Friday, March 29, 2013

Mark Elsis

John Lennon, Jerry Brown and more


  1. good to see christopher walken back in the driving seat after the shitty time he had in 'nam.

    good show jim. i suspect lennons (like mccartney and the other two beatles - there was more than one) death was faked and he lives on to this day.

    [quote]..John Lennon is alive.

    Recently he made a film with his old friend from school using a double during most of the movie, but he wrote and performed the songs for the movie if you're interested in hearing John Lennon's latest music.

    He appeared in person for the interview of the film pretending to be the actor from the movie who looks nothing like him and is American. His old accent keeps slipping out and it is no amazing irony that his old school friend just happens to be discovered for this movie also. He's currently living in Canada but travels freely. He seems to need enough attention that he even made this movie.

    So he made a movie, using an obvious fake who looks nothing like him but actually wrote and performed the songs for the soundtrack and personally appeared for the interview with his old school buddy.

    very interesting post here, and i agree with most of it.

    fakery fakery everywhere
    and we lap it up.

  2. from the same linked post jim:
    One of the most ridiculous was Lee Harvey Oswald's faked and ridiculously staged death which can be viewed on youtube (not to be confused with the Oliver Stone film version).

    The biggest joke is Lee Harvey Oswald who is likely related to Patton Oswalt the comedian, was an actor who also was the face used for his supposed murderer Jack Ruby. In the mug shots, the same actor is used with obvious ridiculous prosthetics and only one side having a small putty part attached to the ear to make the ear see different (but turned forward you can see only one ear has it). So the biggest joke is that Lee Harvey Oswald is also Jack Ruby his supposed murderer and he never died, but he was a comedic actor who couldnt help but be a little funny. Though the cheapness of the government not to hire two different people really shows how arrogant they are in thinking people are so stupid, which people are happy to prove true by believing their ridiculous lies just because its on the news...

    i myself am also very confident that oswalds death was faked.

    surely not bobby kennedy also?

    and his brother?

    it's all a big fucking joke, on us.

  3. you've been reading my mail, total gardener?

    i meant to add that i wasn't sure about those specific points regarding oswald. my contribution begins when i state i agree that oswalds death was faked. any comments on the evidence presented in the last few links?

  4. are you sure that stink isn't coming from you breathing through your own foul mouth?

    sure, no fakery is going on at all. nothing to see anywhere except the dark and hideous conspiracies as espoused by jim... or maybe there is a whole lot of fucking fakery and you are constantly distracted from this fact by continually swallowing all the conspiracy junk always thrown into the narratives, and stinking up your insides. (so we get to the root cause of the stench which surrounds you.)
    but maybe you'd be better off sticking your head back up your arse huisos, relieving yourself completely of having to deal with this in your face fake reality of ours (at the same time evading those external pongs following you around).

    jim, a few quick questions. do you know the way they say 'once c.i.a., always c.i.a., or 'once a cop, always a cop' etc? well i just listened to the maria heller/mike sparks show where you said you resigned your com-mission after 4 years as a captain and wondered is there any such expression 'once navy, always navy'?
    aren't we covertly still operating under maritime law?
    and isn't the navy the pyramid capstone of all the branches of the armed forces, whose jusisdiction extends beyond the confines of this planet and into space?

    one more thing, in that show you read from an article detailing the similarities between 7/7 and sandy hook. now sandy hook is most definitely a hoax, and some of us have known for a few years now that 7/7 was a hoax also.

    have you finally accepted that the 7/7 'bombings' (just like 9/11, oslo and utoya etc.) were nothing more than co-ordinated staged/hoaxed/faked event with no real deaths?

  5. I think he needs to do a whole show on the Lennon assassination. This episode was a teaser.

  6. The only rock star whose death is very suspicioius and might have been faked is Jim Morrison. He had the type of personality who simply wanted to get out, and go off and live anonymously. And the circumstances around his death are fishy, with no real doctor verifying it, no autopsy, no witness to the body...

    I suspect that Jim Morrison is dead, and probably did die back when it was alleged that he did, but at least this one is possibly fishy...

    Lennon was murdered, McCartney is still alive.

  7. I think all the conspiracy theories about the famous faking their deaths have yet to be proven. Morrison and Elvis are more plausible than Lennon but I think they all died at the time the media said, but exactly how and by whom is the question. yes Paul is alive too.

    1. The *new* Paul is alive. As to most of the "fake deaths", there is much to argue against them.

  8. D. Fetzer, I hope you find this interesting.

  9. Great show as always. I sometimes Imagine I am listening to the CBC or NPR and Jim's show occupies the 2-3 am slot. Only the frail and awkward are up listening to talk radio at this hour.

    Keep up the courageous work until you have the morning show on ABC, Jim.

    Should let Mark talk more next time.

  10. Listened to this twice, this show needs to be transcribed

  11. Jim Marr's viral conspiracy theory involving JFK's assassination over executive order 1110 ( the issuance of US Treasury Silver Certificates) debunked here: