Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sophia Smallstorm, Jenny Lake

Developments on Sandy Hook


  1. Excellent and fascinating analysis. Thank you.

  2. May we never forget Sandy Hook.
    Adam Lanza, the autistic savant killer, lol!
    Unprecedented killrate!
    - Shouldnt we take the victims, the little children that are really easy to carry, to hospital quickly?
    - Nooo, let them lie where they are a couple of hours, and let the jolly giant dr Carver pronounce them dead instead.
    This is so strange...

  3. Overall, an excellent survey of the evidence and some perceptive thoughts on where this is all taking us. Polio, though, I don't think was always caused by radiation: FDR contracted it in the midst of a polio epidemic in 1921; radiation can disrupt the immune system. Sabin's vaccine used an attenuated polio virus and was the one chosen for the mass vaccination programs of the 1950s, and it was in this vaccine that was and actually could suppress the body's cell-mediated immunity and contained Simian Virus-40, which can cause tumors. See this study that argues that vaccination immunity may be a myth, by Drs Gary Null and Nancy Ashley. More recently, Sabin's vaccine was believed to cause onsets of polio in later life, whereas the Salk vaccine apparently didn't--something I think was finally confirmed for a small number of cases in peer-reviewed studies of correlated data.

    The case for the OPV oral polio vaccine having started the AIDS pandemic in Africa because of contamination with simian (allegedly chimpanzee) SIV is made in this video. I've heard that those who killed the health workers vaccinating for polio in Pakistan last year cited the OPV AIDS hypothesis. We are left with trying to piece together all the evidence ourselves because we can't trust a medical establishment that's provably compromised and government overseers who ride roughshod over the research community and crucify whistleblowers.

    These two women are obviously brilliant enough to think way outside the box and to do so with marvelous deftness. But, Jim, you have a doctorate in Philosophy: so how could you let Jenny get away with calling the Machiavellian trick she described (problem-reaction-solution) as an example of the "Hegelian dialectic"?

    A thought which has come to me (and undoubtedly to others) was sort of hinted at in the discussion. To wit: are these massacre hoaxes also aimed at identifying those in the general community who are the first to doubt the contrived fantasies? Are they partly being used to filter data for input to a database whose purpose is to mark out the names and social networks of those individuals to be rounded up first for the concentration camps? Are the hoaxes becoming more and more obvious for just that reason?

    It all began in the 1950s? No, it began in 1946, with The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt.

  4. I heard Sophia Smallstorm again on Revere Radio (this time with James Tracy), so I hit the blog site again. I am so-o-o impressed with Sophia! She has what I would call terrific "conceptual acumen", that is, she can call on an awe-inspiring internal treasury of concepts. She is apparently very well-read. I love her two-dimension/three-dimension schema. The way she was using this schema to describe the actors in the Sandy Hook play reminded me of something I read once (perhaps to explain a concept of GWF Hegel, and you may know who the writer was, Jim). It was a discussion of the Latin word persona, which means "mask". The actor's mask has a dialectical nature: it at the same time hides the identity of the actor and reveals the identity of the character that the actor is portraying. The DHS actors are, then, the dramatis personae ("characters of the drama", but literally "masks of the drama").

    I think I can make a further contribution, owing to what I learned for my religion degree. I wasn't taught the term typology, but the concept played a large part in my degree program. Typology is the mechanism by which a biblical character is linked to a character who appears earlier in the sacred documents. For example, Jesus is linked typologically to Moses: he came out of Egypt after a time when his "parents" had fled there (Joseph and his kin, Mary and Joseph, respectively), he was "baptized" in a "crossing" of water (the Red Sea, John the Baptist, respectively), he was tempted in the wilderness (by the Golden Calf, by Satan, respectively). Joseph Atwill, sharing concepts of his colleague, literary scholar John Hudson, made use of a typological investigation for his work in writing Caesar's Messiah. Atwill's book is the greatest work on the Christian religion of the last two millenia, and I'd stake all I know of Abrahamic religion on it--sorry if it offends those who haven't seriously taken up the book or honestly considered his "Flavian Thesis"! It does not explain away Christianity (something Atwill himself concedes), but it does spell the final death knell to the Roman creation of the "historical Jesus"--the Jesus of Emperors Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus (Titus Flavius) and Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus (Constantine).

    Familiarize yourself with Joseph Atwill's "Flavian Thesis", and you may come to realize as I'm realizing now that Sandy Hook and similar hoaxes are of the same sort as the mechanisms which the Roman emperors and their Jewish co-conspirators used to create a religion that would pacify their empire (under Emperor Titus Flavius) and turn the community of free farmers that peopled the Empire into the serfs of the Dark Ages (under Emperor Constantine).

  5. I would suggest to Joseph P Farrell (whom I may be so shameless as to suspect was reminded of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave's research because of a post I made the day before the recent interview with Jeff Rense in which he brought the Seagraves up) that, if he is following the Real Deal and reading this, he consider this epiphany of mine--thanks to the brilliant incites of Ms Smallstorm. And, Joseph, listen to what Sophia Smallstorm has to say. I think you'll agree with me that she has grasped some concepts that are absolutely crucial for understanding the mind-control techniques we're seeing from Homeland Security (Heimat-Sicherheitsdienst). They are quite literally the heirs of the Holy Roman Empire (Das erste Reich)--the Reich that fathered the Second (of Bismarck and Emperor Wilhelm II) and the Third Reich (of Hitler).

  6. Ernest apologies for the length of my comments! There was a single thought behind them. I do have to add one more thing I overlooked, and that's a favorite phrase of Joseph Atwill which connects everything (including my remarks above regarding the word persona). Keep in mind that our society's collective body of myths may, in a very real sense, be thought of as our "religion". Joe says, "Caesar wears religion like a mask.".