Monday, February 11, 2013

Jim Viken

"Hollywoodism" in world events


  1. once again i am disappointed in you jim. you have been hollywooded by your superhero magician friend el rodriguez;- faster than a bullet on speed- able to leap multiple floors (weighed down by cargo) in single timeless bounds- capable of withstanding the full direct force of a 110 story building on top of him, with only a miraculously resilient firetruck in between him and the immensity above- the amazing recovery abilities (of both he and the search and rescue teams) to be able to free himself from the rubble and do a cnn interview within the space of a few hours of experiencing such devastating personnel trauma etc. etc.
    a mere mortal, no! he is like some uberhuman out of a the pages of a novel or off the silver movie screen (a phrase heard more than once that day used by 'witnesses' to describe impressions of the unfolding events). i could link you to threads on letsrollforums and cluesforums (and elsewhere) where the rodriguez scam/fraud/story character is busted wide open, but i couldn't be bothered anymore at this stage.
    i don't ever recall you or mike sparks taking a critical look at this 9/11 witness of witnesses.

    for fuck sake. it's all a joke.
    critical thinking my arse, jim!
    one has to wonder, since you associate yourself with the character rodriguez, are you a 'character' yourself?

    jim fetzer and the fascinating case of the nuttier than nutty professor - keeping the unreal real, and leaving the real enough alone!

    sorry jim, if i offend. i am pissed off at all the holy-wood infiltration and the complete contamination (and stagnation) of truth everywhere.

    1. I think you're probably right about Rodriguez pshea, but I can assure you Jim is no 'character'. He is the Real Deal, although I too wish he would look more critically at all the witnesses/survivors on 9/11.

  2. I'm tempted to agree with pshea about Willi Rodriguez. Regarding "Who profits from war?", General Smedley Darlington Butler's WAR IS A RACKET is available as a Librivox recording (in the public domain) for download or to listen to on-line at
    (scroll down the page) ...and can be downloaded or read as an electronic text in various formats through a link there to an archive site. The Librivox recording is 53 minutes long. I burned it to CD and listen to it often in my car. Anyone who admires General Butler will admire him all the more after hearing or reading this very valuable work of his. As for John Friend's comment, only a fan of Dr Paul Josef Goebbels would believe that Jews were not treated inhumanely by Hitler's regime.

  3. I agree it was a pretty good show. I guess we are all victims of Histo-fakery to one degree or another. Viken despite his belief in Hollywood fakery, still clings to the official Nazi narrative.

    Of course all recorded events are not exactly as they happened and a vested interest will distort the record.

    If I was a Jew in Germany at the time, I wouldn't want to wear a yellow star, be herded into a ghetto, be sent to work in an electrified wired fenced enclosure, be tattooed on my arm etc...Those things we know did happen to them.

    It's not right to lump all the Jews together in one fell swoop neither the Germans.

  4. Glad to hear Viken talk about total fakery at Sandy Hoax. Although he leaves the door open to victims, he seems to side more with the complete Hollywood fakery of the event, courtesy of DHS Dreamworx. Extend this logic then to all the shootings + 9/11, and low and behold, you've uncovered the virtual fear factory being used to tank America. I just hope Fetzer wakes up to it soon as well as the rest of the world.

  5. Jim, the debunking of the Rodriguez "miracle" is VERY persuasive. Please study the work of his many and credible detractors. Then invite some on as guests -- and let the "miracle man" respond. If he dares.

    The investigation as to Willie's actual motivation is less conclusive, so far. (Is he a perps-paid shill, an egotistical fantasist/opportunist, a mind-controlled delusionist, etc.) Your providing a forum for the "miracle man" to confront his severest critics could be very useful in the search for hidden 9/11 facts.

    But one thing is already VERY clear:

    For the past decade Willie has been trotting the globe, dramatically reciting an IMPOSSIBLE "personal heroism" story that COULD NOT and DID NOT happen.

  6. I have a hunch that Atlanta Bill is either Bill Nigut Regional Director of the Atlanta Anti Defamation League headquarters or just a complete shabbos Goy.

    1. "Shabbos goy" (more correctly Hb "shabbath goy" or Yd "shabbes goy") is just a casual-labor role for non-Jews. The ADL has a bad rep among anti-fascists as myself, is under the influence of Jabotinkyite Zionism (i.e. Jewish fascism), and probably has me listed as an enemy of the State of Israel. Actually, I'm one of the 36 lamed-vavniks who are trying to uphold the world, as much as it's possible for a goy to play this role. My avatar is a goy named François "Gracchus" Babeuf, see

  7. What I do know is that you are a tireless defender of the criminal jew.So whether you're a member of the "tribe" or a traitor doesn't matter.Its all the same to us.TDOTR

  8. Again, real history evades us. Even Mr. Viken has been hoodwinked. Though he sees England's hand in many events, when he says, Hitler started the war," nothing could be farther from the truth. Here are some quoptes from Winston Churchill concerning Germany's post WWI economic independence from the european banking system:

    "Should Germany merchandise again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WWI) in vain."
    -Winston Churchill in the Times (1919)

    "We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not."
    -Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

    "Germany becomes to powerful. We have to crush it."
    Winston Churchill (Nov. 1936 speaking to US Gen. Robert E. Wood)

    "This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany."
    Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

    There are plenty more saber-rattling quotes from Churchill where those came from.

    For us to get a true grasp on present events it is imperative that we dissemble much of the "His-story" presented to us by the power structure and find what is real in our past. In this way we can truly combat the present forces that seek to destroy anyone disloyal to the power structure.

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  10. Had to delete due to an error I made in a link. Apologies!
    Winston Churchill was a defender of the British Empire, on which the sun never set (because God doesn't trust the English in the dark). He was a socially privileged defender of the interests of the English gentry, of which he was a member. In 1910, as Home Secretary, he sent troups against the miners of the Rhondda Valley, who were locked out by the coal owners. In 1925, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he attempted to return Britain to the Gold Standard; which resulted in deflation and unemployment. In 1926, he established the British Gazette as an organ of strikebreaking propaganda for the government and industrialists during the General Strike of that year. When one considers that the vast majority of the British People were wage-workers and small retailers, one can say he was anti-British. Just as Hitler was anti-German, in that he physically smashed the Social-Democratic unions and massacred the right-wing (ostensibly) pro-worker wings of his own party, those of Gregor Strasser and Ernst Röhm, on orders of the Junker-aristocratic German Army, for which Hitler was an agent: thus ending any even semi-independent voice for the German workers.

    One of Churchill's supporters, Leo Amery said in 1942 that "After all, smashing Hitler is only a means to the essential end of preserving the British Empire and all it stands for in the world." (source: review of the book The Guilty Men). Churchill kept up a personal correspondence with the fascist rebel general Francisco Franco and apparently also with Mussolini. And yet, unlike most of his peers, he was not sympathetic to Hitler and Nazi Germany. This has been explained by many as expressing Churchill's hatred of Germany as England's archrival more than a hatred of fascism, which is partially confirmed by what I wrote above.

    The quotation of Churchill's, "This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany," was likely intended as an expression of "British" Imperial hubris and a warning to allies that the English government and military would call the shots. Curiously, he didn't say "British". Perhaps the Welsh and the Scots should have let the English fight it on their own. Parenthetically, Wales and Scotland were the first colonies in the "British" Empire. And he had a loathing for the Irish.