Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meria Heller / Wolfgang Halbig

On current events / With Gahary on Sandy Hook


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    1. Clare, you're such a Homo habilis.

      Hope I don't get banned for is after all an 'Ad Hominid' attack...ha!

  2. Jim, could you post the link to the youtube video of the guy on the beach with the geiger counter. I might be able to wake up a few people if I show it to them.

    1. "Fukushima Radiation hits San Francisco"

    2. Not saying this radiation is not from Fukishima but is there some way of knowing that it is?

  3. columbine was another faked/staged event in what amounted to a military/military controlled town. sandyhook was made transparent, so what is hal-big's real game? what is the real game here?
    I have my own thoughts on these matter, and all is nowhere as bad as it has been made to appear.

    1. Columbine was a false flag event, yes; that is, it was a lie, but was not a "fake event", as you imply.

    2. I do not imply clare. I state outright!
      cannayereed, lady?

      sandyhook wasn't the first staged school shooting you know. and I think part of the point of it, in all it's transparency, is to get us to look back with new eyes on previous events and similar current 'events'.
      we are being educated, but there are different stages to our education. I think that you (and jim) are drafted to handle the border between the anger and realisation stages - with both feet neither fully in one camp or the other.

      I am well into the realisation/relief (relatively, of course) stage myself, so very little you write goes down well with moi.

      but that's ok, baby.

      it's a long, long way from clare to hear!

      (again no smilies to indicate attempted humour - DAMN YOU FETZER!!!!)
      (see! again no smilies again to indicate further attempts at humour - DA....)

    3. Columbine was a real event; it involved many murders. It involved covering up the multiple real other killers, who are described by many witnesses in intense and idiosyncratic personal ways, but which overlap in details. It was a presaged 9/11, complete with plans to fly planes into buildings in NYC. It had many agencies involved (not in toto, but a few in several), and patsies who participated, that is, fall guys.

      It was not a fake event. Your assessment is uncareful, pshea.

    4. psy-ops have become gradually more careless and sloppy (intentionally) as we move through them in time, from jfk to sandyhook.
      the earlier ones entailed more convincing acting and faked evidence, but they were no less faked, columbine included.

      why are you wrong about nearly everything clare. chance?

      all these things will be (and indeed are being) revealed.

      and more. so much more.

    5. I am right about a lot, pshea. As you will note, most people here know that Columbine was a real event.

      Lies do not mean "fakery"; in using language uncarefully here, you are ending up confusing what are fake elements (doctoring, etc.) for coverups, versus real parts of what happens, except, perhaps, in Sandy Hook, which is a blatant, overall case of silly claims and likely no deaths, unless Adam Lanza ended up dead in the other state, the day before, which would fit a real reportage of death (coroner or funeral home locally).

    6. And your assessment of JFK's death is wrong, through Culto's utterly complexly wrong premises on LetsRollForums (though he has a right to publish). As many have pointed out to you.

  4. Unraveling Sofia Smallstorm's Video on Sandy Hook, Part 1
    by Deanna Spingola
    February 11, 2014

    I hope Wolfgang and Jim contact Deanne. Please invite her to a debate. Wonder if she would have Wolfgang as a guess? It would speak volumes. If she would not have him on as a guest.

  5. spingola sputtered her way through a rather poor rebutal of sofia's analysis perhaps more today?

  6. She (Spingola) is doing a nice job of self-destruction. I noticed 30 significant points she had wrong during her first round of attacks. The four callers reduced her to rubble.

    1. I think treating her doubts kindly -- which really reduce to the fact that she is afraid that if it was for gun control and fake as an overall event, then her concern over prescription drugs is not linked to the event -- and discussing with her on air kindly, would help her.

      She seems to feel she wants truth, but has a different feeling as to what that truth is, in this case.

