Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mark S. Mann

Problems with Sandy Hook


  1. Here we go again... First it's this so-called Wolfgang Halbig who suddenly bursts unto the scene with no new information whatsoever. He has the perfect vita, is interviewed by every single alternative media outlet, and carries four distinct messages:
    1. Somebody is asking the hard questions so you don't have to -> go to sleep.
    2. If you were to ask those questions, police would come to your door -> be affraid.
    3. The perps knew everything about Halbig -> so they know everything about you, be even more affraid.
    4. Halbig was a witness at Columbine -> Columbine was real.
    Fact is, none of the above points is true.

    Now we "Mark S. Mann", another perfect expert suddenly popping up. He talks about Adam Lanza as if it wasn't proven a long time ago that neither him nor his mother ever existed. They are fictitious characters. Annie Haddad (not her real name) played Nancy Lanza. Follow the investigation on youtube. Be a part of it. Just don't follow these guys that suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Be very critical of these wannabe leaders. Thanks.

    1. Very good post, Those Shills.

    2. This kind of "shill-calling" is baseless. Question anything, but it takes all types, all levels of awareness, to contribute to the world.

      Halbig and Mann are doing what they can, from their perspectives, and just because they don't know all the info yet on the Lanzas, does not mean they are spooks.

      Even if they were, which they patently evidence they are not, in so many ways -- directness, earnestness, lots correct -- the basic information they are presenting and the flak they (esp. Halbig) are getting are laudable.

    3. Wolfgang isn't a shill. He is naive and inexperienced in dealing with issues such as Sandy Hook, therefore he is being exploited and manipulated by the shills such as Deanna Spingola. Wolfgang means well but his naivete is going to cause both him and the rest of the truth movement some significant headaches.

    4. Listen to Deanna Spingola's appalling interview with Wolfgang, it is clear who is doing the shilling and it is not Wolfgang:

    5. Thanks, Ian. And, I completely agree- that interview was appalling. Deanna's treatment of Wolfgang was rude, obnoxious, and simply disgraceful. Anyone interested in commenting on that "interview" can do so here: (I'm in complete agreement with PatColo's comments)excellent job responding

    6. Halbig could be an op functioning as you suggest. We cannot know for sure.

      It amazes me how certain many of you are concerning beliefs about almost unknowable truths.

      To state adamently either that Halbig is or is not an op is completely ridiculous.

      How can you know?

      I think that most of you should stop being know-it-alls and start being admittedly uncertain about much of what you are speculating upon.

    7. Stooy: how about good horse sense about how different people have different levels of knowledge but mean well, and considering the consequences to Halbig?

      Let's say: it's highly unlikely ...

      and useless to speculate on, since it is doing no harm. Anybody who doesn't dig deeper into the Lanzas is just limited in thinking, and eventually someone might mention it -- to Halbig, too.

    8. I'm basing my judgment of Halbig on my knowledge of his actions, after all, it is by one's actions that one would hope to be judged.

    9. Thank yoy, Clare and Ian, for your responses. I guess I simply need more evidence to be convinced of something than you or most others do. It is in my nature to be skeptical and to withhold judgment unless I am absolutely convinced.

      Is Paul dead? Maybe, maybe not.

      Is Halbig an op? Who knows?

      Did OJ do it? Possible, but maybe his son did it.

      And so on...

    10. Skeptism is a god thing because we know that so much is deception.

      I don't want to say too much about the situation surrounding Wolfgang atm as there is work ongoing that I'm not ready to talk about yet, but I will say that poor Wolf has been terribly naive and that naivete is being exploited by some pretty obvious shills.

    11. I think, Ian, it's obvious that Halbig is suffering, and that he simply got into this from less knowledge than we had already gleaned about the superficial weirdness (i.e., it seems weird to have an all-fake event, but turns out that in this case all evidence supports that).

    12. My heart went out to Wolf the first time I heard him speak. I knew he was in for a real rough ride

      Dudley Do-Right vs the Nazi's basically.

    13. Your big 4 could also apply to Karen Hudes who made an early splash with the Real Deal. She also came out of nowhere as a self promoting expert complete with a similar indignation making the rounds. Wash, rense, repeat.

  2. Listen to this podcast on a head/earphone and you get mad of the ping-pongs of other programs Jim or the guest is running.

  3. why the delay in podcasts jim?

    1. I had upgraded my OS and it wasn't working as I had expected. We did not actually record the first segment when we did the show (my mistake) so we had to find a time to rerecord. So it goes!

  4. indeed, those shills.
    and you just had to tell us at the end how you witnessed the 2nd plane 'crashing' on 9/11 from a mile and a half away, eh marksman?
    being a part of every major 'incident' (save k-atriona) and being so close to 'ground zero' on that fateful day, you must have stirring accounts/memories of your involvement in the heart of that epic matter recounted in many different places and on many occasions.

    can you direct us to these links please marksman?

    sandyhook is a parody of columbine. we don't buy into the sandyhook stuffing and we know to our core that 'they' could so easily have done a much more convincing job of faking it (see columbine, although not really). it is an x-pose-eh.

    there is now k-reat humour in all this, for those with the eyes to hear and ears to see.

    something is happening but you don't know what it is do you mrs. j-one-s?


