Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Betty Martini



  1. (One of the more interesting programs and better guests.)

    Dr. Fetzer-- you need to check your spelling of Aspartame or Google may not find it.

    (Again-- it would be extremely helpful to provide links to your guests' websites at your blog here.)

    Here was my introduction to the subject:

    An interesting anecdote:

    I once pointed out to Ray McGovern that bowls of Equal were being provided at a talk he gave. He appeared completely puzzled.

    Is everything Martini says about Aspartame true? That is debatable-- but today there is hardly any debate-- and none that I know of in the mainstream media.

  2. Another great show. Anything processed is foreign to the body and potentially poison. Filter your water, eat organic vegetables, grass fed antiobotic free meat and raw milk. You will live longer and its just common sense.