Monday, October 20, 2014

Larry Hanrahan / Thomas Goodrich

Sandy Hook subtleties / World War II atrocities


  1. Present Day Sandy Hook Hoax Related To Lies, Prop. Of WWII Era, Truly--In CYCLIC Western "Decline"

    Well, today's radio shows were worthwhile and interesting, though I thought the first one was more submerging, yet again, into the rather obscure minor facts and even trivia of Sandy Hook which nonetheless so fascinate Mr. Hanrahan.

    Hanrahan had little interest in Fetzer's bringing-up of the "BIG-LIE" aspect of Sandy Hook--Hanrahan wanted to discuss trivia and details in his bemused fascination as if he thought there were still important points to be proven.

    Also interesting is idea expressed that there are rivalries and resentments among the Sandy Hook frauds churning just below the surface of things yearning to break free. Truly, "there's no honor among thieves," and there will be more to come in way of revealing details, surely, so many people are primed and waiting to pounce fm the internet.

    Sandy Hoax was a principle and prominent operation for the Obola administration, including esp. the AG, Holder and others, like the governor of New York, but most of all Mayor Bloomberg who was involved just couple days ago in ANOTHER fake shooting out in Washington state where he and Bill gates reportedly have a few millions invested on a state gun-control measure. And these criminals will surely be rewarded by means of the electronic voting, though the people will be evermore outraged. Patience is wearing thin as economy continues to deteriorate.

    What's most interesting at this pt. is the tremendous load of serious scandals being carried by Obola administration, not least being the infectious diseases issue that has people up in arms.

    If the Jews-media wasn't totally on-board w. Obola & company they'd surely be impeached and under heavy investigation and indictment; no wonder they're working to gin-up a serious war in Europe, besides the one they've already got in Syria and Iraq.

    Mr. Goodrich was most interesting for his emphasis upon the contrasting propaganda about WWII, "the good war," ho ho ho ho--against what actually happened for sheer barbarity on part of allies.

    Goodrich mentioned the terror- and fire-bombing, and other gory things, like the sinking of the refugee ships, but he didn't get into the infamous Morganthau plan for de-industrialization of Germany, nor the deliberate starvation of the German population which killed up to 13 million Germans to early months of 1950, covered by James Baque ("Other Losses," and "Crimes and Mercies").

    Hitler should NEVER have declared war against USA--totally counter-productive and fatal gesture which immediately opened eventual prospect of second front while he still had to dispatch a formidable opponent in the east.

    Goodrich scored best for his depiction of sheer IRONY, given the propaganda and lies we're STILL taught and told nowadays against the actual, overwhelming facts of WWII for rise of satanic Jew world empire. Western plutocrats calculated shrewdly and fairly accurately for (a) bringing Hitler and Nat. socialists to power, (b) but they were still lucky for Hitler's mis-management. Plutocrats are still feverishly trying to consolidate Jew world order they so bravely initiated w. the Bolshevik revolution, but now on eve of Dollar collapse they seem to have nearly run out of proverbial "gas."

    Next step for American/Christian patriots is SECESSION upon premise of STATES-RIGHTS, by golly, not to mention nullification, commodity money-standard and integrity of such things as rule-of-law, Constitution, local government, and individual freedom. Unfortunately, overthrow of ZOG will require continuing collapse of Dollar, more economic turmoil and un-certainty. But we must maintain glorious example of St. Constantine the Great who revived, for a brief period, at least, the then moribund Roman empire.

    1. Apsterian, if Hitler had been a typical politician he would indeed have thrown over the 'Tripartite Pact' between the normal, healthy nations Germany, Italy and Japan, and never have declared war on on the U.S. Empire after it declared war on Japan.

      That he didn't he is just one more example of precisely what separates him from mere pols.

    2. Regardless Politics, It Was Military Blunder To Have American Invaders In Africa, Then Italy

      That's interesting pt. of view, not without some sense to it--unusual for u, Nick.

      Still unc' Adolf had lots enough problems on his hands w. empire of G. Britain and Soviets. And it didn't take long, about a year, for US troops to arrive at N. Africa, French ports, within about 6 months attacking and knocking-out Italy.

    3. I intended to edit that comment and address it to apollonian/apsterian specifically (if the anti-anti-semite has multiple names we should respect them); and point out that Germany was always the target of the Jews controlling Roosevelt, but something happened between me and blogspot.

  2. I have removed several pointless ad hominems. If you don't have something to say about the program or the comments on the program, then save us all the time and effort by devoting yourself to other pastime activities.

  3. Thanks for the excellent shows, Jim, especially "Firestorm." I have a very good friend who wrote and published a similar book but withdrew after getting death threats from the usual suspects. The subject matter is heartrending and infuriating. I hope I live long enough to see this truth become household knowledge.

  4. The first hour was very revealing about the massive cover up at Sandy Hook.

  5. I was happy to see Goodrich interviewed, I suggested him as a guest back here in October 2012 ... :

    ... when Mike Sparks was repeating establishment lies about what Germans did to to Jews (none of it true as I had already learned):

    "I had to turn off after about 15 minutes, sad more than anything.

