Friday, July 27, 2012

Sander Hicks


NB: 90 min


  1. Even if none of what Greg says is true, its very entertaining.

  2. Jim,
    Please don't let Sander Hicks lead you down a rabbit hole. I started my own intellectual career as a Gandhi-ist, and it's taken me 50 years of activism and research to realize that path leads down a rabbit hole -- find "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" on YouTube or get it from a local library. Gandhi was a tool of neocolonialism: satyagraha is a FRAUD. As for looking to Atheism/Secular Humanism as a path, please believe me: I've been active in that movement for a quarter-century, and I can tell you that that movement is dominated by Libertarians who believe that the slaving-owning and rich-merchant "Founding Fathers" created a just and classless social order. On the contrary, they created a despotic order of class rule that has led us now to Nazism. However, among anti-theists there is a ray of light which you should familiarize yourself with: search YouTube for "Caesar's Messiah" and watch Joseph Atwill talk about his book of that title (Jesus was a creation of the Flavian Caesars!). You let Hicks get away with an enormous logical non sequitur: after admitting that the electoral system is rigged, he suggests we find honest candidates. What the f*ck, Jim, can honest candidates do with a RIGGED election. And re-instituting the draft to get the electorate to vote a new politics in: Jim, you made the same non sequitur! All a draft will do is provide the Reich with abundant cannon fodder. Familiarize yourself with Dave Emory's archived anti-fascist (AFA) programs in the Audio section: there you'll find the chain of evidence attesting that the U.S. is now the home not of a "Fourth Reich", but of the re-emergent Third Reich. Kudos for the way you're treading the dangerous ground between anti-neo-Zionism and antisemitism! Take care and continue to tread there with extreme caution, because the Reich is still reserving the tried-and-true tactic of scapegoating the world's Jews for a last desperate act. Listen to Webster Tarpley: he steals from Marx while attacking him in true opportunist fashion, but the old unrepentant LaRouchite knows what's going on. Great blog site, Jim, and some of the best interviews on the Internet! Death to Nazism once and for all! And see my nascent site at

  3. "slingshot to the juggernaut" what an amazing title - just beautiful.
    Good interview but didnt quite live up to that poetic title.
    I have to agree with Atlantabill that Webster Tarpley "knows what is going on"
    I also agree Jim's Blog and shows are among the best on the web!
    Thank you very much.

  4. " The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home. "

    James Madison