Friday, March 1, 2013

Adrian Salbuchi

 Zionism, Argentina and Patagonia


  1. Fascinating info. Thank you both.

  2. I wonder why Iran choose Uranium reactors as opposed to Thorium. Seems counter productive unless there is a plan to use the Uranium for military purposes. That is the reason the USA uses Uranium in its reactors.

  3. Hi atlantabill,

    Betaris fought Nazis? Where? When? Do you have any specifics? Certainly Menachim Begin was arrested by the Soviets, he was fighting FOR the Nazis. It's in his autobio.

    Betaris were zealous fascists who supported Hitler and Mussolini. The latter allowed Zionazis into his naval academy at Civitavecchia.

    Yr info is different from mine, maybe u r right, but would like to know where u r getting this.

    I agree with you that this interview crossed over into anti-semitism, which is regrettable.

  4. Jim;

    next time you have him on why don't you ask him about Hitler's alleged escape, Balioche, etc.

    As you probably know, the shot-himself-and-wife in the bunker story and was burned outside story has been disproven by DNA testing. The skull turns oyut not only not to be Hitler's, but it isn't even male. It belongs to teenage female. That means of course that all those testimonials by Misch and others in the bunker we've been watching on TV and reading abt for 60 years are all lies. it also means that that mi6 agent agent who masqueraded as an academic, hugh trevor roper, who wrote the 'definitive' account of hitler's last days lied thru his teeth. [remember he was the idiot who endorsed the authenticity of hitler's diary before it too were exposed as a fraud. Note also that the contemporary crop of palace historians--Ian Kershaw, g. Kennan et al--are STILL endorsing the bunker story even tho it has been disproved.]

    The rumors that Borman's death was faked also were borne out when they exhumed his grave and found the remains of a chimpanzee from the Berlin zoo. [Can't say the Nazis didn't have a sense of humor.]

    You might ask Salbuchi abt these things. With luck that might make for a more interesting one than the one you just had.

    1. Unfortunately i am aware of a certain personal rift between Señor Salbuchi and a person whom i greatly admire- Peter Levenda.. and my insights are measured and informed on the issue. Mr. Levenda is woven very tight by the same threads of myth we all were indoctrinated by. His fabric is bound tighter than some.. Ive come to see his steadfast grip on the slippery views can evolve, with bullet proof documentary evidence and time, he is a genuine CT.. NO, NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST...(I AM HERE BY RE-CLASSIFYING THE CT STANDARD DESIGNATION INDEFINITELY.. FOR ONE AND ALL) A CT WILL HENCE FORTH BE KNOWN AS A CRITICAL THINKER.. The mandatory brilliant "UNHOLY ALLIANCE" was written when Levenda believed Hitler died in the bunker.. SUBSEQUENTLY, Levenda came across SUCH ULTIMATE HEAD SPINNING SHOCKINGLY EXPLICIT EVIDENCE, he had to change his mind, and wrote RATLINE.. (i was skeptical, and a little sour that Levenda "went there" ive never felt the evidence would emerge either way for Hitler's escape, vauge hear say, etc.. but i got it, and could not put it down.. sat in my winter coat at the kitchen table, till
      dawn reading it..)

      Likewise, Levenda "could not" believe 911 had a connection to our government, until very recently.. as a NYer, seeing the towers being built, he was very emotionally barricaded to consider the implications..

      yet he recently wrote a foreword to a 911 book..

      and in other news
      Bormann evee cashed a check in his own name w/ CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (Rockefeller) in '67..
      did you get the Bormann book by Manning? book is free online..

    2. its pretty well documented that the core of the nazis bormann ( financial genius) Kamler (head of secret research) and muller (gestapo security cheif) escaped (most likely on U234 carrying enriched uranium for shoot order was given for this uboat.. made a curious detour to spain.. )

      the bilderberg group, started by a former SS OFFICER, is simply an organization to direct absorb and manage the BILLIONS of NazI (STOLEN) loot, and the 750 front companies it was woven through.. (set up well before the end of the war by bormann)

  5. The World's Foremost Problem, as Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent spelled out, IS The International Jew.

