Friday, October 24, 2014

James Fetzer / James Mariano

Sandy Hook / Persecuted WTC researcher


  1. ? Record demolition: Biggest skyscraper in Frankfurt torn down by controlled implosion - YouTube

  2. ? J.L. Hudsons Department Store - GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!! - Controlled Demolition, Inc. - YouTube

    Watch building turn to dust in mid-air.

  3. Whistleblowers Report Ebola Outbreak
    as Commercial Crime and Scientific Fraud
    as International Health Emergency Declared

    Honolulu, HI—A Harvard trained expert in public health and emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, claims the 2014 Ebola “outbreak” smacks of scientific fraud and commercial crime.

    In a 24-minute Special Report prepared for public broadcasting on Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel, Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author and filmmaker, with co-host investigative-journalist Sherri Kane, claims the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has defrauded people after drug industrialists loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a bioweapons laboratory refrigerator.

    The only reasonable explanation for the germ’s sudden re-emergence in a different country after years of hiding in a so-called “natural reservoir” is commercial gain and financial crime involving a refrigerator, Horowitz informs viewers.

    To evidence scientific fraud, the whistleblowers use common sense and historic records in reviewing WHO and CDC claims that the “natural reservoir” might be “fruit bats.” That “official story” is “pseudoscience,” according to Horowitz, referencing health officials’ purported finding of four percent (4%) of bats tested in Bangladesh (Asia) were claimed to carry antibodies for “African Ebola.”

    “This is the same pseudoscience and scam the CDC perpetrated in 1967 after Ebola’s mother--the Marburg virus--broke out of three vaccine production plants simultaneously in Germany and Yugoslavia,” the doctor recalled. At that time, American officials claimed antibodies were found in fifty-percent (50%) of monkeys tested, whereas no other lab could duplicate the claim.

    The doctor concludes “major socio-economic and political upheaval” in Liberia, involving officials in both oil and drug industries, best explains the Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 1,000 people, mostly in Liberia, even though the virus was reported to have first killed people in Guinea.

    “Couple the scientific facts with Dr. Horowitz’s censorship, suffered as a pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, and you have substantial evidence of a corporate conspiracy to commit genocide,” Kane said, angered by Google/YouTube’s cancelation of both journalists’ YouTube channels watched by millions of viewers just as headline news about Ebola was breaking.

    The journalists are requesting activists spread their 24-minute educational video, along with a freely downloadable book chapter on Ebola written by the doctor, to generate public debate on the issue risking people’s lives internationally.

    “Think about it,” Dr. Horowitz said, “the wealthiest, most powerful, untrustworthy people in the world are dictating what can or can’t be discussed or published in the scientific community and in public forums from which decisions and emergency response plans using drugs and vaccines are made. This fact compounds evidence of ‘bad faith,’ ‘foul play,’ and commercial crime

  4. Early Hepatitis B Vaccines and the “Man-Made” Origin of HIV/AIDS

    AIDS is undoubtedly “man-made.”

    We can now assert this “very apparent iatrogenic origin,” versus the “theoretic iatrogenic origin” of HIV/AIDS because of the rapidly increasing, now substantial, scientific support for this conclusion.

    Currently, international scientific consensus among leading investigators in this field, many of whose works and words are excerpted below, holds that HIV/AIDS originated from one or more extraordinary man-made, not natural, events dating back to the early to mid-1970s. Especially implicated in initiating the AIDS pandemic, according to many scientists and scholars, was the hepatitis B vaccine as detailed below.

  5. In the U.S.,AIDS was mainly a homosexual disease. Free hepatitis B vaccinations were offered to gay men in several large cities. In Africa, however, AIDS was transmitted by vaccines to heterosexuals. Read Horowitz's book "Emerging Viruses--AIDS, Ebola....."
    He is now being censored from speaking on current crisis.

  6. I have removed six or eight of apsterian's comments. I agree he is way over the top. I am doing what I can with the blog, but there are many pressing demands on my time. I will try to make it here more often to edit the blog.

  7. I'm a passionate defender of free speech. However, if I was Jim and saw my blog/podcast site being sullied with the unutterably ugly and ghastly bile that spews from the keyboard of Apsterian, I would be distancing myself from it before you could say Jack Robinson. When I see that kind of racist, ill-informed, religious-right hate speech being apparently TOLERATED here by the man whose programmes I have invested so much time and serious thought to, it regrettably causes me to question what I'm associating myself with.
    As somebody posted above, if somebody came here with a serious interest in, say, 9/11 Truth or the Kennedy assassination and so much as glimpsed some of sick lunatic ravings by Apsterian they're going to be gone in the blink of an eye and, forgive me for saying, with loss not only to Jim's professional and intellectual dignity, but at the cost of the self-respect of the vast majority of Jim's listeners who are decent folks.
    There is of course a place for the kinds of thoughts and opinions that Apsterian wants to project. But, to my mind, Jim's comments boards should be best served with guidelines in place preventing personal attacks and hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content and encouraging intelligent, rational discussion and debate.
    I don't think I'll be around much longer otherwise.

  8. Christ upheld TRUTH above all/any other values, precepts, principles, etc.--ck Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

    And only through TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (and honesty, which is that virtue for apprehension of truth) is ANY other value possible--truth the ONLY way to Godly happiness.---Apsterian

    I don't think Jesus said that about TRUTH itself. He said He was the truth, and the way and the life. There is a difference.

    John 14:6 English Standard Version (ESV)

    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  9. apsterian said:: What does AIDS (or ebola), or Horowitz have to do w. the content of the blog's featured radio-shows?

    The subject of Ebola was talked about in the first ten minutes of the interview with Fetzer. You don't listen to these podcasts, do you?

    AIDS was transmitted through vaccinations. So, everyone should be wary of any vaccines for Ebola. Be careful. Check out the origin of AIDS on Horowitz's website.

  10. Narcissistic personality disorder
    Last reviewed: November 10, 2012.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others.A.D.A.M.

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors
    Cause of this disorder is unknown. Early life experiences, such as particularly insensitive parenting, are thought to play a role in the development of this disorder.

    A person with narcissistic personality disorder may:

    •React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation
    •Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals
    •Have excessive feelings of self-importance
    •Exaggerate achievements and talents
    •Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
    •Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
    •Need constant attention and admiration
    •Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy
    •Have obsessive self-interest
    •Pursue mainly selfish goals
    Signs and tests
    Narcissistic personality disorder is diagnosed based on a psychological evaluation that assesses the history and severity of the symptoms.

    Talk therapy may help the affected person relate to other people in a more positive and compassionate way.

    Expectations (prognosis)
    Outcome of treatment depends on the severity of the disorder.

    •Alcohol or other drug dependence
    •Relationship, work, and family problems

  11. What's new with Wolf:

    Sandy Hook: GoFundMe deletes Wolf’s donation site, supports obvious fraud | Veterans Today

    Wolfgang Halbig’s GoFundMe account has been suspended for alleged FRAUD based upon complaints it has received.
    But there is no fraud associated with Wolf’s account, which we have substantiated again and again.We have a good idea of their source, which probably includes some familiar names, shills who are obsessed with defending the indefensible, where the hoax has even been confirmed by officials in the Obama Department of Education.