Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bill Still / Karen Hudes / Mark Novitsky

The Fed / World Bank



  2. Bill Still seems to have a good grasp of the financial facts, so it was instructive to hear what he had to say. However, does he suggest we go back to Aristotle for our political theory? Is this what he means by "plutocracy"? Must we ignore all the political analysis of the 1-1/2 millennia since the closing of the Platonic Academy by the Christian Emperor Justinian? Or does he mean that only money capital holds the levers that control the current out-of-control system? What about industrial capital? Intellectual capital?

  3. It's pretty obvious that the people who actually control the system think that Karen Hudes should get with the program or take her ball and glove to another ballpark.

  4. Apropos the Novitsky interview... The people who snuffed John F Kennedy weren't "special interests", Jim: they were the controlling interests. They tried to snuff Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934 so America could have a Third Reich like Hitler's, had to wait out the war as the Nation re-styled itself the "arsenal" and "beacon" of democracy, and took up their fascist project again in scant years following the end of hostilities. The ruling financial and industrial interests of the Fortune 500 who funded Hitler weren't about to let an FDR-clone stand in their way this time. So they turned to some of their tried-and-true Nazi collaborators--like Allan Dulles, John J McCloy, Richard Nixon, and George H W Bush--to solve their problem and get the show back on the road.

  5. God be praised Jim! You interviewed THE Bill Still! You are now officially "the dudeness"!

    I highly recommend people watch his:

    "The Secret of Oz"

    "The Money Masters"


    All his "Still Reports":

    Also, while you're at it, get acquainted with: (perhaps you could interview Ben Dyson).

    Also, best book on the topic: "The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics " by Michael Rowbotham

    The parasitic debt-based money system is perhaps THE most key driver underlying the problems we are seeing in the world today. We have to get together to solve it and the people who created/maintain it!

  6. so is Ben Still correct about JFK and the silver backing controversy? I have heard this both ways for years ... any comments?

    1. If that's directed at me, I'm not sure on that point.

      However, I do believe that Bill Still's rationale / arguments are sound and VERY important. Also, if you can get a hold of "The Grip of Death:"...super book.

      Solving the parasitic money system is necessary to us achieving a balanced world.

    2. Bill Still's two recommendations are: 1) Governments can't borrow money and
      2) Bank's can't lend money they don't have (i.e., no fractional reserve lending).

      The positive cascading global effects that taking these two simple steps would have will be phenomenal.

  7. Yes, the JFK thing is true. And I am surprised Jim is not on top of the monetary policy issue since it is the head of the octopus. The ultimate forest in the proverbial forest-for-the-trees metaphor. But Jimbo loves the mechanics of JFK and 911.

    If more people understood the money issue, Occupy Would have a clear campaign

  8. Give Bill Still a full show, soon.

  9. Karen Hudes has an optimism and belief in the "Rule of Law" that is downright scarey in its naivety of the kind of greed and evil that runs things. Persistence can bring results to a degree and I do admire her dogged desire to get to the bottom of the horrid corruption but does she understand that these are the same folks who kill and maim thousands daily? Don't forget Karen about GMOs, Vaccines, Flouride, Chemtrails, mind control, sexual degradation, etc. Welcome to our world, the one that torments us truthseekers with a non stop assault upon humanity, sister you have bravely just scratched the surface of this beast.