Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pasquale D. Fabrizio

9/11, JFK, and other high crimes



  2. Cut out the black humor!!
    We can do without Pasquale's "I can't swallow it. It gets stuck in my throat." when talking in the context of JFK's throat wound.
    What is this? Comedy hour? Jim Fetzer meets Emo Philips? Is Pasquale testing his stand-up act on Jim Fetzer? Jim who obliges with a raucous bellyaching laugh.
    Pasquale makes a mental note:
    " Geez.That went well. It got a laugh!! I'll use it when I do my 'JFK Laugh a Minute Routine' next Saturday night at the Purple Onion. These are the laughs, folks!!!"

    Laugh? I nearly.

  3. Yeah. I think the " other high crimes " in the podcast's title " 9/11, JFK, and other high crimes " is a reference to Pasquale's jokes.

  4. Hello Jim!
    I would love to see you comment on the reenactment of the assasination of JFK that was filmed for the (intro of the) Hollywood movie "Watchmen".
    It is made by Zack Snyder, who is very talented and inventive a director.
    The scene is filmed from behind zapruder, and here Kennedy is clearly shot from the front and blood is sprayed over the rear of the car.
    Also some other details differ with the secret service gyu and Jackie, but I dont see if it is intentional or just different.

    Thanks for the shows, is it possible to find podcasts of earlier shows on other networks?

    Björn Eriksson, Sweden.

  5. Pasquale's a natural! Great radio voice and presence! The guy just effervesces with enthusiasm, passion and warmth. He talks intelligently and with gusto.

    By the way - Has anybody seen Gusto lately?

    Jokes or no jokes - Get Pasquale back!!

    He'll be back!!!!

  6. The Watchmen Zapruder film is good as far as it goes but it could have been a lot better if the Watchmen crew had done a reconstruction of what REALLY happened.
    What IS the point of doing a
    re-enactment of the altered and therefore fake Zapruder film?? A reconstruction of the original and unaltered "other Zapruder film", seen three times by the late lamented and highly esteemed JFK researcher Rich Della Rosa, would have been more valuable and would have given a truer insight into what REALLY happened on 22 November 1963.

  7. thank you for your input nico, actually the watchmen clip IS different from zapruder.
    For starters JFK is skot from the front in WM and the rear of the car is sprayed with blood and bits. And you see the suited security actually touching jackie, wich is edited out of zapruder.
    But I am no expert on the subject so I may have missed other important details.
    You can see Abe Zapruder infront of the camera in the beginning, so this is obviously meant to NOT be the zapruder uptake.
    But maybe Im reading to much into a couple of seconds of intro for a movie, but I will never underestimate Snyder, his mivies are full of trickery and hidden messages etc.

  8. God morgon!

    Fair enough. There may differences but the inescapable fact is that the Zapruder film is faked. One glaring omission in both the
    Zapruder and the Watchmen re-construction is the fact that the presidential limousine stopped for about 1 to 2 seconds.

    I appreciate your post.

    Ni skriver engelska mycket bra!!
    Men jag talar inte svenska!! LOL

    Tusen takk!! Adjå!

    P.S. How is the football going??

  9. Good point Nicol, I thought also of the fact that the car never stopped, that would have been very cool If they had done that also!
    From a fakery point of view it is also interesting, actually I think that was the main point driven home, and the reason for filming the back of zapruder. Its says "this is not the zapruder film", and also, its a couple of seconds intro, no biggie to make a fake assasination tape, yawn (ie its not impossible or even very difficult as long as it is only one fakee film)
    Keep practicing the swedish, its looking good!
    Med vänliga hälsningar, Björn.