Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Arthur Topham with Joshua Blakeney

You can be arrested for anti-Zionism


  1. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    F. TROCASE, in Jewish Austria "No obstacle discourages them; they persevere throughout the world, throughout the centuries, the unity of their race. The Talmud has given them a powerful organization which modern progress has been unable to change. Deep, ineradicable hatred of everything that is not Jewish stimulates them in war which they wage against Christian Society, which is too divided to be able to fight with the necessary energy."

    1. What? No Pasquale?

      Where's WLPierce when you don't need him?

  2. This seems to be an apropo place to re-start a prior thread. Some have claimed there is such thing as a non-talmudic Jew. One claimed to be one. To my knowledge, a non-talmudic Jew is as mythical as a specially bread Mandingo fighting slave. It's nothing more than BS which crafty Jews lay on people to disarm them. I've read Jewish history and no where does it state that a certain sect of Jews rejected the talmud, yet still remained Jews. The talmud is simply the oral tradition which has never NOT been a part of Judaism. Moreover, a Jew who rejects the oral tradition wouldn't be a Jew... you'd have to call him something different. Regardlessly, I'll play along. Where o where on earth would I find a collection of Jew who all reject their oral tradition??