Monday, July 9, 2012

Don Fox

The Pentagon, phantom flights, and the Twin Towers


  1. A propos to nothing in particular regarding Don Fox - The Pentagon, phantom flights, and the Twin Towers mp3 which I shall listen to later, can anyone tell me where I can find some footage of the JFK motorcade on November 1963 in Dallas which contains footage of LBJ? I recall seeing this footage but cannot find it on the net. Has anyone any information on movie footage of LBJ in the motorcade? For example which one of the famous movies, Zapruder, Dorman, Muchmore, Hughes, Bronson etc., etc., etc. actually shows LBJ? I get the distinct impression that this footage has disappeared from the internet. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Bert Cunliffe wrote while smoking a Havana cigar:
      ". . . can anyone tell me where I can find some footage of the JFK motorcade on November 1963 in Dallas which contains footage of LBJ? I recall seeing this footage but cannot find it on the net."

      Keep in mind that LBJ was on the floor of his limousine "looking for his contact lens" when the shooting started, which may explain your difficulty in finding images of him during the assassination.

  2. Jim,
    Don's audio was too low to hear the whole show. Gotta get the audio levels checked before recording otherwise the whole thing is useless.

  3. I tried to get him to speak up repeatedly. I am sorry to hear about this.

  4. While it is a great idea to have the interactive feature with the guest telling us to go to a page on his website to follow along with his commentary, it is important for the host to say clearly at the beginning of the interview that the listener can follow along with this interactive feature of the interview and tell the listeners clearly two or three times exactly the name of the website (spelling out if needed) and then say clearly the exact name of the link to click on etc. If we listen "live" we cannot go back and listen again for that information.

    It is probably best to have the guest make the information clear and understandable even if the listener is not participating online in the interactive mode.

    I got a bit frustrated because I went to the website and clicked on what was instructed but the file would not come up. That and the fact that the guest did not speak loudly enough made me just turn off the show.

    It was nice of Don Fox to post all the Power Point presentations but we still need the full videos of each person's presentation. Can't find that anywhere.

    There is a supposedly "new" video of the, I think, South Tower's destruction in progress. We MUST have the origin of this video. We MUST know exactly from whenceth this video cometh.

    All the other destruction in progress videos we have had have thoroughly researched and shown to be from video fakers in the employ of the perps. (Naudet Brothers, Fairbanks, Hezarkhani, Battery Park video). All of the documentation of these faked videos was on the old Killtown forum which is now unfortunately defunct.

    According to Simon Shack, there exists video blocking devices that could have prevented anyone but the fakers to take and present true "amateur" videos of the destruction in progress.

    We have never had discussion of the exact kind of fakery used in the videos we have had and I think personally we have been led to believe that the only kind of fakery was the insertion of fake plane crashes on a real life video background. Now we are coming to see that the whole video was faked in many sophisticated ways.

    I won't believe in any new "anonymous" destruction in progress video of one or both of the Twin Towers until I have proof that the video is not just another controlled fake.

  5. Hello James, on an aside, just came across an excellent interview of Damon Vrabel, by Max Keiser

    Vrabel is a West Point Grad/. He has, among other things, put together a great youtube video called 'Debunking Money'

    Any chance you could have either him or Max Keiser on to discuss this most important topic? Thanks.

    Btw, great round table discussion just prior to Vancouver hearings...totally changed my view on Tarpley...haven't listened to anything of his since.

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  7. And I feel the exact opposite. Maybe Tarpley is a human litmus test, but his analysis of Ron Paul appears right on, and his understanding and expression of history and international politics is unequaled. His approach puts the middle east and the place of Israel in reasonable context without race baiting. I get his audios at and they go into my itunes and phone. So does GUNS AND BUTTER and Truth Jihad . I round that off with Max Keiser on youtube, ; Gerald Celente at ; and of course dear Alex at . After that diet of info, music and non-politics are a respite as is daily exercise and conscious diet. Cheers!

  8. Unfortunately Tarpley engages in what can be termed 'intentional overcomplexification,' which slots in well with the fact that he makes a living selling books, and it also means it absolves him of having to call a spade a spade, which the others at the roundtable discussion were willing / courageous enough to do. The main cause and effect / drivers that we are talking about here are not nearly as complex as W.T. would have us believe. Unfortunately he now has to be lumped into the same, extremely dangerous, category as Noam Chomsky. Someone who is extremely intelligent / well spoken but also, ultimately intellectually / morally dishonest (AKA a Gatekeeper). Too bad but sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

  9. I think Dr. Tarpley is dishonest in areas of his rhetoric other than not calling 9-11 perpetrators by their name.

    Tarpley continually ends most of his GCN radio show presentations with the list of his prescriptions that will definitely solve all of the USA economic problems.

    I think Frederick Bastiat in his famous book, The Law, rightly explained that true and real money and economic health of a nation MUST revolve around REAL PRODUCTION. That is the only basis for "just wages", "just prices" and a national healthy and vigorous economy that works toward "the common good" of the people of that nation.

    Tarpley says WPA FDR type work programs to build "roads to nowhere" and build and repair infrastructure for cities like Detroit are real jobs. People will have good wages so they can buy stuff in this country stimulating business enterprise. Hogwash. The stuff that people will be able to buy is made-in-China or Taiwan or whereever garbage and does zero to augment USA based enterprise. The roads that will be built will be United Nations Agenda 21 toll roads owned and operated by public-private partnerships between the U S government and the international banksters. The new nice roads will be empty because more and more people are being corraled into only having "public transportation" available to them and it will be against the law for unauthorized people to have vehicles, have drivers licenses and drive on these government roads.

    That is just a sampling of his false solutions.

  10. What are your thoughts on the danger of the end-times prophecy and any of the lunatics (whatever religion) at the top that believe in it. I am very concerned that one or a few of these fanatics may believe in it so strongly that they are in the process of making it happen (i.e., self-fulfilling prophecy). My Spidey Sense has been getting more and more on edge with all the talk about Iran, etc., etc.. If seems that some type of plan is already being unfolded and that we the masses are at the mercy of these psychopaths at the top. What to do?