Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dann Gire / Kevin Barrett

Hollywood and "Hollywoodism"


  1. For the first time on any show I have listened to Jim did not describe his guest as "very special" in the lead in,

    and it's his nephew...???

  2. He's Jim's NEPHEW!!!

    He's VERY SPECIAL already!!

  3. Regarding the second hour with Kevin Barrett, both he and Jim are not up to speed on Hitler's Germany, WWII and Judaism; and how it relates to today in history.

    I cannot recommend highly enough what I consider to be the best book I've ever read, as it puts all of this into proper historical context and is fully documented.

    "The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals" by Louis Marschalko, translated from the Hungarian and published in England in 1958 is available online in pdf format; all 300 pages.
    More conveniently one can purchase a hard copy from

  4. I thought that Seth MacFarlane@s song "We saw your boobs" was the low point of the show and that Dann and Jim's apparent approval was the low point of this show. However this piece was far more sinister than just Seth being a privileged dickhead – four of the references he made in his song were to topless scenes during a rape. So for Seth McFarlane watching a rape scene in a film just falls into the category of “look – tits!”. It’s a pretty grim look into the guy’s psyche that he can watch someone go through a harrowing, life threatening experience and basically class it as wank fodder.

  5. Well, Barbs is making points that escaped me. I have no idea whether her claims are true or not: scenes from a rape! What film is this, Barbs?