Friday, February 27, 2015

Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing

Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing Updates

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Recent Shooting Attacks with Ole & JFK @ 50

Recent Shooting Attacks with Ole & JFK @ 50 The Who, The How and The Why

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Death of Diana

The show begins with a look at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in Paris, which provides the standard "mainstream media" account of the accident and its circumstances. It follows with an extensive interview with John Morgan, who is the world's leading expert on her death, which makes clear that this was not an automobile accident but a cleverly-planned assassination. John Morgan reveals that the crash in the tunnel appears to have been orchestrated by MI6 on the orders of senior British Royals. Princess Diana survived the crash but was brutally murdered by deliberate mistreatment in the ambulance by people who were supposed to be saving her. His book, How They Murdered Princess Diana, shows that the 2007-8 London inquest into the deaths – headed by Lord Justice Scott Baker – was one of the most inept and corrupt inquests in the history of the British judicial system. It also exposes the 2004-6 Scotland Yard Paget investigation as a farce dedicated to covering up what occurred rather than to uncovering truth. The perps never thought anyone would or could ever do a full investigation piecing it all together – but this is exactly what John Morgan has done. This event was a state-sponsored murder of one of the most beloved celebrities in the world, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jim Fetzer & The JFK Show #49 Don Fox Permindex

THA Talk Interview with Jim Fetzer & JFK Don Fox Discusses Permindex. In 1967, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted New Orleans business man Clay Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Garrison suggested in his book, On the Trail of the Assassins, that Shaw received instructions from Louis M. Bloomfield. In addition, Garrison discovered that Shaw and Bloomfield were board members of two trade organizations, Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale, both expelled from Italy in 1962 for subversive intelligence activity.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Did We Land On The Moon?

The program begins with "Conspiracy Theory: Did we land on the moon?" (2001), which may be the most important contribution that FOX NEWS has ever made to understanding the history of our nation. To get a better grip on how we were deceived, check out the references cited below, where the second hour is a discussion with Jay Weidner about how it was filmed by Stanley Kurbick using "front screen projection". This one is not for the faint of heart who want to believe in their government. Enjoy the show! References: Winston Wu, "Conspiracy Trilogy Report: Apollo Moon Hoax, JFK Assassination and 9/11 Truth", Jay Weidner, "Faking Moon Landings: The Parallax Experiments", Jack White, "Jack White's Apollo Studies",

Friday, February 6, 2015

Joshua Blakeney interviewed Professor Cemil Aydin

Joshua Blakeney interviewed Professor Cemil Aydin, member of the History department at the University of North Carolina and author of the thought-provoking text The Politics of Anti-Westernism in Asia. They covered a wide range of topics during the show, including: The differences and similarities between the Ottoman Empire's Pan-Islamism and Imperial Japan's Pan-Asianism Orientalism, reverse-Orientalism and overcoming essentialized geographies The contradiction between the West's promotion of a universal modernity and the ethnic exceptionalism inherent to European imperialism Japanese modernization as a threat to Western hegemony and Communist expansionism in Asia Paul Richard and Occidental defences of Japanese civilizational discourses The orientalization of seemingly inorganic ideologies in Asia Perceived biases in the historiography of WWII Shūmei Ōkawa and the evolution of Pan-Asianist ideology Justice Radhabinod Pal's dissentient verdict at the Tokyo Trials and its implications for the victors' history of WWII The pros and cons of developing counterfactual historical narratives The benefits of the multipolar world for peripheral nations

The Great Cow Controversy & JFK Steve Martin

This episode begins with the extraordinary encounters I have had with residents of Northfield, MN, after having been invited to participate in a series of talks on controversial subjects by Norman Butler, the owner of a local bar and restaurant. He asked me to speak on JFK, 9/11, Wellstone and Sandy Hook, which was especially appropriate, since Wellstone had been a member of the Department of Political Science at Carleton College, one of two liberal arts colleges in Northfield. But once my speaking engagements had been announced, Norman was besieged with attacks for hosting an "anti-Semite" and "Holocaust denier". The situation has been quite extraordinary and has been tracked by the local newspaper, The Northfield News. The reference links will take you to the most important articles and discussion related to this controversy. In the second hour. Gary King and Larry Rivera continue their brilliant series about new discoveries in the death of JFK, this time about Billy Lovelady, whom the government claimed was "the man in the doorway", which other studies (based upon their respective heights, weights, builds and clothing) have shown was actually Lee Oswald, which means that the accused assassin of JFK not only was not "the lone gunman" but cannot have even fired a shot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The 7/7 London Subway Bombings Exposed

"7/7 Ripple Effect" is a brilliant tour de force that takes the London subway bombing attacks apart, piece by piece, and demonstrates that it was a planned event. It was produced by John Hill (aka Muad'Dib), who has a web site at He sent a copy of his video the the judge and the prosecutor in a trial of innocent patsies, which led to his incarceration and trial for interfering with the judicial process. During his trial, however, the video was played and the jury, no doubt duly impressed by his impressive study, acquitted him. During the second hour, we have a review of the case by David Shayler, a former MI5 counter-intelligence officer, and Nicholas Kollerstrom, author of TERROR ON THE TUBE (3rd edition, 2011). TERROR ON THE TUBE (2011) remains the only book with the glaring evidence that all four Muslim scapegoats were innocent. 7/7 is Blair’s Big Lie and Reichstag Fire, creating “false flag” terror as pretext for war and for imposing an Orwellian, neo-fascist British police state. Where 9/11 was the great pretext for war and fascism in the United States, London's 7/7 bombings brought the UK closer to the realization of the Orwellian police state. Is there a basis to the "war on terror" - or is the state itself terrorizing the British populace? The answer is in this compelling investigation. In its indictment of the prime suspects - the UK, US and Israeli secret services - in its demolition of the fabricated evidence they brought into play - and In its posthumous exoneration of four innocent young men, sacrificed and framed to shore up the rule of a crime cabal over our planet.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Dark Side of Sports Brian Tuohy

Professional sports in America: it's all about fair play and the goal of winning championships. At least that's the spin. But could it be a massive showbiz operation filled with greedy owners, crooked referees, and coddled players, all with the unstated goal of grabbing as much money as possible?With author Brian Tuohy, this episode provides a extended discussion of the corruption that has infected the storied histories of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and NASCAR. On the even of Super Bowl 2015, Jim interviews the expert on the corrupt side of sports, where they discuss the Patriots and the Colts, Spygate and Deflategate. With reality obscured by a complacent and often complicit sports media, Brian Tuohy shines a light on a hidden history of clandestine arrangements between television networks and sports leagues, all against a background of drinking, drugging, and crime.