Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leuren Moret / William Fox

Fukishima Plumes & Norway Update


  1. Fear mongering at its worst. These two guests need to show the evidence before I buy any of this. A simple search reveals some serious doubts on More.

  2. I've always liked Leuren Moret. She sounded some of the first warnings over the potential global disaster from Fukushima Daichi. Seems to know what she's talking about, especially when it comes to the actual Daichi site. But, while not going as far as Helen Caldicott, I think she's a bit of an alarmist; which might be wishful thinking on my part. Looking over what's been posted of radiation readings around the U.S., I can't find support for many of her claims. If she's being fed disinformation, I don't know what the motive could be unless it's simply the one of swelling the fight-or-flight centers of people's brains to suppress the centers controlling rationality. It's a troubling situation that we live in a time when professional scientists can't be trusted: they lie about global temperature change, space programs, and nuclear proliferation in order to keep their jobs and dare not blow the whistle lest they be persecuted by the criminal Government or be murdered outright. It's interesting what Bob Fox has to say about Norway.

  3. Americans seem rather given to believing all kinds of silly things about the British royal family. They’re either in awe of the royals’ supposed glamour and sophistication or paranoid about the control and influence they still allegedly have over America and the world. To Brits the royals hardly matter - for the most part they tramp around the country opening hospital wings and schools while studiously avoiding saying anything meaningful. Where other politicians are just the talking puppets of Big Jew financiers, the royals are even less important, they are silent puppets representing well the empty shell of the hollowed out tradition of kingship (kinship = national loyalty) among European ‘elites’.

    Sure, she’s head of state in many countries and nominal ‘sovereign’ but the queen receives no financial benefit from her title to the land the rest of us ‘own’ for all intents and purposes . If she privately owns or has shares in diamond or gold mines or oil fields that’s all the cash she gets from those sectors. Other owners of diamond and gold mines, oil fields - or any other business - are not required to compensate her any more than regular home-owners do for occupying ‘her’ land.

    Kevin Cahill, WHO OWNS THE WORLD is interesting as regards the extent of religious organisations’ land holdings, but gives a false impression about the head of state in Britain and the Commonwealth countries which position, sadly, has devolved into a purely ornamental function. It would be fantastic to have a real king or queen (or statesman) who’d take back the reins of power from foreign, specifically Jewish, bankers and their puppet pols, but the queen in truth has been unforgivably passive politically. Not for nothing do our newspapers only ever praise the royals for one thing - their ‘masterly inactivity’ and resolute non-involvement in politics. During the ‘reign’ of QEII the British peoples have endured the largest and most transformative aggressions against our sovereignty, identity and very existence ever - all of it Jewish-scripted - in the shape of the EU/UN takeover of government, the Cultural Marxist assault on our history, culture and ethnic identities, and the immivasion of millions of hostile foreigners. The queen remained silent as all this happened, except where she was occasionally made to appear to welcome these changes in annual Christmas speeches crafted by the handlers of other puppet politicians.

    Even if it’s understandable - after all, the Big Jew financiers had the Little Jew terrorists murder most of her continental relatives last century and when it looked like a British royal was going to stand with the European peoples and workers against the Asian colonists he was bounced out of the top job and banished from the country and has ever since been character assassinated in the press - her criminal neglect in not defending our most fundamental interests is inexcusable. Whatever else happens during the restoration of the normal and essential conditions of life to the British peoples, this royal line absolutely has to go.

  4. For a big picture explanation of puzzling political phenomena like the drive to reduce (certain) populations or replace (certain) peoples with others why doesn't Jim Fetzer look to his colleagues in HBES and ev.psych rather than conspindustry pundits? These obviously are questions to do with ethnic conflict and the differential survival of competing genes.

    I would recommend especially the work of Professors Frank Salter and Kevin MacDonald. -- this article formed the basis for a subsequent book and for this article where Salter wonders why scientists failed to follow up on a productive line of research --

    To really understand why the scientists failed here and why, for example, Western politicians consider as unimpeachable Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, even as they are race- and culture-replacing their own peoples and seem quite unconcerned with Islamic people's right to self-determination, you must read MacDonald especially CULTURE OF CRITIQUE (easily found online in pdf form), his blog is here:

  5. Fear mongering at its worst? Look up the references yourself, Wayne Madsen did make that report, and the majority of what was said in this interview can be found on line. If we had to wait for people with doctorates to come out with this information it would never come. We are lucky to have people like Jim Fetzer and his intellectual class get involved in these movements. I enjoyed the interview great job Jim. Boooo to the Peanut Gallery^^^^

  6. No evidence of athletes on the West Coast dying at an increased rate. Cal, Oregon, San Francisco 49ers, USC, Oregon State, Washington, etc. are all playing FOOTBALL every week outdoors and NONE of them have died or had ANY other cardiac events. This is purely absurd.