Friday, March 15, 2013

Steve Campbell

The Myths of World War II


  1. Good first hour. It was refreshing to hear the truth and it gave me hope that things might turn around, eventually, given proper education about our history, which explains a lot if not all of the mess we are in today.

    Please Jim, do not be afraid, you have done nothing wrong. 'They' (jews and opportunists) on the other hand, might want to consider imitating a groundhog in winter, considering the vast amount of information that as been coming out, and all the damage 'they' have done to alot of people for a long time.

    Just remember one thing, the jews are very smart, we will not dumb them down or convince them to live in peace with the world. WE need to shape up.

    Thank you both!

  2. Deeper into the Dark Side. So easy to spot the Goebelsian, Axis influences in these "de-mythifications"! Please, everyone, watch this video about the Experience of the Jews in the Lodz Ghetto. You will observe in the footage walking skeletons of Jewish detainees at a time long before Germany had its supply lines cut and there were wartime food shortages in Poland. Many surviving Jews, apart from the narrator of this video, can and have told similar stories of the forced starvation and the evidence of their own personal experiences which increasingly had convinced them that the trains that left Lodz and other towns were taking their families, friends, and neighbors to be exterminated. Were all these individual survivors part of a plot to perpetrate a "myth" about the Holocaust? Two million Gypsies were also exterminated; are their testimonies part of a Gypsy plot to rule the world? Rosenberg and Goebbels' racial-purity propaganda machine was extremely well-funded and employed thousands of cunning "scholars"; do you think they weren't capable of constructing disinformation that appeals to logic and scientific reasoning? What a laugh the ruling families (even the Rothschild "honorary Aryans") are having, hearing you derail anger that ought by right to be aimed at their corporate rule and load it onto an entire race of people (assuming for the sake of argument that "race" is a legitimate term)! Totally discredited theories and outright lies that can only serve the interests of the modern capitalist Caesars, who love to see "Bolshevik" anti-capitalism take the brunt of this assault.

    1. part 1,

      hey, atlantabill,

      Let's start with a quiz, which two people said these things:

      Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

      I can have no other notion of all the Governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who on pretence of managing the public only pursue their private ends, and devise all the ways and arts they can find out; first, that they may, without danger, preserve all thast they have so ill acquired, and then that they may engage the poor to toil…for them at as low rates as possible, and oppress them as much as they please.

      Answer below.

      It's probably foolish of me to reply before listening to this broadcast and watching yr video [recording both as I write], but a few things can be said regardless of what either may contain.

      I agree with you that some of these TRD shows that deal with this subject cross into anti-semitism, but that is just my opinion, just where I draw the line, consequently I do not accuse Jim or his guests of being anti-semites. Rather, I credit Jim for having the guts to tackle this most contentious of issues.

      Moreover, the reason I believe these shows do go offtrack is that, while Jim is superb with matters of forensic science, he doesn't seem to understand politics at all. Given that his ignorance of social theory and the history thereof seems near complete, it is not surprising that his ruminations on this topic tend toward the dark side, as you put it. Absent a materialist perspective, or any sort of class perspective, understanding WW2 is, imho, hopeless. And anybody who begins a broadcast on the World Bank by saying that it has "lost its way," is somebody who has no class perspective.

      So your criticism is well taken by me, but I think that you too have fallen into a trap. Imho, the holo-story serves two functions: It is the mother of all cover stories, and it is the centerpiece of post-war reaction. The holocaust is screaming at us "Marx was wrong!" If the Nazis went to all that trouble and expense to exterminate various races it deemed unfit, then how can materialist forces be of any real consequence. The main principal of fascism, standing in stark contrast to socialism, is racism. The idea that races, and not classes, are in perpetual conflict is the cornerstone of fascist teleology. The holocaust story confirms this theory. Consequently, the holo-story is a continuation of the war, a continuation of fascist thought, by other means.

      The conventional wisdom, the official story of WW@ is roughly this: A racist madman arose out of the ruins of post-WW1 Germany hell bent on revenge. He scapegoated the Jews for Germany's defeat and tried to kill them off. Against the wishes of Western democracies, he attacked his neighbors and was eventually defeated by a coalition of people's governments. Naziism was an explosion of German nationalism gone mad.

