Monday, July 30, 2012

Charles Ochelli

A blind man's reflections on JFK


  1. I guess I don't quite rate comments here ... Funny .... By the way in two hours with Jim I didn't bother to plug my youtube project that is interactive and focused on the JFK assassination , Books on the case and other media related to same. search youtube for The Blind JFK Researcher if you are interested. I make no money on my work and the only gain I have ever made writing , doing videos and handing out books, cds,dvds, etc on the JFK assassination are some free books and research material sent to me by some authors , film makers , and publishers.

  2. Charles consider that a positive. From what i've seen most comments derive from material people find objectionable on here.

  3. This is true most comments stem from problems people have with the info. Thanks

  4. Great interview! Jim was in great form as ever and Charles was brilliant, too. Very interesting what Charles had to say about his late father. Just one point, has Charles ever come across anyone else who has had the same experience as regards a relative's (father, brother etc., etc.) time in the military? Is it possible that Charles' father is the only example of this strange state of affairs (total disappearance of military records)?
    Surely there must be others out there who have had the same experience. Maybe Charles could do some digging and find out if there are any other examples of what happened to his father.

    Anyway, great interview and am looking forward to more from Charles on the Real Deal soon.

  5. There are others mostly guys drawn into the company from the army.

    Trying to obtain more but it's like chasing smoke.

    The IRS has also declined to release his tax records which I asked for in writing

    I will be meeting with a source connected to NSA shortly and hope this will shine some more light on this

    Thanks for your interest.

  6. Hello Prof. Fetzer.
    I'm listening to Jim Trafficante on AFR and he's saying that Santos Trafficante (a coincidence apparently) was entirely responsible for the JFK assassination. I've listened to many of your discourses on this matter and there were many players by your judgement but I can't recall you ever mentioning S. Trafficante. Would be interested in your comments. Many thanks for your continued tireless work on these crucial matters. Regards, Eamonn

    1. Obviously not speaking for Dr Fetzer on this but from my own understanding it would be fatally flawed in any sort of logical way to believe that any mob figure would be "entirely responsible for such an operation since it is beyond the scope of any of these guys power to do as much as would have been done to achieve the public execution , cover-up , and devastating mutilation of the truth by the main stream media that is evident in the JFK assassination.

      outside of some hearsay and the apparent pre dallas plot in florida there is little linkage to Trafecante directly and just as much if not more indications of earlier set ups in Chicago and perhaps even LA. So although Trafecante is an interesting figure to study and one might assume that his hands may have touched something in this mix he would by no means be a viable suspect as a mastermind behind the JFK assassination