Monday, May 27, 2013

Dennis Cimino

Lets it all hang out


  1. Just thought I would take a stab at throwing out a verbose, misdirecting, first-to-thread post before Atlantabull is able to do so. This draws on some of Atlanta's oh-so-agenda-free phraseology from past posts.

    And further more...blah blah blah..."bowels of medieval Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism."

    Even beyond that...blah blah blah...."a magnet for Nazi apologists."

    And if that isn't enough...blah blah blah..."Our home-grown Nazis and Nazi facilitators."

    Plus, unbelievably...blah blah blah..."" a surfacing Underground Nazi Reich"

    And, then...blah blah blah..."...positioning the Underground Reich for the full Nazi takeover of the U.S."

    Oh yes, and come to think of it...blah blah blah..."...another face of Nazi re-emergence."

    And, lest we forget...blah blah blah..."..."'Nazi Underground' is a fitting term for it"

    And last-but-not-least...blah blah blah"..."giving it the character of a Third Reich clone."

    Still only a few sentences but at least first-to-thread.

    1. I got the " blah blah blah " bit.

      But what was the rest of your asinine rant about?

      Do you have a problem with premature

    2. Just give it some more thought. I'm sure most others got it.

    3. He does tend to be a little wordy

  2. Replies to my post before I've even published it (went up while I was looking for the place where Dennis referred to the "background" problem; see below)! Quite stunning! Someone (guess who) must have access to the Department of Homeland Security (Heimat Sicherheitsdienst) logs of who's doing what on the blog site. Now, apropos the actual interview...

    "No background to pin anything to?" (minute 27:20) Here are some suggested surface features of such a background, following.

  3. Operation Gladio, a joint venture of the CIA, NATO, and Nazi/Fascist staybehind groups in Italy, which was intimately involved in the JFK assassination -- a big leg up for known admirers of the Third Reich that let the Bush Family (of trading-with-the-enemy fame) into the White House. A leg up that was actualized by known Nazi facilitators such as Allan Dulles and John Jay McCoy, who sat on the Warren Commission.

    The leading role of German Nazis, notably SS Major General Reinhard Gehlen, in the formation of the CIA. The leading role of German Nazis, notably SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser, in the formation of NATO --and note, as displayed on this page, how the Nazi swastika easily morphs into the symbol used on the flag of NATO. The leading role of German Nazi and Italian Fascist economists in the formation of the EU.

    There was a lot more to Operation Paperclip than taking advantage of the brain power of some "innocent" German scientists at the end of the war. For a serious student of the mid-20th century, the Nazi MOs (methods of operation) are unmistakable. The "homeland" may now be elsewhere, but the goals are the same. To accomplish those goals, the invaluable resources which architects of actual, functioning fascist states and their younger apprentices could supply --their experience and their secreted-away treasure troves of antisemitic, anti-communist, and anti-democratic propaganda-- have served the imitators and heirs of German Nazism and Italian Fascism well.

  4. Oh yes, it's just a "global Jewish conspiracy", and that explains it now as it did in 1933. Would Dr Goebbels lie? Yes.

  5. Woops! I misspelled John Jay McCloy's name and left out a couple of features of the "background" that are of critical importance.

    The Feme Murders: the carrying out of political assassinations paving the way for the Nazi takeover in Germany, under the direction of General Franz Ritter von Epp and employing agents Captain Ernst Röhm, Corporal Adolf Hitler, among others. Use the listen button on the German side at Google Translate to hear "Feme" and "FEMA" pronounced: there is very little difference, esp. in some German speech where high e (ee) approaches the sound of English high e (ee). "The Feme murders (German: Fememorde) were a series of politically motivated murders in Weimar-period Germany that were committed in 1919-1923 by the German far right [under direction of an army faction known as the "Black Reichswehr"] against political opponents deemed treasonous by the right." --Wikipedia(c) The Feme Murders are treated with at slide 86 in this historical slideshow, The Freikorps Years: 1919-1923 (warning: this link may sometimes fail, so please try again). What is the function of FEMA? Isn't it the same.

    The joint U.S.-Chilean-Brazilian-Uruguayan-Argentine joint venture (with notable participation of fascists and German Nazis-in-exile of other South American countries) known as "Operation Condor" which overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile and installed the fascist General Augusto Pinochet. Just a wild guess, but could it possibly have been named to honor the Third Reich's expedition to aid the Falangist (fascist) General Francisco Franco in overthrowing the democratically elected Spanish Republic, that is, Legion Condor.

  6. We take almost all of history as suspect now; yet still many refuse to question the Third Reich, and its equation with absolute evil. Even common sense would dictate this one-sided opinion cannot be entirely valid, regardless of the crimes that may have been involved with Germany in wartime conditions. So too was England or America responsible for vicious war crimes.

    But we only fall back to one bogeyman as if it were just taken for granted, even after we learn Germany provided a heroic and even moral resistance to the same plutocratic powers that vex us in the present.

    I ask that we throw out all we think we know, all assumptions we inherited by the civilization in which we were raised. If you read the letters between JFK and Khrushchev, you will no longer believe in the fraud of the Cold War, or at least you may suspect it was America that was the disingenuous, criminal element in the mutual struggle for world peace. This is the message between the lines at JFK's American University speech.

  7. I have come to pretty much the same conclusion, but one question. Do the Crypto Zionist Jews who have hijacked our culture, religions, economy,government and educational system have direct communications with the "commander" as Bob Dylan once put it. The insider genius of the takeover would suggest they do, but I have never heard of anyone testifying to direct instructional contact and implementation of directives.

    1. It would be helpful if you would come to a conclusion.


    2. Does that mean you don't know the answer either, or that you are too dumb to discern the question?

  8. Really enjoyed Dennis, and happy to hear he considers Sandy and Boston both hoaxes without victims. Why then doesn't he extend this logic to 9/11, JFK, and the many celebutard deaths?