Monday, July 8, 2013

Kevin McKeown

The corruption-blackmail complex


  1. You want some solutions? I have an idea, how about enforcing the law and throwing their asses in jail! Oh what a concept. We should start by building a state of art prison, right next to the new NSA Utah complex. The first arrivals should be Eric Holder and James Klapper along with John Corzine and about two thousand others. We don't need to pass a single new law. Tell me a new spirit of justice in America wouldn't occur if we were to watch on CNN Corzine cuffed and perp walked before a honest Federal Judge.

  2. What a weasel this guy is. Jim, didn't you read between the lines that this guy probably didn't even know what 911 is -- he literally said we should all roll over because "that's how it is now."

    He didn't -- and you didn't seem to mind -- make any distinction between private parties and the "state", as if the lack of privacy was just a factor of technology and not a corrupt co-opting of the very "one phone call justice" that he fears is the problem.

    The answer is only a revolution since the congress is not representing the people.

    1. I think Jim did have this one figured out pretty early, but what's he gonna do for the next 100 minutes? He smartly IMO extracted the usable and avoided the food fight rather deftly.

  3. Hard interview to read, for me at least. I think Jim handled it well enough.

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