    1. Agree with Those Shills, no new information...


  5. Jim... I find it almost impossible to listen to your interviews with your email and skype alerts kicking off all the time. It is very distracting! what happened to the good ole days when you were only interrupted by the meow of a cat in the background? that only added to things.

  6. PS.... thanks for oily your squeaky chair

  7. now listen carefully Norman....
    everyone pointing out shills are in fact shills.....

    Doh!!!! OMG.... that makes me a shill.... aaaaaccckk!!!!

  8. I thought this was a great interview. Keep in mind the new ct bullshit privacy act only applies to homicides, so there is no reason photos of lanza dead or alive at school or autopsy photos of him could not be released.

  9. I have a good discussion thread going, entitled "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story". Most recently there I've posted an ambitious deconstruction of DS's most recent attacks on Wolfgang Halbig, rich with links, etc. This link will take you right to it:

    1. The audio of Spingola's Sun Mar 9 RBN show has been posted, and 1st hour is spent with DS solo discussing S.Hoax... more of the same old same old which I address in the "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story" discussion linked above (replies 71 & 76).

      Commercial free audio inside, with Mami's commenters:

  10. For those interested, Jim is on rense right now It should get replayed on his network in the middle of the night. Also, most likely it's going to get posted here tomorrow morning (commercial free:) And, just a heads up, at the grizzom site, there were most likely be many in the comments section attacking Jim and defending the official narrative (there are lots of Deanna and TUT followers over there)

  11. And here are a couple of threads on Sandy Hook and what's going on with Deanna on Sandy Hook. I actually post lots of info on SH over there and it's a very friendly forum.

    Also, here are Deanna's posts on Sandy Hook:

    She doesn't allow you to comment on those pages, but you can join the gold-silver forum and comment there on the Deanna Jumps Shark thread.

    Also, it does look like Deanna questioned SH when it initially occurred b/c on this page on 12/31 she linked to these questions:

  12. spingy is a POS shill, simple as that.

  13. Jim why didnt you pursue MM's saying he saw a plane hit the WTC2? also then he spouts the Hoagland glass houses on the moon BS, my gawd. A whole show with a shill as usual.

    1. Well, a lot of people seem to have seen what they took to be a real plane hit the South Tower. The point I have made is that it has to have been something that LOOKED LIKE a real plane but was NOT a real plane, since it was performing feats that no real plane could perform. As I recall, in this context, I thought that would have been a distraction from what he could contribute about Sandy Hook. (See my interview with Scott Forbes, for example, who also saw what he took to be a real plane hit the South Tower.)

  14. Host Rodney Martin has posted a 1 hour show he did today with guest Delphi-Deanna™.

    Sandy Hoax is the main topic of conversation. I don't have much to remark; as this show was basically more of their same song & dance, Sunstein Sunstein Sunstein, cognitive infiltration, Flip the Script & Project, S.Hoax-skeptics don't really care about the truth, their minds are made up, Sunstein, those poor grieving S.Hoax parents, yada, yada, yada. Sunstein. Zzzzzzz.

    Find link to the show MP3, and my critique of the show, at:

  15. FYI- Delphi Deanna and Rodney Martin show on SH is also posted here Feel free to comment there, but be forewarned that moderators over there feel the need to intervene and protect Spingola from valid criticism

  16. Alex Jones interviewed Mr. Halbig on March 14 . Good interview.

    Hour 2 start at 24:20

    also first few minutes of Hour 3.

    Mr. Halbig is planning to visit Newtown and possibly with Alex Jones or his reporters along.

    A little Friday fun.

    Luciano Pavorotti and James Brown sing

    It's a Man's World

  17. has a banner ad at the top today and a donate click button hopefully provided free of charge to Wolfgang Halbig.

    Clicking on the button in the banner takes you to...


    He needs our financial support. This is deadly serious. I urge you to send what you can to help him crack the Sandy Hook 'SCRIPTED EVENT' wide open. We know what we are ALL up against and what our nation has become. Please join me in supporting this incredibly brave and selfless American hero. It is our patriotic duty to get to the TRUTH about Sandy Hook. Go to ... or CLICK HERE ... to donate what you can and let's hold 'them' accountable for once. Wolfgang Halbig has already been threatened by law enforcement to shut up and stop asking questions. It's time we let him know he is NOT alone.

    Note - ALL funds are being used to raise LEGAL ACTION to bring the key participants into court where they will be sworn, deposed and subject to cross-examination. This matter must be pursued in a court of law and not on the internet which is full of trolls and agents working desperately to silence any inquiry and questioning about Sandy Hook and what did or did not happen there. We WILL know the truth.
    - Jeff Rense

    Again, To Donate To This Fight, Click HERE"

    Mr. Halbig's website is

    The donate button takes you to

    (Thankfully PayPal is not being used!)

    It has been a long time since I absolutely believed in a person and their legal effort to obtain truth and justice. It felt very good just to donate. Donate today. It will be the best money you ever spent.

    I hope and pray that Mr. Halbig’s attorneys make as honest and courageous and totally vigorous an effort in litigating this case as their client has so patriotically demonstrated to us in the truth seeking community.

    Regardless of whether truth and justice is achieved by Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts, we will all get to watch, as under an electron microscope, every legal step of the way just exactly how our government, city, county, state and federal government and judges and lawyers treat an honest citizen, and names will be named. We will obtain, if nothing else, a very clear picture of the state of “the rule of law” in the United States of America.