Monday, March 4, 2013

Tony Rooke

BBC in Court over 9/11


  1. Wonderful interview. Thank you, Tony, for what you've done and this interview; thanks, Jim, too.

    Tony, for other successful and important court results which are interesting, read "Plausible Denial" by Mark Lane.

  2. Clare!! How delightful to hear from you again!! So the rumors are just rumors; you have not entered a nunnery. Can we have more of your Paul-Is-Dead hogwash soon? We all need a good laugh!!

  3. LookFantastic, the Beatles did certainly fake Paul's death as a stunt, and some people believe he actually died, so the theory is not hogwash. My personal view is that while they might have found someone who looked very similar, they could not have found the same singing voice and left-handed bass playing in the look alike. So clearly, to me at least, Paul did not die. I do not personally see how the same voice singing before the alleged death could be singing right to the end. And it is certainly the same voice. Most people who believe that Paul did die argue based upon photos, film clips and subliminal messages. But they seem to forget that music is something you listen to, and that when you listen it is clearly the same voice.