Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Peter Feneht / New JFK Show #34

9/11 activism /  Author of Veterans Today article "The disturbing case of Jim DiEugenio, LBJ and Israel" Don Fox


  1. The guest said that it doesn't matter who is the President. And in practice I think that's fairly accurate, but what about Jesse Ventura for President 2016? That would be pretty interesting. :-) And with the Internet Jesse can launch a huge campaign with very little money!

    1. Libertarianism is a Jewish economic system. The main proponents of it are nearly all Jews. You can't "fight the New World Order" AND promote Libertarianism.

      You can't defeat the Jews by advocating their economic austerity agenda. (see Alex Jones, Ron and Rand Paul etc.) Jesse isn't a viable alternative.

  2. For a comprehensive insight into the Jewish involvement in the assassination of JFK, read "An American Coup - The Truth Behind The Kennedy Assassination"
    by John Hughes-Wilson.

    Great show, Gary and Don.

    1. Glad you liked the show Kirk!! I try hard to make sure that if people are going to listen to me for an hour that they at least learn a thing or two.

      And props out to Gary! People have no idea how hard he works to produce these segments. We're busting our rear ends to bring you the cutting edge in JFK research.

      Thanks for listening!!

    2. The shadowy 8F Group was at the heart of the cabal of Texan oil. The Group 8F got its name from the suite in the Lamar Hotel Houston where the 8F group held
      its meetings. The 8F Group was made up of the richest and most
      powerful men in Texas. Among them were representatives from state and federal politics, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and the Mafia: H.L. Hunt, Billy Byars, John Connally, General Wagonner Carr, Lyndon Baines Johnson and LBJ's close friend and Mr Fixit, Ed Clark along with prominent businessmen and selected Mafia dons who were, after all, just local "businessmen". LBJ was the 8F Group's spokesman in Washington.
      The 8F Group was appalled at
      JFK's intentions (among other things) to abolish the Oil Depletion Allowance. Something that would lose them millions of dollars in the short term ($300 million a year at 1962 prices or $300 billion a year at 2014 prices) and untold billions in the years to come. JFK was going to cost the 8F Group the only thing they cared about - money. The 8F Group was determined that something had to be done about the "dangerous" Kennedy - and quickly - before Kennedy had a chance to carry through on his plans. JFK had to go - "one way or another" as LBJ was fond of saying. The 8F Group in all its forms was waiting for JFK in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on 22 November 1963 when
      "one way or another" they would make their presence felt.

      Thomas Jefferson:

      "The central bank is an institution
      of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and
      form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin."

      Notes from:

      An American Coup - The Truth Behind The Kennedy Assassination

      (John Hughes-Wilson)

  3. Watch the name calling and curse words and most importantly KEEP IT ON TOPIC!

  4. Peter Fereht,

    I have experienced the same disinterest from friends and associates in events such as 9/11 as you described.

    On JFK, however, people are more likely to tell you their theory which is usually "the mafia.". I don't know of very many who think Oswald did it other than the media documentaries and the book publishing industry who never quit pushing that story.

    I think some of us are just born skeptics. JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc. brought out the detective in me. It was the realization that the history taught in school has nothing to do with reality. Unlearing what I'd been taught was my true education.

    Television in earlier decades was much more open in their programming, particularly on C-Span. I taped many informative shows. The ones on the CIA, particularly Bill Moyers' "The Secret Government," that gave me a footing and point of reference helping me to evaluate news stories.

    In 1989, a talk by former station chief for the CIA in Angola, John Stockwell, who gave a stirring presentation on the hidden history of the CIA and the wars fought in our name all over the globe. His book was an essay with a tremendous bibliography of the most important books on hidden history of the US. I read most of those books--got them from the library. It was better than a college education.

    John Stockwell Quotations from "The Praetorian Guard"

    "The First Amendment does not require anyone to publish the truth."

    "... the CIA had been running thousands of operations over the years... there have been about 3,000 major covert operations and over 10,000 minor operations... all designed to disrupt, destabilize, or modify the activities of other countries... But they are all illegal and they all disrupt the normal functioning, often the democratic functioning, of other societies. They raise serious questions about the moral responsibility of the United States in the international society of nations."

    Next to a good foundation in real history, a spiritual approach of visualizing a peaceful world is a good idea.
    One of the seven spiritual laws is the law of intention which states in effect that anything you put your attention on--good or evil--will manifest in your life.

    Otherwise known as "positive thinking," more and more people are engaging in this. I am finding so many people who have become better human beings lately and they are into this what some call New Age thinking.

