyway, Rothstein just lucked out and got that case. He booked Sturgis under his real name of Fiorini and the first call Sturgis made was to Gaeton Fonzi!


    On 17th June, 1972, Sturgis, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard L. Barkerand James W. McCord were arrested while removing electronic devices from the Democratic Party campaign offices in an apartment block called Watergate. The phone number of E.Howard Hunt was found in address books of the burglars. Reporters were now able to link the break-in to the White House. Bob Woodward, a reporter working for the Washington Post was told by a friend who was employed by the government, that senior aides of President Richard Nixon, had paid the burglars to obtain information about its political opponents.

    On 15th January, 1973, Sturgis, E.Howard Hunt, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Bernard L. Barker, Gordon Liddy and James W. McCord were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping and sentenced to a one-to-four year sentence.

    Sturgis served his time in Danbury Prison. While in prison Sturgis gave an interview to the journalist Andrew St. George. He told St. George: "I will never leave this jail alive if what we discussed about Watergate does not remain a secret between us. If you attempt to publish what I've told you, I am a dead man."

    Sturgis was released from prison on appeal bond in January 1974. The article by Andrew St. George was published in True Magazine seven months later. Sturgis claims that the Watergate burglars had been instructed to find a particular document in the Democratic Party offices. This was a "secret memorandum from the Castro government" that included details of CIA covert actions. Sturgis said "that the Castro government suspected the CIA did not tell the whole truth about this operations even to American political leaders".


    In November, 1977, Marita Lorenz gave an interview to the New York Daily News in which she claimed that a group called Operation 40, that included Sturgis and Lee Harvey Oswald, were involved in a conspiracy to kill both John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro.

    Marita Lorenz also testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations where she claimed that Sturgis had been one of the gunmen who fired on John F. Kennedy in Dallas. Sturgis testified that he had been engaged in various "adventures" relating to Cuba which he believed to have been organized and financed by the CIA.

    1. Picky, picky, picky--so Fetzer had a momentary lapse, a detail got away among thousands of others, Biiiiiiiiiiig deal. Ho ho ho

    2. Excellent! That had slipped my mind. Nice comment.

  6. E. Howard Hunt v Victor Marchetti

    Mark Lane, Plausible Denial (1991)

    E. Howard Hunt, close associate of David Atlee Phillips, with whom he worked in the both the CIA's Guatemalan campaign of 1954 and the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961. Hunt would later be arrested for his role in the Watergate affair. …

    In one of Hunt's libel suits, one Marita Lorenz gave sworn testimony that Lee Harvey Oswald, American mercenaries Frank Sturgis and Gerry Patrick Hemming, and Cuban exiles including Orlando Bosch, Pedro Diaz Lanz, and the brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampol, had met one November midnight in 1963 at the Miami home of Orlando Bosch and had studied Dallas street maps.

    She also swore that she and Sturgis were at that time in the employ of the CIA and that they received payment from Howard Hunt under the name "Eduardo," …

    They arrived in Dallas on 21 November 1963, and stayed at a motel, where the group met Howard Hunt. Hunt stayed for about forty-five minutes and at one point handed an envelope of cash to Sturgis. About an hour after Hunt left, Jack Ruby came to the door. Lorenz says that this was the first time she had seen Ruby. By this time, she said, it was early evening.

    In her testimony, Lorenz identified herself and her fellow passengers as members of Operation Forty, the CIA-directed assassination team formed in 1960 in preparation for the Bay of Pigs invasion. She described her role as that of a "decoy."

    1. Excellent. Martia gave the HSCA three boxes of documents and records substantiating her story, but they were buried. The HSCA was trying to do the cover-up better than had the Warren Commission, it has become clear to me.

  7. Great show, Gary. Black Op is still trying to refute Warren Commission for newbies but your show is actually revealing contemporary scholarship. Cutting edge. I only wish it were longer! Ps: sent Fetzer great clips of Breach of Trust author endorsing Oswald as Doorman and LBJ as centerpiece to assassination. He only recently did this. He is a hero of James D. Do you think James D. will come around? I notice ce Len is trying to be firmer and objective though, raising both sides, as in mentioning that the Murchison party was corroborated. James D. quickly shot him down, saying that it didn't matter because those people had nothing to do with the people M. brown was referring to. Hello! One of the corroberating witnesses was Hoover's driver! James seems nice but why the obfuscation? What is he afraid of? Retracting his beliefs? That is the sign of intellectual honesty. Is he protecting some other "network", the same the media protects, and Lisa Pease? I can think of ten guests I would love to hear on a JFK show, but apparently Janes D. has the veto button on guests, and nice Len is just peer-pressured into thinking a certain clique has a monopoly on truth. PS: I have first edition newspapers that allude to a secret service man during as well. We have only just begun to figure out that day...

    1. Thanks Solfeggio, It's comments like that that make the hard work putting these shows together worth it.
      This comment just flat out nails it. I think this show put the lights out on quite a few issues.
      Jim and I do this show not because we want to it's because we have to. GK

    2. Solfeggio: see

    3. Ape, I actually agree with much of what you say. And trust me, my meta-theory on JFK would have you salivate. Nevertheless, one need not shout, we can hear you. ( if that makes sense). I want to keep certain posts on topic, but it doesn't mean the issues that vex you -- and indeed the world -- are not there like an ether inter penetrating all.

    4. Meant to say APS, not Ape, forgive the auto-correct!

    5. Gary, meant to say I have original newspapers printed early that Friday tat refer to a secret service man being killed, and other films, facts not reported today.

    6. "Meant to say APS, not Ape, forgive the auto-correct! "

      We know what you meant, Solfeggio

      That auto-correct is one smart SOB.

