Friday, July 19, 2013

Joshua Blakeney

Canada update / Japan post-Fukushima


  1. They sold me a dozen eggs. I was skeptical, so I opened the carton and looked and it contained only one egg. I went to the owner of the store and complained that the carton only contained one egg. I was immediately arrested on suspicion of being an "Egg Denier."

  2. Most if not all of what Joshua stated with respect to what is going on in Canada is in my opinion true.

    But his homophobic statements about John Baird, our Minister of Foreign Affairs, and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, being closet homosexuals is completely out of step with Canadian thinking. Whether these theories are true or not, in Canada we simply do not care, and we take offense at individuals like Joshua who make such statements.

    Jim, you should caution your guests when they make such idiotic statements.

    1. You do not care because you have been brainwashed not to care. You are still unplugging from the matrix clearly. Do you not realise that it is extremely odd that we, the people in every country are being bombarded with gay, lesbian and transvestite this and that? That the spin is to invoke judgment of 'prejudice' if you care? Such a small minority yet that topic dominates the international media on a DAILY basis? Something seriously going on here - why? Is it, like their other cause celeb 'Feminism', not all part of the attack on the traditional family values? Why would this benefit them? Until you can answer that correctly you cannot possibly be unplugged.