    So, thanks for your appearance on the podcast. I'm alwaays amazed at what the Universe brings to me each day. Like attracts like. Look back on your life and see how a pattern has formed with the right people showing up at the right time.

    I recommend your

  5. Hey! I came to think of a new theory, that the 9/11 attacks were a Trojan horse. Kind of like a gift to the media-military industrial complex. And for the past decade 9/11 indeed has fueled fear mongering "national security" agendas. The trick with a Trojan horse is that instead of being what at first appears to be a gift, it's actually a tool for destruction.

    Just look at mainstream media today. It's truly like a dying dinosaur media as Alex Jones has called it. And soon we may have the war on terror being exposed as an embarrassing fraud, bringing the whole pyramid of cards down.

  6. J.J. Angleton was the CIA liaison to the Israeli's, and he is in the loop of the JFK assassination, right?

    We already have a solid case for Angleton's involvement in the hit on Mary Meyer. Recently, we got something of a confession (though I can't give complete confidence that it isn't disinfo) from a colleague of one David Strier - a "MITmichael" who claims that Strier worked for Angleton and was the actual trigger-man in Mary's assassination. Have any of you guys come across this name before? See here...

  7. @ Anders It's a bit of an old theory. I don't think they could predict the opinions will be drawn from the internet the way they are. The terrorism card is played for there is plenty of oil in the middle east, and if the military can make a few bucks on the side and feel important all the better. They may scrap terrorism when they find another way to keep a short leash on the region. The terrorism thing is cheesy. It may be scrapped soon as an active scam.

    1. @Simon I do think they predicted a lot of what would happen. By "they" I mean a secret cabal that's exceedingly clever and that has planned the 9/11 event from the construction of the (hollow) WTC towers in the 60s. Mainstream media was taken by surprise on 9/11! This hypothesis is supported by the fact that the mainstream media today is only a shadow of its former power back in 2001.

    2. Mainstream media is part of the deception structure and had been long before 911, so how could it be taken by surprise. There may have been a split in the structure, and shadows within shadows appeared. Churchill said about communist regime under Stalin, "it looks like bulldogs fighting under the carpet. You can't see what's going on there beneath, but you can see corpses flying out sometimes." This may be the case with the current or former US or world politics.

      Whatever the towers were build for, and whether they were hollow or not hollow or served as secret headquarters for a secret cabal, or were turned to a zoo filled with monkeys is of no issue. I don't see this to be an issue in the least. The 1993 detonations in one of the towers may even have been an authentic terrorist act. The perps highjacked the idea and put out a bigger show a few years later. The way they went about with the 911 scam, I don't tend to see them as exceptionally bright.

    3. Only a few people working in mainstream media were in on it. Those who inserted the live (with a few seconds delay) CGI planes into the video feeds. The news anchors etc were taken by surprise and fooled by the fake plane.

      Then later mainstream media has been forced to do a massive coverup of the 9/11 attacks.

    4. Some less crucial reporters may have been taken for a ride.

      Look at the nose-out/black-out sequence. This particular reporting is fully staged. The reporter in the clip shouts "oh my god," right when the nose of the plane punctures the second wall. The line is staged to fool the little guy the network was equally surprised. You can't put in better words than "oh my God" here to achieve this. It was staged with the no planers in mind. The perps obviously predicted that the planes will have to be dropped from the equation at some point in time, because the crash physics is bogus when you look a bit into it. They would be left with covering the rest such as media complicity. I think even SS got fooled here. He is talking in the movie something about human reaction time(of the reporter)or something to that tune when the nose-out clip is played.

  8. Anders Lindman said :"Only a few people working in mainstream media were in on it. Those who inserted the live (with a few seconds delay) CGI planes into the video feeds. The news anchors etc were taken by surprise and fooled by the fake plane. Then later mainstream media has been forced to do a massive coverup of the 9/11 attacks."

    Anders, there were _no_ plane images inserted into otherwise live imagery from downtown NYC that morning.

    Those were entire, faked broadcasts that masqueraded as live feeds- fake plane, fake towers, fake sky, fake smoke, fake foreground/background.

    Furthermore, while those wholly fake "live" feeds start of as being "in synch" with each other ,they then go out of synch just as Fl.175 hits, so that on CBS the plane strike occurs 3 seconds _before_ it does on 4 other MSM networks [most notably on ABC and CNN] .

    See: "9/11, Deja Vu, and "The Matrix"":

    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. @Onebornfree I actually think it's good that some people go much further in their fakery beliefs than me. To cover all the bases. Still though, I still believe CGI planes were inserted live. The amateur videos on the other hand were edited later.