  8. Gary, the work is great, and I stunned by some of that. It really goes to show how we need to sometimes re-frame our assumptions which are often taken for granted. the infamous, Oswald was having a coke on second floor has been re-examined. And there are many out there who are unwittingly presenting a myth. There are many logical fallacies such as Strawman that are invoked when people deal with the LBJ issue. But I would tell that CIA crowd that ending on the "CIA did it" is rather unfulfilling, as it ends the case on a kind of institutional abstraction. Many have stated that there was a false flag being planned that day that was hijacked, which adds layers of complexity if true. However, the fact that contemporary media reports the Warren Commission as truth is alarming, but points to a clue. That which holds the media servile is that entity which has much skin in this game. The recent articles cke on JFK on veterans today is a refreshing take on the whole affair. One cannot help but perceive the masonic character of this issue, whatever form that exists in. Also unexplored territory is the classified technology, NASA connections, and so forth. It is tough getting behind the Nazi-Zionist dialectic, then figuring those self-styled patriots who felt JFK was the bad guy for anti-American csn reasons. Loran Hall comes to mind. The prior coup in Vietnam would certainly infuriate Landsdale, and we have yet to figure the narco-trafficking angle that involved the Lansky syndicate, and perhaps Miami's WAVE guys. The reason n JFK is so difficult to comprehend, is because we try to view it through the lens of so much artifice of how our country really works and the notion of power behind the scenes. Thus any reductionism into a simplified view of our country will make littke else of the matter. And what is classified still? the White Russians are emblematic of something else. I think we have made beautiful paintings but maybe on the wrong canvas? Great show. Makes JFK feel alive and important as a subject.

    1. Would you like to be a guest on the show? Write me and we might do one-hour for this Wednesday. My email is jfetzer@d.umn .edu. Write right away.

  9. Solfeggio said: "But I would tell that CIA crowd that ending on the "CIA did it" is rather unfulfilling, as it ends the case on a kind of institutional abstraction."
    On the contrary. When you've studied the history of the CIA, the malfeasance never ends--especially with the JFK assassination. You must start at the beginning with the Bay of Pigs which was planned by Richard Nixon. (Had to edit this down, but some interesting facts on Johnson and othe presidents to George W. Bush.)

    How Presidents Covered Up JFK Assassination

    Every U.S. president following the murder of JFK, either assisted the assassins in some way, or participated in covering up the CIA/Nazi War Criminal murder of Dallas witnesses, or kept incriminating U.S. records from being revealed.

    ===RICHARD M. NIXON. According to writings by the highly-skilled assassination researcher, Penn Jones, Jr., and others, there was a meeting in Texas, just prior to the assassination, of U.S. Generals together with FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover, Richard M. Nixon, and others, plotting out all the details. Living in the Dallas suburb of Midlothian, Jones found out plenty and wrote about it.

    After leaving office as Vice President, Nixon, as little-known, headed-up and supervised, for the American CIA, the plan to invade Cuba in 1961, at the "Bay of Pigs". Later, as President, Nixon kept blackmailing the Aristocracy on the high-level plot to murder JFK, the details of which Nixon knew. The CIA, through the instigated Watergate Affair, forced Tricky Dick from the Presidency in 1974.

    By the way, the CIA through their Foundation fronts, sponsored the 1968 commotions in Chicago at the Democrat Convention, discrediting the Democrats and enabling Nixon to win the election as President on the GOP ticket.

    Nixon's false statement, which ended up in the Warren Report, was that he left Dallas on the morning of the murder. He was there as General Counsel for the Pepsico Bottlers Convention. Years later, a Pepsico director who was on a Dallas radio program with me, confirmed from his own direct knowledge, that Nixon was there all that day.

    In fact, said the director, Nixon outraged others at the Convention by demanding that the Convention proceed even after JFK was killed just after high noon. Nixon stayed at a hotel next to a suite occupied by movie star Joan Crawford whose husband, heading up Pepsico, was apparently conveniently wiped out.

    ===GERALD FORD. Becoming President through the Rockefeller-instigated 25th Amendment, without an election, following the resignation of Nixon, Ford was in a perfect position for the JFK murder cover-up. Ford in 1964, had been a member of the infamous Warren Commission, falsely proclaiming a "lone assassin" killed JFK.

    Ford was a spy, for J.Edgar Hoover, on the Warren whitewash, and acted along with staff faker Arlen Specter to promote the ridiculous single-bullet theory. Specter was later rewarded by the American CIA which purchased for him the position of U.S. Senator (R., Pa.)

    As part of a scheme to stop Nixon, after resigning, from continuing to blackmail the CIA and others, Ford, without much formality, pardoned Nixon from any federal criminal prosecutions.

    ===RONALD REAGAN......In the late 1960s, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison conducted criminal prosecutions of those involved in the Louisiana aspect of the JFK murder plot. Reagan, as California Governor, blocked the Garrison investigation by refusing to extradict a key witness from within the California jurisdiction.........

  10. If you haven't seen this, a basic story on the CIA. you should. It puts things in perspective.

    ? The Secret Government PBS 1987 Bill Moyers - YouTube

  11. I have to wonder why so much time is spent on the details of the assassination itself by the Fetzer team. As someone who has been on this case since it happened, I feel we are going over and over the same material. We knew all of this back in the sixties except for some minor Zapruder film alterations. It was not even a factor in the case then and doesn't interest me now. We knew the limo came almost to a complete halt.

    It was determined very early that three shots could not have been fired by Oswald or that the "magic bullet" was real. Therefore, most knew LHO did not kill JFK. The media, on the other hand, including publishers of books on the subject, were always pushing the "lone gunman" theory. I wonder how many books on JFK did not conclude "Oswald did it"? Very few, I would think. Does anyone know?