Monday, May 13, 2013

Stew Webb / Dennis Cimino

Serious on Syria/JFK/Boston bombing


  1. The ruling élite of the State of Israel have a direct link to the Bormann Flight-Capital Organization and the Nazi Underground--which explains Federal German "alterism" toward Israel, the affinity that neo-Nazis such as Anders Brevik have for Israel, Israel's close ties to Paul Hausser's NATO and Reinhard Gehlen's CIA, the readiness for Israel to surround itself with Jew-hating clerical fascists, Mossad and the Meyer Lansky-mob participation in the Kennedy assassination, and a lot more.

    "[An example citing a Connecticut Jewish businessman who had become a millionaire with Bormann seed money shows] how Bormann’s people operate in the contemporary commercial world, in contrast to the fanciful nonsense with which Nazis are described in so much ' literature.' So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann [flight-capital] companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of these Jewish leaders."

    At page 227 in Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile (1981), by Paul Manning, a book begun 15 years previously and encouraged by Edward R Murrow, his WWII CBS colleague. Read online here:

  2. General Edward Lansdale's role in secreting Japanese WWII loot (from Japan's "Operation Golden Lily") out of Asia and into a shadow-government (CIA) black-budget fund is exposed in the book Gold Warriors (2003), by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave. Synopsis of the book and interview with the authors here (through links to two mp3 audio files). Review of the book by Chalmers Johnson for the London Review of Books.

    The Golden Lily treasure features in the document "Collateral Damage", which theorizes that the treasure financed $240 billion worth of bonds that were used to bring down of the Soviet Union and that the bonds could only be "cleared" by creating a stock-exchange emergency, which was brought about by engineering the 9/11 "attacks" in New York City.

    1. Atlanta Bill

      Thank you very much for your always informative and interesting comments.
      As per usual the fool and illiterate blowhard Constructor is easily distracted. This will not surprise the educated among us.

    2. Yes Xavier, those were very informative and interesting comments, too bad nothing meaningful was said about anything discussed in the interview.

      Seems more like you were the one distracted.

  3. The usual verbose distraction by Atlantabull.

    Why don't you speak to the topics at hand Atlanta?

    As per usual you are clogging up one of these threads with bogus mish mash.

    1. Constructor, I apologize for having to use quotations and links to off-page material to make my points. I don't know a better way to do it. Let me see whether I can make up for my shortcoming.

      The Paul Manning quote was addressing what was said in the first 15 minutes of the Webb interview--mostly by Dr Fetzer. But also some things Jim and Dennis Cimino said in reference to Syria and Russia in minutes 68 through 78 and Israel following minute 101 because I'm still trying to figure out what the Russian pet oligarchs' global strategy might be respecting the terrorist assault against Syria, and my take on the Zionist/NATO aggressiveness is that it's to prepare the ground as part of the long-range goal so dear to Nazi revanchists in Europe and America (and their crucial allies in the Israeli Stern-Zionist regime) to restart Operation Case Blue in order finally to deny the petrochemical resources of the Black Sea and Caspian basins to Russia, no matter what the cost. The quote was further evidence supporting what I said about the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in the Boss/Barrett Interview--there trying to make up for Kevin's failure to address the role of the "New World Order's" pseudo-Islamic legions in the destruction of secular Syria; and, more to the point, why (?), against all its better interest in defending its continuing survival, Israel, using its fascist bluster and its Zionist network, should be taking a part in this atrocity. Only a mutual design in a surfacing Underground Nazi Reich can explain this for me. Give it some thought!

      The Nazi Underground research of Paul Manning, I would suggest, is pretinent also to the career of John Jay McCloy, who was mentioned in minute 34 of the Webb interview by Dr Fetzer as a member of the Warren Commission, along with (Nazi-confidant) Allen Dulles and who, in his role as replacement for Lucius D Clay as Military Governor of the U.S. Occupation Zone in Germany, presided over the creaton of the (Nazi-infested) Federal Republic of Germany and the campaign of wholesale pardoning and commutation of sentences of Nazi war criminals and the leading German industrialists who backed Hitler (Flick, Krupp, and others). Manning exposes McCloy's Nazi-facilitating on page 261 of his Bormann book: Allen Dulles is a key figure in the book, but Manning didn't seem to appreciate Dulles's role as a double agent.

      If you'd listened to the Sterling and Peggy Seagrave interview, I think you'd have realized how pertinent was what those two researchers had to say. General Edward Lansdale, mentioned following minute 27 of the Webb interview, was a key player in acquiring the $hundreds of billions constituting the shadow government's black budget, and in particular how it figured into the shadow government's build-up to the JFK assassination, and probably also the 9/11 "attacks". I believe that the JFK assassination was pivotal in positioning the Underground Reich for the full Nazi takeover of the U.S. that has been accelerating over the last 40 years. Other players in the takeover (though not couched in the terms I use), including Meyer Lansky and his mob, were targeted in the Seagrave interview. I'm prouder of having offered the link to the Seagrave interview than I've been of making any other post I've ever made on The Real Deal. Please take the time to listen to it!

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  4. I can only agree with Dennis Cimino. Vladimir Putin is not going to do much in Syria or he would have done so already, and the complete annihilation of the jew state fallowing an aggression on Iran will be ultimately a good thing for mankind, though not the end of our struggle getting rid of the generalized cancer that has been affecting humanity for too long, but a good step in the right direction.

