Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bob Tuskin / Jim Viken

Cordial conversation and serious stuff


  1. "Cordial" conversations?

    Jim, can you confirm that there was no hard liquor consumed during these "cordial" conversations?

    1. Yes, I can confirm that. I like Bob and enjoy being on with him. I was simply feeling very relaxed and comfortable.

    2. Just kidding, Jim.

      You did come across as very relaxed and comfortable.

      All the very, very best, Jim.

  2. Over the last several broadcasts Jim Fetzer has become extremely anti-Semitic. This has become very disconcerting. I would expect more from a professional scholar and academician. I am very disappointed.

    1. No. Raising questions about the reality (or true dimensions) of the Holocaust is not being "anti-Semitic" any more that noting the role of Israel in the atrocities of 9/11.

      I have written about this in the latter case. See, "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?", to which the answer is also, "No". Check it out.

    2. I don't think Jim is Anti-Semitic. But he has been getting a lot of influence from people like John Friend. If you listen to this broadcast.

      John's guest advocates all non-white races to be separated out and deported of the United States (except for a nation of blacks [in a separate region of the US] for some reason).

      John F. admits he doesn't necessarily agree with that stance.

      So John F. doesn't believe in the "Hollywood holocaust" and believes the Jews a separate race.

      I believe Jim is influenced by Holocaust revisionism but not anti-semitism.

    3. was Robert Kennedy ever accused of being "anti italian" going after the mob?

    4. CONTEXT: being a 1st generation sicilian American I find no affinity, excuse, nor defense of any criminal behavior by members of mia familia..
      infact, i feel it is a pox on my house..
      a cancer which needs surgical removal,

      The semites, being spared the news a cancer exists within, basking in a river of denial and ignorance
      expect to heal, live..

      further aiding and abetting the semetic condition ("CHOSEN~OIA") isnt politically correct humane nor acceptable anymore

      criminality, self destruction, is INDEFENSIBLE,


      McCarthyism repainted for a Yardsale..

      were all adults here..

  3. Jim Butterfield February 28, 2013 at 11:37 AM
    " Over the last several broadcasts Jim Fetzer has become extremely anti-Semitic. This has become very disconcerting. I would expect more from a professional scholar and academician. I am very disappointed."

    It would be even more "disconcerting" if what you wrote was actually true.

    I know Jim Fetzer. Jim Fetzer is no anti-Semite.

    Be "disappointed".
    Be very "disappointed".

  4. That's a perfect title for the show: "Cordial conversation and serious stuff". Jim made a good point when Bob Tuskin sensed there was something antisemitic about Jim's saying that Hollywoodism can be blamed on Jews. Shamefully, it can: it has to be very difficult for Jews in high places not to back the Zionist Nazis in Tel Aviv. Jews who speak out are ostracized, and the money isn't in criticizing the one-sided slant that the government of Israel and its U.S. apologists in Washington and the boardrooms of the big corporations put on the Palestinian People, and Arabs in general. The biggest genocides of the Arabs are, of course, still in the Pentagon and the halls of the Congress: just look at the numbers.

    There's a growing break among ethnic Jews throughout the world with the Jabotinskyite (Jewish-Nazi) propaganda line. Exposure of the crimes of Zionist leaders and of falsehoods in the official Holocaust legend (it's not a myth because there's a horrid underlying reality) can be respected by honest Jews, who have a tradition of valuing logic and reason, as exemplified by the courageous and brilliant Bob Tuskin. The Jabotinskyites in Tel Aviv jump at every opportunity to paint honest criticism as antisemitism. The Truth community, for its part, has to realize how easily honesty can be vanquished by nationalism - especially a fortress nationalism that portrays itself as a people's last-ditched defense against genocide. It's understandable; it happened to the German People.

    There's also a terrible fear that, I suspect, must lurk in the imaginations of many Jews and which I myself believe has to be taken quite seriously. It's more than paranoia. To wit: it's a reasonable possibility that the Gentiles in high places who are today cheerleading for the criminals in Tel Aviv are perfidiously planning to resort to the tried-and-true practice of blaming the world's Jews for their own crimes. An understandable reason for the red light to go on in the mind of an ethnic Jew when the mere presentiment of antisemitism raises its head. Didn't Jim Viken allude to such a possibility?

    I heartily enjoyed hearing from Jim Viken again. I agree with about 99% of what Jim Viken says. However, I do think he gives too much credit to the City of London. And I also believe that, if he does some more primary research on the history of the European communist movement, he'd come to realize that Stalin's "Bolshevism" was a perverse counterfeit of the Bolshevism of the 1917 Revolution. Those within the Majority Faction (Russian: "Bolsheviki") of the Russian Social Democracy broke with the Minority Faction ("Mensheviki") over the minority's support of their national government's role in the bloody Great War. The Bolsheviks held the moral high ground. The Mensheviks either went over individually to the Bolsheviks or, in other cases, betrayed the Russian workers and peasants by aiding and abetting the Czarist Whites and invading foreign armies, whose goal was to re-enslave them. Failing their goal by force of arms, they found a great deal of relief when the bonapartist Stalin made tremendous strides in imposing the enslavement for them. The Fourth International of Leon Trotsky was the Truth movement of the Marxist workers' movement. And George Orwell's last works were a warning to the world that bonapartism could dash its best hopes. In the final words of 1984 Orwell wrote: "If there was hope, it must lie in the proles...." That is, in the proletariat. And the rest of the final paragraph of 1984 echoes Trotsky's call for a political revolution to overthrow the Stalinist bureaucracy.

  5. atlantabillMarch 1, 2013 at 5:11 AM


    I truly hope you are not justifying the revolution that overthrew the Czar?

  6. Yes, indeed I am. If anything, I'm a republican and opposed to
    ALL monarchies and all dictatorships, save for a transitional one under the direction and purview of popularly delegated farmers and workers' councils in a true workers' republic for the limited time it will take to free society from class rule. Stalin dissolved the peasants and workers' councils ("soviets" in the Russian language), so from that point on the USSR was not technically a "soviet" state. For the reason that I'm a republican, I also don't trust a czarist such as Alexandr Solzhenitzyn to tell us what went on under Stalin.


    Please stop the denial. You must face the truth eventually.
    Might as well start now. Peace.

  8. The second hour of this broadcast, Jim Fetzer's interview of Jim Viken, is very good.

    Everyone in the US needs to listen to it so they know what is really going on.

    I agree with his assessment of the situation 100%.

    People need to know what's happening, so listen to this interview and share it with your family and friends:

    See: Starting at 1:01:00 -

    We are organizing to form an alternative government for truth, justice, and peace now. See: Summer of Justice -