Friday, September 7, 2012

Shiek Imran N. Hosein

The plight of the world (plus 9/11 and Iran)


  1. I've watched many interviews with Sheik Imran N Hosein and followed his sermons. He seems to be a highly ethical individual, as in some respects was the prophet he follows. Furthermore, his religious-based theories have a certain internal coherence. At the same time, I don't think we should rest the fate our our planet and human race on the highly questionable subterranean dictation of a man whose uncle was already named Abdullah (servant of Allah) before the "Angel Jabril" had even revealed to him that his true name was "Allah", which also happened to be the name of the local moon-god. I'm sorry, but I firmly believe that it has been to a large extent anti-nature, anti-feminine, monotheistic RELIGION that has gotten us into the mess we're in now. By the way, Kevin Barrett's translation of Ahmedinajad's "threat" against Israel is one that was admitted to by Israeli Assistant Prime Minister Dan Meridor - although a knowledge of neither French nor Arabic are adequate for translating Persian. Persian has borrowed words from both and uses Arabic broken plural, but it's not otherwise related to either (except very distantly to French).

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  3. While I might not find very much to disagree with in what Hosein says about the contemporary scene and power players and distribution, I think Jim Fetzer in bringing into the discussion evolution and group competition for resources, influence and ultimately survival, has identified a more sensible approach to analysing these events than Islamic prophecy can provide.

    Very interesting stuff about ‘Islamic villages’. John Robb of globalguerillas is a bit of a hub for people interested in the ‘resilient communities’ idea. Would make a good guest.