    "I’ve recently been reading HELLSTORM by Thomas Goodrich about the Allies’ method of war against Germany and to hear Sparks talk about the ‘Nazi’s’ uniquely brutal targeting of civilians when I know the truth is just the opposite was too much. HELLSTORM is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching but it’s real history.

    "If the audience would have an open mind and read HELLSTORM as well as Sparks’ material, or listen to Deanna Spingola’s interview of Thomas Goodrich alongside this interview of Sparks, I think they’ll feel as I do that the continuing black propaganda about the Third Reich is something monstrous."

    In the intervening period Fetzer has become more doubtful of the official WWII narrative, particularly with regard to the LOLocaust.

    But not, apparently, on Hitler's 'Big Lie,' brought up again the first hour. Within mainstream scholarship it's a quote too well known for even the Jewish Virtual Library to big lie about the way the conspindustry does:

    Hitler wasn't endorsing the BIG LIE as a method, he was pointing out how guys like Fetzer spend their whole lives believing the Jews' Big Lies.

    1. Philosophy Generalizes From Particular To General For Exposure Of "BIG-LIE" Culture/Mentality

      Nick: Note Fetzer does best when he GENERALIZES fm the particular instances--in accord w. the philosophic craft/method--Sandy Hoax, 9/11, and esp. JFK, all of which he knows much about in detail, being instances of "THE BIG-LIE" technique.

      How then does the BIG-LIE technique/process obtain/exist?-- (a) by means of the Jews-media (see

      (b) And Jews-media is made possible by US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEIT scam, providing nearly infinite funding. Q.E.D.

      (c) And the only major thing left to be understood is the corruption of the "Christian" establishment and general culture which pushes the Jews' Pharisaism and "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy, including especially corruption of idea of "faith" fm proper LOYALTY to "believing"--believing stupid crap which makes no sense, this AGAINST reason, logic, and science, necessary elements of the Holy Spirit for the grasping of TRUTH (=Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    2. I don't read your replies or comments generally, apollonian/apsterian.

      I know there is stuff there that needs countering, the Jew-gold standard thing, the Jesus over the real thing, but I am confident enough that others also don't read your comments that I will enter those discussions elsewhere.

  6. If you stopped with the "ho ho ho" shit, people might be less annoyed..

  7. Compass -

    I think I know now why Professor Fetzer tolerates this clown apsterian. Could it be that
    Dr Fetzer believes that with every post this doofus, apsterian exposes himself for the complete and utter idiot he really is? I am sure Dr Fetzer knows what he (Dr Fetzer) is doing. Dr Fetzer will let the half-wit apsterian continue until Dr Fetzer is ready to mow apsterian down like so much grass and throw him into the
    furnace. I firmly believe that Dr Fetzer has a strategy which will
    reveal itself soon. Meanwhile, apsterian will continue to expose his total intellectual bankruptcy and in doing so provide us all with plenty of laughs as he churns out his hilarious load of drivel and twaddle. It's sad - I know. We can only hope that apsterian realizes before long that he is being jerked off by unseen, unknown and unknowable forces on this forum.

    1. What's your solution? Kill them all? Sterilize them all? Good luck convincing the world to go along with that one, asshat.

  8. Booth, as to Fetzer, since he, Fox and Duff are pushing the "Israelis did it" theme--nuking and all, the shilling will be allowed to go on. These people do not want the truth to be told. Why, I don't know. Perhaps they have too much invested in that thesis, books, articles, etc.

    1. I am extremely puzzled by this as well. He refuses to take off the worst ad hominem posts here made by apsterian but he deleted a number of rather mild ad hominem posts made in response to apsterian.

    2. I am doing what I can. If Compass thinks that 9/11 was not brought to us compliments of the CIA, the Neo-Cons and Israel, who does he think was responsible? I have published a lot on this, including these:

      “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots”

      “James H. Fetzer: 9/11 IRAN REVIEW interview”

      “Profitability and Immorality: Philosophical reflections on 9/11”

      "James Henry Fetzer: 9/11 was created by CIA, Neo-Cons and Mossad"

      “9/11 and the Search for Truth”

      So what do I have wrong? Be specific. Say what I say and why I say it, then explain what I have wrong and how you know.

  9. Anonymous, I think the shill works for the Israelis did it group. They are too committed to their thesis to change at this time being published and all. This Apster shill appeared about the time they were battling Simon Shack and has continued ever since.

  10. One thing I disagree with: National Socialist Germany was fighting a "Holy War". If you have ever done any serious research into this subject you'll find that none of the highest ranking German officials were Christians.

    Germany was fighting a defensive war against jewish led bolshevism to its east and jewish led capitalism to its west. The preservation of Christianity was simply a by product, but was definitely not the mission of the Third Reich's leadership. There is much evidence of this in "Those Damn Nazis" by Dr. Joseph Goebbels written in 1928, in which he states: Christianity is a jewish creation alien to European culture.There is much more proof that discounts the "Holy War" scenario. I believe if Germany had been victorious, Christianity would have eventually disappeared. Im not saying it would have been outlawed by the state, but more of a spiritual and ethical return to their natural pagan roots. Never the less, I have great admiration for Mr.Goodrich's work.