Monday, March 11, 2013

Larry Rivera

JFK: Wesley Frazier erased from Altgens' photo #6


  1. There is so much about the backstory of the JFK assassination and especially about events in Dallas on 22 November 1963 about which we know little but about which we are learning so much more with the passage of time. The whole sordid JFK assassination can be characterized as a saga of fear, coercion and sheer terror - mainly among witnesses who were scared spitless by what they knew and by what they knew they knew..... and by the truth they were afraid to tell. It is the same eternal and immutable truth that we are today, 50 years later, beginning to know and understand.

    Vincit veritas et veritas vos liberabit.

    Vox populi vox Dei.

    March 25, 2013 at 7:54 AM


  2. By the way..........

    Great show, Jim and Larry!!

  3. Lot's of great information here. Thanks for your thoughtful, perseverance!!

  4. Once again what jumps out at me is the degree and extent you allege that the Altgens 6 was altered or god, there just wasn't time for all this analysis of the photo and alteration...LOGIC would tell you it would make more sense for the photo, if it showed what you allege, simply disappears, never to be seen again, than go through all of this hoo ha....

  5. LOGIC? That's odd. It is the evidence that matters. We have PROVEN the alterations. Since they occurred, there has to have been enough time to make them. We also know, from Roy Schaeffer, who was working for a Dayton, OH, newspaper at the time, that he took the Altgens6 off the photofax on the morning of Saturday, the 23rd. We have discovered that a number of obscure newspapers even had fake editions for Friday, the 22nd, fabricated to support the false claim that you are making. See, for example, "An Open Letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr." on Veterans Today. I wish you would be more thorough in your research, because you are displaying either incompetence or dishonesty in much of what you write and blog. You appear to be an intelligent fellow, so I am inclined to think this has to be deliberate.

    1. Well thank you Jim for the backhanded compliment, but you haven't proven anything to just makes no sense whatsoever that Oswald would be on the steps, where nobody claims to have seen him AT ALL...and then abruptly turns when the shooting starts, hauls ass to the lunchroom, to arrive seconds before Marion Baker...and not out of breath or shaken up...the same excuse you yourself use as to why he couldn't have been on the 6th floor shooting...You can't have it both ways Jim...Also are you saying Altgens didn't have that photo on the wire to New York shortly after 1:30? And you're saying it wasn't it any newspaper at all on the 22nd? Billy Lovelady had been arrested and discharged from the Marines while stationed at Quantico for stealing guns in think the feds didn't have him by the balls? Also I don't trust anything Buell Frazier said...I think they likely threatened to charge him as an accomplice to murder for driving Oswald and the "gun" to the Depository, thats why he said what they told him to say to frame Oswald...