Monday, July 16, 2012

Nick Kollerstrom and Tony Farrell



  1. Nick and Tony aren't really dead, of course: that is the title of a new documentary, which took its title in parallel to "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead!", a play by Tom Stoddard.

  2. Another great interview. Hey does anybody know what happened the Elizabeth Windsor one, never heard it. Dont tell it was too hot to handle and I missed it!

  3. Elizabeth told me she had not intended that it be broadcast but was for archival purposes only. So out of respect for her wishes, I have deleted it.

  4. Another faked event Jim, with fake victims, fake witnesses, actors and staged video and photographs.
    This (as with 9/11) is clear and indisputable.

    The question is why have all the conspiritors been incriminated so blatantly and obviously.
    Not the general form for these master criminals to be so sloppy, eh?

    They have been incriminated intentionally (just like the U.S. government, zionists/jews etc. in 9/11). When the time comes (won't be long now-this year), this 'official' conspiracy information will be published by the MSM. The people will revolt, and combined with the collapse of the dollar and Euro, the end of the U.S. and the West as we know it, is assured. The power seats have moved East.

    9/11 symbolised the beginning of the endgame for the collapse of the dollar and the U.S. and the West. The destruction and collapse will be understandable in the eyes of the new Eastern Centred populice, as they have longsince been familiarised with the brutality of the West, and America in particular (the sarcraficial bulldogs of the last century for the Empire builders).

    And who are the Empire builders?

    All roads lead to Rome Indeed.

    And you are either in the club or you are not.

    Millions worldwide are. And from these huge numbers, the actors used in the many completely faked scenarios (9/11, 7/7, Madrid bombings etc.)
    are chosen.