Monday, September 10, 2012

Kurt Miller / Jim Fetzer

The Twin Towers / 9/11 Overview 


  1. A wrong theory is still a theory. Dr Judy Wood limits the illusive causes for the effects she evidences (like the mechanisms inside the clock) to the work of a Tesla-esque Directed-Energy Weapon (DEW), or at the least Tesla-esque phenomena. That in itself points necessarily to a theory. Curt Miller seems to be suggesting a way out for this wrong theory of Dr Wood, but the "downward Hutchison energy along an upward shaft of nuclear detonation" hypothesis is REDUNDANT. The Atomic Detonation Theory by itself adequately explains the observed effects. After doing some reading in support of that theory, I am now THOROUGHLY convinced that it has a near 100% probability of being the correct one. I would say "near certainty", although strict empiricists would deny that there is such a thing as limited certainty, or tentative certainty. Tentative certainty is the lack of fearing that a hungry lion will pounce on me when I step outside the front door of my urban home: there is no absolute guarantee one wouldn't, but I would deny that I can be certain.

    "DEW is disproven by [EMT worker] Ondrovic' eyewitness accounts--and her survival!--and the toasted cars and not paper or people. And you won't see this proper EMP analysis from the 911 Commission shills, or Jones, or Wood because they know that only a nuke's EMP can cause this! Please promulgate this important fact about nukes and EMPs!" From

    See also the comments on the Dimitri Kalezov interview here by searching with his name.

    1. I forgot to add this. I think that the no-planes analysis is an invaluable contribution to the discussion.