  7. piper @ it again horrible tabloid attacks/cheap groundless remarks it really does call in to question the validity of the ut

    1. If you mean this calls into question the validity of The Ugly Truth radio hosts (Mark Glenn, Keith Johnson, and MIke Piper), then, yes, I have to agree with you. And, as I have posted before, I actually stopped listening to these people way before Sandy Hook occurred because they repeatedly accepted the official narrative of mass shooting events, like Aurora/Batman, Gabby Giffords, Norway/Brevik, and the SIkh Temple.

      For anyone interested, the latest from MCP is posted here (I was only able to get through maybe 10 minutes or so) The comments are interesting, as the first commenter seems to suggest that MCP was fired from AFP. The second commenter (PatColo) gives a quick summary of the show and a link to a forum thread he started called "Abandoning Support for TUT," which speaks to the fact that many former listeners have stopped following them.

      Also, for those interested, Spingola part 2 on Sofia's documentary is here: And it looks like she did another show on it here

  8. I think the fix is in and all the 'truth' 'leaders' are coming into the time for (intentional) self destruct mode. jim, (to a lesser degree, clare and don) you did good.

    nothing will remain hidden. it is written that way.

    fakery fakery everywhere
    and we have had our fill.

    1. Not fakery as such; lies and fakery mixed, pshea.

  9. you can't have one without the other, clare.

    although how many 9/11 witnesses told us the truth when they said 'it was like a movie or something out of a movie?

    lies + fakery = lakery?

    lakery for the lackeys?

    'lakery' is quite funny really as I based my much repeated line;

    fakery fakery everywhere
    and we lap it up

    on the cast-away-at-sea's bête noire;

    water water everywhere
    and not a drop to drink

    funnily enough, I also wrote a song called castaway years ago. funny to me, anyways.

    1. pshea:

      You're full of shittery and cackery!!!

      You Clare gobshite!!

    2. Why insult me? I said, Bob, it's not all fake.

  10. you and your jiggery-pokery midden.
    and leave clare alone bob!!!
    (is it because she is French?)

    i am not from clare.

  11. Not you, Clare.

    pshea= County Clare gobshite.

  12. why don't ye two get a room?

    and no it's not ok clare. why won't you defend me? i thought you secretly loved me and my truths?

    i might be a gobshite in clare, but i'm not a gobshite from clare. so that's neither here nor there.

    1. He made a mistake re. where you were from vs. the other fellow, Peatshi'ite, I think?

      Or didn't you say you were in or from Clare at some point?

      Anyway, I do understand there are many doctored elements in conspiracies, and lies are the overarching narrative, but not all is faked outright.

    2. oh, he was referring to peatsh'ite all along. well that makes more sense now.
      sorry bob. my bad.
      and that peatsh'ite is a right gobsh'ite for sure, no mistaking it.

      and yes, I am in clare, clare, not from clare, ok clare? I hope that is now crystal clear clare. I can't understand where all the confusion comes from. (and when I say I am in clare, I mean that I am in clare, and not in clare, obviously).

      p.s. all faked outright. sure, real shit goes on but it is just not part of most of the shit we discuss. us lackeys always get the lakery.

    3. Pshea, lots of what we discuss has real content.

      You are completely confused, unfortunately, regarding JFK's death, for example. Culto's work is deeply flawed.

      But I wish you well in county Clare. You are fortunate to live there, I think.

    4. Culto's work isn't deeply flawed, it's a great steaming pile of excrement that any sane person should have nothing but derision for.

      Honestly, culto makes Simon Shack look competent and that takes some doing...

    5. Ian, "deeply flawed" and "a great steaming pile of excrement" are the same things, only expressed differently. Deeply flawed it is, and the result? Your comment.

    6. And Ian: Simon Shack's work is excellent at times, in fact, quite often, but gets uncareful in some suppositions/ questions (as many people on forums do), and then his/their own assessments of a conclusion are flawed.

      The real value of much of Shack's work, and of others on that Septemeber Clues forum (and at LetsRollForums, as well), is high, but the REAL value is not what they end up getting known for.