    Not all who call themselves Jews, or at least admit to being of Jewish heritage, or who fall automatically under that designation due to Jewish Law, whereby anyone born of a Jewish mother, is therefore a Jew, is necessarily complicit by word and deed of supporting World Domination and mass-premeditated-murder.

    This is the Great Divide, and can be applied around the board, for as Jesus stated: "By their fruits you shall know them." If one is not working for freedom and justice for all, one is part of the problem. What entity has been working tirelessly to restrict free speech? International Jewry. And the list of clear-cut abuses over the entire spectrum of human history is coming to light.

    So my advice to all is to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. GOD will back you up in amazing ways. You will take back the power that you were born with. Silence is not always golden. Sometimes it is an indication of cowardice and a dishonoring of yourself.

  6. Thank you Jim and Adrian for this wonderful interview. Hopefully it will make its way to alot of people and may contribute to repair our world.

  7. Hi Dave Fryett,
    Your information on the Betar group may be better than mine. I could do a lot more research than I have. Some Jewish sources connected with the various holocaust memorials and some personal accounts promote the idea that the Baltic Betarists (on Jabotinsky's home turf) fought against the Germans and that Betarists took part in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The understanding I've been able to glean is that the right-wing Lehi group ("Stern gang", for their leader Avraham Stern) broke with the Betar and the Irgun (who worked closely together) to support the Nazis and Italian Fascists once the war had started. Avraham Stern and Lehi invisioned a post-war Jewish state as an Axis satellite. The Irgun and the Betar declared a ceasefire with the British. Jabotinsky became commander of the Irgun. I've been called down for calling Jabotinsky an Axis ally; and I've now come to believe that it was true, at least after 1939, not of him, but of his followers, esp. Begin and Shamir. Begin was in the Irgun, but many of the Revisionist Zionist groups shifted loyalties in the war. The Labor Zionists, on the other hand, had anarcho-communist roots and for that reason were always anti-Axis, anti-Nazi. Albert Einstein was a Labor Zionist. Every nation -even the Zionist one- has class stratifications, and that's a basic point I harp on: it's not about "race" (or ethnicity), it's about class! Nazism (like Jabotinsky Zionism) was völkisch, and that's why it's official newspaper was called the Völkischer Beobachter.

  8. Thx, I tried to navigate to DE's spitfire page to find what he had done on the Betar, but couldn't find anything. I thought maybe that is where you were getting this info.

    As far as Jabo' being an Axis ally: he may or may not have been, but he certainly was a fellow traveler. Lenni Brenner's books--"51 Documents" and "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators"-- explore the relationship of Zionism to fascism.

  9. atlantabill; If you are interested, here's a link to chapter 20 of Brenner's book. It is hard to follow the text cuz you will be jumping in at the end of the book, but if you scroll down near the end to the paragraph which begins 'the poles did not waste...' and read from there you will get the gist.

    My understanding of events in Poland before the Nazi invasion comports with Brenner's acct.

  10. Don’t Applaud for Him, Argentina: Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and the Dirty War (in Argentina), dateline March 13, 2013 by Dave Emory. Excerpt: "Bergoglio hid the regime’s polit­i­cal pris­on­ers in his vaca­tion home to keep them from the pry­ing eyes of [Inter-American Human Rights Com­mis­sion] inves­ti­ga­tors, as well as obfus­cat­ing the kid­nap­ping of chil­dren of vic­tims of the Dirty War." Emory's source: "The sins of the Argentinian church" by Hugh O'Shaughnessy dateline January 3, 2011, The Guardian

  11. Jim,

    the 7.65 Mauser, weitzman identified in the TSBD- is often mis-Identified as a GERMAN MAUSER..

    (caliber being so specific any attempt at a coup would fail.. the Argentine Government controled all 7.65 ammunition supplies.)

    Funny how the Mauser switches to the M.CARCANO~ both being AXIS POWERS.. QUITE A COMMIE, THAT OSWALD..