Monday, March 14, 2011

Christopher Holmes

"Fabled Airplanes": 9/11 witnesses


  1. Any plane witness with news organization affiliations is extremely suspect.My only experience with planes flying at near 911 "magic planes" speeds are at air shows.Where I'm expecting planes to fly over and sometimes they're just a blur.Now if I was in lower manhattan and walked out of a office building to see tower 1 burning and a object flew over at 560mph.Lets remember I have a limited few of the sky due to obstruction by tall building and are not expecting a plane to fly over.Whatever passed by at that speed would be a fraction of a second blur.Could I identify it as a airplane, of course not.It would only be after hearing "plane" a thousand times and seeing news footage of planes hitting the tower from every angle,would my brain fill in the blur with a plane and I would strongly affirm."I saw a plane hit the tower".

  2. This interview was rivetting! Thanks, Chris, for your superlative analysis and passion for justice.

  3. Well I did not finish watching the whole interview, but I did go to the web site to see if C Holmes talked about a Fox news interview that I was interested in.
    It's called the Harley Guy. Who ever this guy is, he's paid to say that. You guys go around spending much time going through difficult leads, when you have some REALLY lying right there in front of you. You have a face too and a name. So why not try this instead of the “ long shots” you usually go for?

    Just Google the Harley Guy 9/11

  4. Chris contributed a great deal with his research and background. Well done.