      This is hogwash. As you know, the Nazis and other fascist governments were generously supported by Western capital, including Jewish capital. The list of Nazi supporters is a who's who of high finance from within Germany and without. The fascist movement was conceived at Versailles, this we know from the now-disclosed private conversations and speeches by such luminaries as Lloyd George, Marshall Foch, Wilson' SoS Lansing etc. Moneyy was then directed by Rothschilds Rockerfellers du Ponts et al to the Nazi Party. Germany was hijacked by capital in order to slay the Russian bear and destroy the workers' movement in Europe. At the end of WW!, most of the land mass of Europe was under working class control, by the end of WW2 most of the leadership of the workers' movement had died in camps stretching from Iberia to the Ukraine, hundreds of thousands if not millions [many of them Jewish].

      We never, ever, hear abt them. And moreover the West was complicit in this real holocaust.

    2. Part 2,

      A careful, chronological study of what the Nazis and other fascists did once they took over a country allows for no other interpretation that they rounded up radical workers and their allies for deporting to the camps.

      How many Jews are "holocaust survivors"? Millions! How many anarchists, communists, syndicalists, socialists or trade union leaders who went into those camps survived? As far as I know the anser is none.

      I have no doubt that there was a concerted effort to decapitate the workers' movement by exterminating its most militant layers.

      In those countries which didn't come under fascist control, an effort was made to suppress the Left. In America we had a roll back of all the gains made under the New Deal which led to all those strikes in '45 and '46 ["Rainbow at Midnight" is a great book], Taft-Hartly, Joe McCarthy etc. Simlar things in France and England. WW@ was a war to break the workers' movement, and it did.

      Now did they plan to kill off the Jews and other races?

      first it must be understood that we cannot believe everything the Nazis said, oddly many people do. For instance, in one of the most famous Nazi propaganda films, The Etenal Jew, a work of obscene racism, we are told that Einstein's theories are psuedo-scientific. This is what the Nazis are telling their people. Meanwhile, they r spending lots of money applying Einstein's theories to rocketry, and with success. Clearly the Nazis didn't believe what they were saying publicly. [In this film they also say that Jews are responsible for class war, they didn't believe that either.] If you read Goebbel's diaries he relates how they used anti-semitism to create an internal enemy so that they could use it to enhance teir power.

      The Rothschilds and dresdners were the two biggest contributors to the Nazi Party. They also were part owners of I. G. Fahben which had a factory in the Auschwitz complex. If you believe the Holocaust story, then you believe that these two families were complicit in the extermination of their owwn people. I find that very hard to believe. The stated policy was removal of the Jewish population to the east. It seems the facts support this interpretation. Otherwise, the Rothschilds are the most treacherous people in history. It was to them that Lord Balfour issued his proclamation. It was they who were simultaneously funding Zionist terrorist organizations in Palestine. They were Hitler's bankers, either they believed that removal was what was going on, or they were sinking their money into a lost cause in Palestine. Why?

    3. part 3,

      Now to yr comments: It is not in dispute that the Nazis used aggressive measures, including starvation, against ghettoes that were not complying. I'm not defending this, but it does in no way support the idea of a planned kill off of the Jews. these people were not trying to perpetrate a myth, just relating what they experienced, and believed, but it in no way suggests a massive campaign to gas every living Jew.

      Two million gypsies? When I was young it was .5 million, now it is up to 2 million and climbing. Next year who knows?

      I do not believe that anywhere near that many Gypsies have ever existed in Europe at any one time.

      Anyway, where we disagree is that you believe that capital is benefiting from holocaust denial. I believe it is the other way around. The conventional telling of the holocaust hides their complicity--it was a race war, why would the Rothschilds participate in a war against the Jews--and creates a cult of sympathy for the richest and most powerful people on the planet [what are the dialectics of that?]. One of the goals of the WW2 was to establish a client state--israel--in the oil rich lands of the Mideast. The holo-story is a continuation of that effort after the Nazis failed to achieve the objective, and by other means. And, most importantly, switching Jews as the principal victims of the war covers up the mass killings of the real target--the workers' liberation struggle. WW2 was not a race war, it was class war.