      Don't confuse, please, the real work (as we can know it to be if we're careful) from the false, mistaken work and overall generalized inaccurate conclusions.

    7. Clare, Shack's work is not excellent, I've told you that a dozen times and explained it a dozen times.

      The fact you can't see it for yourself just tells me you're incompetent.

      In recent days you've also brought up Judy Wood's DEWs as a possibility on 9/11 and defended Shack several times.

      There's something wrong with you if you really believe these people's work is valid.

      Don't tell me I'm confusing things when you are demonstrably incapable of grasping the utter invalidity of the work of these people.

  13. ???? Me? Where does this crap come from?

    I don't hate pshea, but I didn't say that.

  14. Greetings, are you the same M. Murphy from over on the MCXNow chatbox?

  15. I suspect that you are probably right, mike. but only probably.
    anyway, there's room for all sorts, eh? what sort are you?

    and thank you for those kind words clare, but I am not a prince!
    (actually I am beginning to suspect mike an clare might just be one and the same in this game. that the lady protesteth too much, first turned me on to this possibility. just who is the hand and who is the glove is the only thing I have still not quite yet nailed.)

  16. MCXNow?

    The same.

    Shocking language from Clare.

    She thinks every time the word Clare is mentioned, it means her. "Clare" happens to be my pet parrot who also happens to be pshea's greatest fan on this blog: My pet parrot Clare. It's a small world for my pet parrot Clare in her little cage - although she's flying out in the garden right now. She always comes back in. My pet parrot Clare.


    Are you in Clare at the moment?
    Who is Constructor, anyway?

  17. Is Constructor from Clare or has he ever been in Clare?

  18. Latest Score:

    Manchester Utd: 5
    Surreal Madrid: Cabbage

  19. Shocking language from Clare? Shocking language from Clare, your parrot? Really. Sure. Okay, well, enjoy your parrot.

    Clearly, if you are talking of a parrot, and my name is Clare, and the discussion originally involved me, you should have made obvious that you were talking of your parrot, Mike.

  20. does clare want a cracker, mike? I think clare wants a cracker.

    and shure i'm in and out of clare about half the time to be honest. the other half of the time I don't know whether i'm coming or going.

    I think to avoid further confusion, clare (the French lady, not the parrot) should change her screen name to the full unshortened female version of her name which, (she reported previously) in Ireland, is Clarence, isn't that right, clare?
    I think that would be easier than asking clare to learn a new name anew . the dumb bird might not respond to well to that challange.

    I am sure constructor has been in clare. a lot of people have been, at one time or another.
    he is a way at the minute though, building a case, I believe.

    p.s. I agree with clare, mike. please don't talk of your parrot clare without making it obvious that you are talking of your parrot clare, mike. you'd confuse the whole of clare with all your polly palaver!

    it is good to laugh heartily!

  21. I love it rod!

    what's going on, again?

  22. speaking of rod, here a little twist to a well known adage;

    give a man a fish, he eats for a day. give a man the smell of a fish, he gets a rod!

    now, getting back to the more pertinent matters at hand, I think ian is still a right cunt.

  23. Clare, were you born stupid
    or do you have to work at it?
    The shocking language came from you
    and your "c**p" reference.
    Do not assume to impune my pet parrot Clare out of hand and prematurely.
    But, yes. My pet parrot Clare effs and blinds like a trooper. As all pet parrots do - inevitably. Wouldn't any pet parrot do the same? Locked in a cage all day except when she is allowed out into the garden. Strangely, my pet parrot Clare swears only in her cage. Stomping up and down with her "You f***ing c***"and You f***ing langer, you!". All in a clear Clare accent, too. Sounds more like "Ye fookeen coont" and "Ye fookeen langer, ye!" but the message needs no clarification, Clare
    (Can I call you Clarence, Clare?).
    When in the garden my pet parrot Clare sings and on occasions I have seen her swoop down and kneel to say a few Hail Marys.
    I am positive I heard her recite the 23rd Psalm on one occasion but she stopped when she noticed I was listening. She feigned a cough, lit a cigarette (Yes. She smokes, too) and spluttered something about having a sore throat. All embarrassed was my pet parrot Clare. Anyway, be that as it may...