    Dennis, you are not an anti Semite. You are a thoughtful man that cares. Thank you :)

    1. Freeride, I agree. Dennis is a thoughtful man and I hope to hear him here again. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism aren't the same thing. In fact, I believe that exposing the Zionism of the Stern Gang that has infected the State of Israel and mesmerized its supporters is pro-Jewish, and for that reason it's an antidote to antisemitism. The only caveat I'd recommend is that the antidote be administered in the appropriate and uncontaminated dose so as not to kill the patient.

  5. Hi, I savour Dr.Fetzer's podcasts slowly so I am only commenting on the first part with Stew Webb (who I find authentic but have not followed as long as I have Jim)
    My comment refers to Stew's harsh (IMHO) take on Alex Jones. I have observed Alex probably more than the average listener and believe to have seen genuine motivation along with growth and honesty.
    That being said I have recently given up a long standing membership because of his honest exceptionalism against abortion leading to what I perceive as his desire for state intervention in pregnant women's decision to not carry their pregnancy to term.
    So I just want to point out that standing up to the controllers of Zionism is a very recent phenomenon.For the most part it is only old men who having lived theire lives and have seen theire children grow up who take up that battle. He is a youngish man with a wife and young children.

    That being said I seem to consistently remember Alex not backing away from the topic. Perhaps I'm mistaken but I dare say over the last few years few people have had the time or inclination to listen to more of Alex Jones than (IMHO) myself.

    Blessed are the peace makers and anyone who thinks they can "out violence" the Bush family and the Bush family masters' is foolhardy.
    Theire game is to destroy us and create theire own wealth through war.
    The analogy that comes to mind is ....
    "Wrestling with a pig.... you get dirty and the pig kinda likes it."

    (IMHO) Bobc

    1. #1, I was for a number of years a regular on the Prison Planet Forum. I agree with you that Alex Jones' motivations are authentic, notwithstanding a few understandable faults. You might find my commendation of Alex to fellow leftists such as myself in the archive for user "vladimir", if it hasn't been deleted (of course, you'd have to be registered). I had some genuinely good friends among Alex's top moderators and regular posters, but I lost them when I changed my Internet service provider and all my service for a few months of serious illness. When I came back online, my access to the Forum was blocked mechanically, and possibly politically, I suspect, by some of his intellectual bodyguards. Alex's anti-choice stand bothered me, too; I did my best to educate those on the Forum and Alex himself. Alex comes from the John Birch Society world view; and, while I don't fault him for that, it's an unshakeable part of his make-up. Would that he'd realize that the "false Left-Right paradigm" is much broader than he allows! It ranges from the far-right Aryan Nations crowd to the myopic schematists within the ranks of revolutionary Marxism--and that was one of the points I was constantly trying to make on the Prison Planet Forum.

  6. Atlanta,

    You use several tactics to try to keep readers of this thread away from the truth.

    1) You use strategic branding and phraseology to misdirect the reader.


    " a surfacing Underground Nazi Reich" ...are you for real?

    "...positioning the Underground Reich for the full Nazi takeover of the U.S." ...get a grip on reality!

    "...the long-range goal so dear to Nazi revanchists in Europe and America" ...and then he started naming names of people who also used the stuff!

    2) You use unnecessary verbosity. Someone who is genuinely trying to communicate the truth to readers of this forum can do so succinctly, especially a self-proclaimed 'expert' such as yourself. Instead you choose the path of bogus mish mash. I can only conclude that you are being paid, by the word, by someone who wants these threads disrupted. Or perhaps you just want these threads disrupted.

    3) You try to control and direct threads by, more often than not, being first to thread with extended posts, especially for important discussions/interviews such as this.

    Atlanta, you clearly have an agenda to disrupt these threads, especially for certain topics. Using several tactics in combination, you put forward a misdirecting, suffocating pile of stinky forum slop that no one should have to dig through.

    1. Constructor, I've never claimed expertise except for the one time I admitted to having a bachelor's degree in Comparative Religion and some little, ongoing interest in the field. Yes, I have an agenda (maybe two if you count my support of Dimitri Khalezov) and my agenda is anti-Nazism (but even there I've never, nor do I now, claim I'm an expert). I don't seem to see you accusing the pro-Nazi Hitler-rehabilitators who've posted and been interviewed here of having an "agenda". I take your claim of "verbosity" seriously, and I'll try to do better; although I've always made an effort to use just the necessary words to get my thoughts across. There are some things that can't be said in a sound-bite.

      By the way, as I was searching for the Khalezov interview I noticed how the webmaster(s) (Total Info?) has/have upgraded the site to make the audio archives easier. The webmaster(s) doesn't/don't get nearly enough credit for what they do. This is by far my favorite interview site on the Internet, and that's why I watch with eager anticipation for the next additions; and it's my excuse for jumping right in if I see that, after a decent interval of time, no one has yet commented. I won't make any laudatory remarks here about our host for fear that it might be taken for self-serving strategy on my part, except to say that I have an interest in following Dr Fetzer's intellectual development because, firstly, it's remarkable the degree with which he can carry this capacity so well into his advanced years and, secondly, he never comes off as a one-dimensional cutout.

    2. Atlanta, how much shoestring travelling have you done around the world, in particular to 'third world' countries? You know, where you mix with local, everyday people on the ground.

  7. Israel will be at FULL scale war before the end of July 2013

  8. Paul Manning's work is PURE bunk.