      One last thought: If you add up the capacity of all the camps [not just the big famous ones], the number far exceeds the total number of Jews living in Europe and all of the USSR a few fold. Even if we stipulate that the Nazis were exterminating every Jew they could get their hands on, who was the rest of the capacity for? Who was that much larger group?

      Anyway, I'm not convinced I have everything above correct, but it is better than the nonsense taught in the schools and media.

      Quiz answer: Ambrose Bierce made the first quote, and From Thomas More’s Utopia, 1516. British nobleman, Catholic saint, Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII. For refusing to acknowledge Henry’s divorce and subsequent marriage, and the legitimacy of succession for the offspring which that union might produce, he was found guilty of treason and beheaded.

    4. Have now watched the first part of the Chaim Rumkofsky video you link to and it is just awful. It's full of disgusting anti-Polish racism [e.g. Poland a place notorious for anti-semitism] and chock full of errors and omissions [they don't mention that Rumk' was a committede fascist or that he was killed by Jewish inmates once he got to Auschwitz].

      This video is just more of the same old pro-semitic racist bullshit for which the holocult is infamous. The version of events depicted therein bear virtually no relationship to reality, and is served up with unabashed racism.

  3. Atlantabill, you mention the Gypsies but not the Jehovah's Witnesses who were also exterminated in Nazi Germany, most probably at the direct request of the Pope and other "religious" leaders. Of course there was a holocaust, the only question is to what degree, what numbers? I do not doubt that the human tendency to exaggerate affects this debate, but to deny completely the exterminations attempted by the Nazis is silly.

    1. The numbers is certainly the question. The Leuchter Report questions the gas chambers but that programme was only the latter part of the holocaust. Initially, special squads (einsatzgruppen) would follow the troops and "clean up" undesirables from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc. This was to open up the east for German settlers to re-Germanize Eastern Europe.

      There is also the Nazi Euthanasia programme to be investigated as well.

    2. Stooey44 and Aral Sea,
      All true, I agree. I watched a Holocaust denial video a while back questioning the Auschwitz facilities, but couldn't comment because comments were disabled. The video was trying to make the case that the purported gas chamber was really a shower room after all because it was below ground level: live people could return by walking up stairs, but dead bodies would require an elevator or especially difficult hauling to ground level. What they'd overlooked is that, if the Zyklon B gas had indeed been similar to what was used in WWI, it would have been heavier than air. The "shower room" was below ground level to keep the gas from overflowing upward and poisoning the guards and kapos before it could be neutralized (which might account for the lack of wall discoloration) or jettisoned safely to a lower level.

      As for the "re-Germanization" of Eastern Europe, I had ancesters who were part of the German population of Slovakia and I'm somewhat acquainted with the demography. The Germans referred to themselves as 'Siedler' ("settlers"). Incidentally, 30% or more of the population of Slovakia were Hungarians, who were forcibly evicted by the Western victors under the Versailles Treaty. The eastern extent of Germany proper was in eastern Austria, where you find older Croat and Slovene populations; and in large settlements of the Teutonic Order along the Baltic Coast (Danzig/GdaƄsk and most of East Prussia were ethnically German, but what's termed "Old Prussian" is an ancient Slavic language). Many of the purported "Germanic" tribes were actually Celtic tribes, who were displaced in east Central Europe by Slavic tribes; and later the Huns and Austrian Germans cut a large swathe out of Slavic territory, separating the Western Slavs from the Southern Slavs of the Balkans. Interestingly, according to genetic testing I've seen, the population of modern Croatia is 80% Albanian.

      The "Blood and Soil" (Blut und Boden) policy of Nazi Germany claimed to support the just claims of ethnic peoples with ties to their native land (for instance, the Celtic Bretons in France or the Flemish in Belgium), but in reality it was used to promote German Realpolitik by balkanizing nation states so that the mini-states would be dependent economically and politically on Germany. Sad to say, the heirs of the Third Reich in the European Parliament (with Germany involved only as of the players) have been at it again in the Balkans (Slovenia and Croatia), in Italy (East Tyrol), in Spain (Catalonia), and Britain (Scotland).