    Is it adages you're after? Here's one for you! A Chinese adage, too.
    Only the best for you, pshea.

    " If you stand long enough on the blog riverbank, you'll see all your dead enemies float past you."

    Isn't that a cracker??!! Isn't it?!
    Give that man a cigar!!

    That's easy for you to sashay - as they say in Clare.

    Btw, I've had a look at that pothole.....

    Sure there's nothing in it.

  24. pshea-

    Did you hear the one about
    the contestant on the
    TV quiz show the $64,000 Question?

    Quiz Master: For $64,000 can you answer this question?

    What were Eve's first words to Adam in the Garden of Eden?

    Contestant: God almighty!! That's a f***ing hard one!!

    Quiz Master: Correct!! You have just won $64,000!! Congratulations!!

  25. Clare:-

    This all started when you jumped the gun on "Clare gobshite". Since you are clearly incapable of keeping up the deabate, you should remain silent and allow more experienced bloggers to continue the discussion unhindered.

  26. thanks for the laughs mike. as clare would say, you're some fookeen langer alright!

  27. pshea:

    I can't believe you just wrote
    "'d confuse the whole of Clare..."

    Reminds me of the old Clare farmer who when asked why he used two buckets of water to clean his ass* replied:

    " Sure one bucket is not enough. I need two buckets to clean the whole* of me ass."

    ass* as in " donkey"
    whole* as in "hole"

    ...or the young Clare woman
    who was on a ship that
    was being attacked by
    sharks and she said to
    the ship's captain during a shark attack:

    " Oh.....I hate sharks. Will they eat me whole?"

    and the captain replied:

    " Ah, not at all, madam......
    Don't worry. They spit out the bits they don't like."

  28. Clare, you might take some comfort (not that a strong lady such as you are really needs this) from the conclusions of a new psychological study of habitually abusive Internet behaviour, aka "trolling". Some of the characters who attack you daily seem to fit the "sadist/psychopath" profile pretty snugly:

    1. Are you an expert on sado
      psychopathic behavior i.e. trolling, Andy
      or is it just late night bedtime reading for you?

    2. Thanks for the support, Andy. It is sick, i.e., indulgent on their parts, whatever the case of true psychopathy or not. :)

      Helen, I think he's just being funny, in a slightly stinging way.

  29. them clare women, eh? I fell for one myself (hi sarah!) and what a pain for my whole that turned out to be! it's all good though. I have a beautiful 11 year old son (who, funnily enough, according to his premature birth date, was conceived on 9/11/2001) from the s(h)a(rk)ga, and I now look at the future as very bright, dark as though it may appear right now.

    I would easily share a j or a jar with you mike murphy. if you are ever in ennis (looking for any clare farmers to confirm that bucketandasstory), feel free to look me up.

    thanks again for contributing to the few bellylaughs I had yesterday. I should exercise those muscles more often.

    and no offence, clare. there were no bad intentions.

  30. a question or two clare, if it pleases you?

    why did 'they' wheel Oswald out for the press conference in which he broadcast to the world that he was a 'patsy' if 'they' were planning on framing and then murdering him in quick order?

    why have 'they' been so sloppy (deliberately?) in the production of the sandyhook and boston marathon productions (and in the production of the head honcho himself Obama)?
    do you think 'they' are intentionally playing with fire with their 'in-your-face' insults to intelligence?

    please keep your answer real as most of us here realise we are living in a Machiavellian world with Machiavellian schemers at the top of the intrigue/deception game.

    and indulgent is better than sick clare. over indulgent is probably closer to the mark but again there were no bad intentions. and it is good to laugh sometimes, even if it is at and.or to yourself on front of a lit text-strewn screen.

    regards from clare, clare.