Friday, July 12, 2013

Meria Heller / Allan Weisbecker

Current affairs / Edward Snowden


  1. It's all controlled opposition and setting the limits of the debate. They give the sides and eliminate the real issue. There is another more easily explainable theory regarding the Boston Bomber. It never happened. All one needs to do when one Googles is add the word "Hoax". Example "Boston Bombing Hoax". Click on Videos and select from youtube only. Where is the mystery? It's all fake.
    The actor that plays the Bomber is related to the actor that plays Edward Snowden. They are connected to a group that has always hated our Constitution - Even created the UN to circumvent it. The Zionazi Greenberg-Rockefeller-Strong Clan is responsible for creating all these bullshit hoaxes.
    Notice that Obama always does exactly the opposite of what he says. It may take a while. but that is just to make you sit down in hopeful belief. Obama is a creation, at least his election, of these same people. As an actor, it does not matter if he gets burned down. Maybe they'll trot Hillary out and she'll say,"What do you think about me now? Wish you voted for me?'s your chance!" And we'll have eight more years of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.
    Just like no one should question the Holocaust - they are telling you no one should question the official Boston Bombing story.
    With Snowden. no one brings up the hoaky bacground or thaat he might be an actor. The media always tells you he is real and push him. Yet, they always hushed the story from presumably real leakers in the past. Snowden does not need to use the Constitution as a defense because he is fake and does not need a defense. And, his creators are not interested in bringing in that issue. Their goal is to destroy it. Sandy Hook is used to do the same. 911 is used that way as well.
    Pushing Obama as a Constitutional Professor and having him do the opposite is more mind control. No one can believe he'd do it so it must not be happening.
    All Big Lie variations brought to you directly from Nazi Propagandists by the Zionazi Clan...who happened to be related to big names in Katzenberg...controlled by Zionists...who use glorification and normalization of gun violence on the screen to make you believe we need to control them - And never ending depictions of terrorism as a common occurrence to support the war on terror.

  2. Proof of the unseen hand is chemtrails. They are all over the world, above major cities in broad daylight. So, the intent is not to hide them but to throw them in our face. Yet few people notice them, or believe they exist even when they see them with their own eyes.

    The huge international secret infrastructure that would be required to pull this off is quite astonishing. Pilots, maintenance men, military complicity, political complicity and on and on and on... imagine the vast network required to do this, yet no one spills the beans!!! Proof of the illuminati, or whatever one chooses to call it. Clearly there is a large, unseen hand comprised of thousands upon thousands of individuals, all of whom manage to keep their mouths shut.