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Erratum: I meant "as one of the players". I don't think Germany should be singled out, as I believe that the EU (which was a Nazi creation) now has a transnational life of its own under the central banking system which the Bormann Capital Network played the dominant role in creating.

    5. I watched the Lodz Ghetto video and it is interesting how Jews would co-operate with the Nazi's (as if they had any choice?) But Rumkowski basically played and pleased with the Germans as long as he could to delay the inevitable. The ghetto lasted longer than the others and could have made it out of the war in fact the video claims 900 survived the ghetto because the Germans were by 1944 running from the Red Army.

      OK so what happened to the millions of Jews in Poland? How many were there really?

      History books tell us the Ukrainians helped guard most of the camps so anti-Jewish sentiment was common in Eastern Europe.

      Atlanta Bill said:

      "I watched a Holocaust denial video a while back questioning the Auschwitz facilities, but couldn't comment because comments were disabled. The video was trying to make the case that the purported gas chamber was really a shower room after all because it was below ground level: live people could return by walking up stairs, but dead bodies would require an elevator or especially difficult hauling to ground level. What they'd overlooked is that, if the Zyklon B gas had indeed been similar to what was used in WWI, it would have been heavier than air. The "shower room" was below ground level to keep the gas from overflowing upward and poisoning the guards and kapos before it could be neutralized (which might account for the lack of wall discoloration) or jettisoned safely to a lower level."

      Nazi blueprints mark both subground chambers at Krema II and III as morgues (Krema I at Auschwitz I is a recreation after the war.) To mark gas chamber would have been a document of guilt. So it is possible that they were only crematoria facitlities for deceased prisoners. The fact that Auschwitz II Birkenau had 4 "Kremas" is a bit disturbing however. And why have two morgues? Or one for clothing to disinfect and the other the unclothed bodies to cremate? Having underground gas chambers makes more sense whereas Krema VI and V were complete above ground buildings.

      There is a photograph of old and very young people waiting near Krema IV and/or V (you can tell because it is the only wooded part inside the camp.) So what are they doing waiting near the Krema? Why there so far from the main gate and only young and old people. Sounds like the official story where they were separated and NOT tattooed as they were sent directly to the gas upon arrival.

      Or else since its not far from the Sauna building where they would have a real shower and delousing.

    6. I wonder if there was some killing but the main end was typhus.

    7. Do you think there's a P.I.D. angle in this story, Clare?
      Might be worth looking into. Whaddya think? Hmm?

      I'll leave it with you. But keep looking,Clare. You never know what you'll find under those rocks until you turn 'em over, Clare.

    8. Well again, Auschwitz/Birkenau had four Crematoria buildings. That means a significant number of deaths. Why were the old and children separated? To family camp or to gas? Where did they go? The yellow star patches indicate they were Jews.

      Typhus was more a problem near the end when supplies were cut off by Allied bombing. The emaciated prisoners only occurred at the end of the war and of course that is what the Allied film footage captured. Most pictures during the war show reasonably healthy looking prisoners.

  4. Kudos to Jim for treating this guest respecfully, even if he didn't deserve it.

    Hitler was a nice guy? Has Campbell ever read Mein Kampf? Even if one believes there was a millennia-long conspiracy by Jews to take over the world, Hitler makes it clear that everyone who isn't Aryan is inferior, was there a Jewish-Gypsy-African-Chinese-Slav etc conspiracy to take over the world?

    The Jews declared war on Germany as soon as Hitler came to power? He had stated his intent to dispossess and deport them, why wouldn't they act against him.

    In order to believe that Hitler was a good guy, one not only has to overlook his absolutely disgusting racism, one also has to forgive his illegal encamping of millions of people, and their employment as forced labor.

    One also has to overlook the acts of aggressive, unprovoked war against several nations. Were Belgium, Holland, Denmark et al part of the millennia-old conspiracy to dominate the world too.

    I try not to be cynical, but perhaps George Carlin was right. He said there will never be justice in this world because as a species we are just too stupid. Add up all the IQ points, divide by the total population and the resulting number is just too low.

    Maybe he was right. If this guy believes what he says, he's dragging the average way down. What a hapless fucking idiot this guy is.

  5. .

    You're being too kind, David.

    He's a fucking cunt.

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