Monday, March 28, 2011

Greg Hallett

Monarchy as Mafia


  1. Hitler was british secret service!!

    Greg Hallett is a phantast.

    James, find out more on 911,
    don't be slack!

    === HERE === is a summary of u2r2h's
    message to you

  2. Another low of poor taste and apparent lack of judgment-- slanderous to New Zealand, which despite whatever real problems it has, is a country distinctively known for its lack of corruption.

    Hallett is not even entertaining.

  3. u2r2h & Livingstone I presume.
    I see you are back, but not out of the jungle.
    Try coming up with ANYTHING to back up your auto-derision.
    Ignorance is funded and I see you have stuck to your paychecks.
    The misnomer that 'New Zealand is not corrupt' is being debunked on a daily basis. PR agents are paid to present NZ as a least corrupt nation so there is no investigation.
    I thought you would have seen that, but I was mistaken.
    Obviously 'Put up or shut up' didn't work, so now 'Put up'.
    Show us what you've got to back up your accusations that anything I've said is/was incorrect !!!.
    You have 10 working days.
    CHALLENGE: A 3-way recorded Skype interview where you play Devil's Advocate, and I present documented evidence.
    Now there's a challenge - 3 May 2011- put up or crawl up your navel.