Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jim Fetzer

On the "Unsolcitied Opinion" show discussing Israel, the Middle east, and 9/11


  1. Jim, it's ironic that you should have compared The Innocence of Muslims with a (hypothetical) film about Jesus having sex with Mary Magdelene. In fact, this is basically the scenario of Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ and the film version which got so much flak from a lot of shallow, knee-jerk Christians who couldn't begin to fathom the deeply theological and very Christian message that Kazantzakis was trying to convey. While I agree that religious sensibilities should be respected, the point of view of Salafist, fundamentalist Muslims has closed itself on the deeper understanding of the Prophet's message (PBUH) as represented by the rich Sufi tradition.

    While such blatantly inhumane and counterproductive antics as those represented by Innocence of Muslims (which may have been the work of neo-con John Bolton, according to Webster Tarpley's recent revelations) and the Charles Manson-like P*ssy Riot "punk band" should be condemned by all decent persons of good will; the profound beauty of religious sentiments is often missed when religion is defended in ham-handed fashion (not to suggest that that was what you were doing, Jim). The Innocence of Muslims psy-op, like the P*ssy Riot psy-op, will make dialogue among religious and non-religious people as difficult as the engineering of the 9/11 psy-op has made international diplomacy; at a time when Muslims, in the first case, and Orthodox Christians, in the second, were cordially sharing their views with those of other belief and non-belief communities.

    I would like to see those of a more secular bent (including atheists like myself) make an effort to join with those of the religious communities to tackle this problem of blasphemy for the mere sake of spreading distrust and disunity. There is something afoot, and some may want to call it Satan but I'd call it Machiavellian divide and rule.

  2. Excellent comments. I think you would make an excellent guest on my show. Please contact me via email ( to work it out.

  3. Jim, you often mention that two of the planes alleged to have crashed on 911 were not decommisioned until much later, then ask how can planes that crashed into the buildings continue to fly. But, is there any proof that they did in fact continue to fly, or is it possible that they stopped flying but were simply not officially taken out of service until much later in time?