Friday, February 28, 2014

Fredrick Toben

Historian jailed for speech (Joshua Blakeney interviews)


  1. Not good to be jailed for a speech. So sorry to hear this.

  2. Indeed. Dr. Toben is a very brave and selfless individual.

  3. Thank you MKsimpson. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  4. Judea Declares War on Germany - Dr Fredrick Toben (full):

  5. Josh did a show with R. Faurisson on Feb 2, '14.

    The topics:
    - The problem of the gas chambers
    - The repression of historical revisionism
    - The persecution of Dieudonné, the French humorist

    73 mins:

  6. I recall perhaps 2 years ago, when ZionCrimeFactory was going through a "poison pen" phase, posting on how Truther-X,Y,Z is a filthy zio-shill coz they just said this or that.... even DBS got in ZCF's crosshairs during that phase; I think ZCF charging that DBS was stealing ZCF's material, ?! I recall ZCF targeted Blakeney in one of those hit pieces, and I don't even remember the "offense" ZCF cited, and the page is gone since ADLaney commandeered the old site. ZCF later repented for being "over the top" during that phase, saying he was being pressured to get more & more extreme by the likes of ADLaney, Scott Roberts, & Co. see: "Zion Crime Factory Clearing The Air"

    Anyways, congrats to Joshua for "coming around" on the HoloHoax™, as Dr. Fetzer 'officially' did last year IIRC. Now I'm just waiting for Dr. Barrett make the leap to the HoloHoax™ Truth side of the ledger!

    Josh & KBarrett discuss in the 2nd half hour of this show last week,

    Dozens of the leading HoloHoax™ Truth books available free (PDF and/or html) here:
    Read 'em up (KB!).