Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mary Hartman

Corruption in Minnesota


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  4. The day they come for the guns it will be to late to use them. What we need are local area militias set up to respond to alerts that can be issued outside of the established lines of communication. These would let all militia members in the local group and adjacent groups the location of the member under duress with the press of a single button on a portable "I've fallen and I can't get up" style transmitter. This is similar to what the Swiss do using carrier pigeons. Now imagine what would happen if a Militia member is being harassed by cops and several dozen armed members show up. We must neutralize the government's monopoly on violence by responding the same way they do - calling for back up in overwhelming numbers any where anytime. Under those circumstances, it is our duty to defeat the enemy with any force necessary to send their thugs the message that they need to be on our side or die when they attack us.
    I never really thought about it, but the Swiss system protects the citizens against their government as well as others.
    That wasn't illegal aliens getting those checks. It's embezzlement.
    Snowden's message and the fact that the media features it is great. But, Snowden himself is an actor. He is brought to us by the same Zionazi Greenberg-Strong-Rockefeller Clan responsible for such theatrical hits as the Sandy Hooker Hoax and the Boston Bonging Hoax. He is a controlled release used as distraction from some very seriously heinous bills running the course now. Like the TPP that makes NAFTA look tame and being negotiated in secret. And a banking bill that will legalize robo signing of mortgages and allow the banks to take the homes that they couldn't take before. He is also releasing what he does to make people believe that's as bad as it gets so know one will look deeper. It is much worse than he is saying. This clan controls everything from banking to the ADL. They are connected with MOSSAD and the CIA. They control DHS and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They run Oath Keepers and their members have been seen with Alex Jones - compromising him to some degree, which does not mean everything he does is bad. He is still right most of the time which means he's still better than the main stream. cont.

  5. Snowden has not been seen in Moscow because he was never there but for maybe a minute.
    Obama is an actor. He makes no policy or write his own speeches or books. He even goes by an assumed name...just like an actor. He is in on the scams. We know because this clan funded his election and control our media. He even sat with Emily Parker in his lap the day after the Sandy Hooker Hoax.
    The fake Boston Bongers are from the same clan - the court room scenes are bogus.
    They created the Trayvon/Zimmerman hoax. A situation that if presented as a prime time TV show would get remarks like "This show sucks, too inconsistent, and cancel the series."
    They are behind the Global Warming Carbon Tax / Depopulation Agenda.bullshit.
    Hunt down these clan members/media whores/gov. officials, arrest them and try them for terrorism and treason. Then hang 'em high for all to see. I would also suggest that our military men need to come home immediately. They are not fighting for our freedom or their's over seas. Let them know that if they want the sacrifices they've made so far to count, their return must happen now. Not at the end of their tour. they will have noting to come home to if they wait. There needs to be a mass desertion because their leaders are not allowing them to uphold their oath as long as they are overseas. Our criminal government knows that and has some troops on their eighth tour. That is outrageous and the first time we've had troops out beyond two tours. And look what two tours does to people.
    Or, hope Putin is not involved and ask him to come in and do to our government what we are doing to Syria, Libya, Iran, South America, etc.
    I could go on and on but this is huge and it's been going on for decades.
    Ultimately, if you pay close attention to details and timing of events, you will come to the conclusion that even our so called government is a hoax. The policies, bills, and agendas were already written for them. Politicians and officials we see on TV today are a bunch of actors who's job it is to shove these bullshit policies up our asses with as little lube as possible. These shootings and bombings are all hoaxes/Psy Ops used to justify agenda decisions made long ago.
    All the groups involved with this clan and our government/media need to be purged before they purge us. They are already killing us overtly and covertly with GMOs, radiation, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals. The NDAA basically made the US a theater of war and all the citizens enemies of the National Security State. The fact that they want the guns proves that they know they are not capable of wiping us out the way they wiped out the American Indians and the Palestinians as long as we are armed.
    But, we cannot make the first move nor afford to wait for them to make their's. We are in a Mexican standoff....until the government gets their control grid completed. Then we are fucked. Right now they are just boozing us up and running from first to second base on a dinner date that's gonna end with rape. It's getting late and government's little semi limp dick is feeling the Viagra/swollen with power.
    Whatever you do...Do not bend over!

    1. You're right about all the hoaxes. Good post.

  6. God bless America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    1. That's just some old song, isn't it?

      People never really believed that, did they??

    2. I did as a child...and long after I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Come to think of it, I believed it up until I found out there were no WMD's in Iraq.
      Then I opened my eyes and want justice. I've done my time and paid the price for my pathetic little legal misadventures - while the biggest criminals in history are adored and fawned over by the very same people who would judge me unfavorably.
      At the very least, the guilty should be hunted down, exposed, shamed, and given a public cream pie in the face....because I would never advocate matter how much I dream about retribution.

  7. Jim continues to insist that the Snowden case is real and not faked. Maybe he is right, but if so, then the question needs to be asked, why is the media giving so much attention to a real story? Clearly they want the story out there, whether it is real or not, so again, why?