Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kevin Barrett / Meria Heller

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  1. I'll say it: "HE'S A GULLIBLE SAP!"

  2. The chemists at the USGS are not qualified to make the distinction regarding the presence or absence or fission/fusion at the WTC. The final caller who supports the official narrative who is concerned with what the USGS "reports" doesn't even understand that they are just chemists and not nuclear physicists. It would be like handing a podiatrist a cranial MRI and asking him to ascertain what kind of brain tumor the patient has.

  3. Stop using energy trying to figure out HOW they did it and start using more energy convincing as many people as possible THAT they did it. Those who continually promote the discussion as to HOW are quite possibly indiviuals trying to prevent people from believing THAT.

    1. Um, if the HOW is at least partly scientifically absolutely argued, we have the key elements of making the points THAT they did it.