  9. To anyone interested: Jesse Ventura has got absolutely _nothing_ to do with libertarianism.

    He's just another naive individual [ like most here, including Mr Fetzer] ] who actually believes that governments can/do solve problems, despite the overwhelming evidence that that is, in reality, the exact opposite of the case.

    If Ventura is not just another naive individual, he is then just another political hack/opportunist; he may even be fully aware of the fact that governments never solve problems- all they ever do is create them. That would be my guess.

    Regards, onebornfree.

  10. JFK's motorcade change of route:

    Here's what John Hughes-Wilson writes in his book "An American Coup - The Truth Behind The Kennedy Assassination." Page 146.

    " Back in Dallas the final plans for the motorcade were being laid.
    In yet another in the long list of curious coincidences surrounding Kennedy's murder, the Dallas hosting committee was run and organized by the pro-Israel Sam Bloom. It was he who suggested that Kennedy speak at the Trade Mart instead of the planned Women's Building at lunch, and he (Bloom) is also implicated in the suggestion that the motorcade swing right off the clear straight road onto Houston and make the tight left turn in front of the TSBD onto Elm and on past the "grassy knoll" as it was to become known. The result was that the motorcade route (which had already been released to the press)
    was changed at the last minute. "

  11. Could it be Don Fox et al want to change the subject regarding Oswald's connections to the CIA by blaming Israel? They are trying to do it with 9/11 and now with JFK.

    They are trashing the work of Jim DiEugenio because he's too close to the truth. Here's just a sampling of his work:
    Most of this is on Ruth Paine who is still alive and appeared on C-Span last November. She gave an hour's talk and said absolutely nothing.

    How about it Don? Why don't you tell us how Paine was connected to Israel. Also there is Priscilla Johnson McMillan, another CIA operative close to Marina who wrote "Marina and Lee." Maybe she really works for the Mossad.

    Continued below:

  12. James DiEugenio, review of James W. Douglass', JFK and the Unspeakable (April, 2008)
    Michael Paine did not just work at Bell Helicopter. He did not just have a security clearance there. His stepfather, Arthur Young, invented the Bell helicopter.

    His mother, Ruth Forbes Paine Young, was descended from the Boston Brahmin Forbes family -- one of the oldest in America. She was a close friend of Mary Bancroft. Mary Bancroft worked with Allen Dulles as a spy during World War II in Switzerland.

    This is where Dulles got many of his ideas on espionage, which he would incorporate as CIA Director under Eisenhower. Bancroft also became Dulles' friend and lover. She herself called Ruth Forbes, "a very good friend of mine." (p. 169) This may explain why, according to Walt Brown, the Paines were the most oft-questioned witnesses to appear before the Commission.

    Ruth Paine's father was William Avery Hyde. Ruth described him before the Warren Commission as an insurance underwriter. (p. 170) But there was more to it than that. Just one month after the Warren Report was issued, Mr. Hyde received a three-year government contract from the Agency for International Development (AID).

    He became their regional adviser for all of Latin America. As was revealed in the seventies, AID was riddled with CIA operatives. To the point that some called it an extension of the Agency. Hyde's reports were forwarded both to the State Department and the CIA. (Ibid)

    Ruth Paine's older sister was Sylvia Hyde Hoke. Sylvia was living in Falls Church, Virginia in 1963. Ruth stayed with Sylvia in September of 1963 while traveling across country. (p. 170) Falls Church adjoins Langley, which was then the new headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, a prized project of Allen Dulles. It was from Falls Church that Ruth Paine journeyed to New Orleans to pick up Marina Oswald, who she had been introduced to by George DeMohrenschildt. After she picked Marina up, she deposited her in her home in Irving, Texas. Thereby separating Marina from Lee at the time of the assassination.

    Some later discoveries made Ruth's itinerary in September quite interesting. It turned out that John Hoke, Sylvia's husband, also worked for AID. And her sister Sylvia worked directly for the CIA itself.

    By the time of Ruth's visit, Sylvia had been employed by the Agency for eight years. In regards to this interestingly timed visit to her sister, Jim Garrison asked Ruth some pointed questions when she appeared before a grand jury in 1968.

    He first asked her if she knew her sister had a file that was classified at that time in the National Archives. Ruth replied she did not. In fact, she was not aware of any classification matter at all.

    When the DA asked her if she had any idea why it was being kept secret, Ruth replied that she didn't.

    Then Garrison asked Ruth if she knew which government agency Sylvia worked for. The uninquiring Ruth said she did not know. (p. 171) This is the same woman who was seen at the National Archives pouring through her files in 1976, when the House Select Committee was gearing up.

  13. Don Fox Wrote:
    "To quote Dennis Cimino "The CIA is the Mossad West. Nothing more, nothing less."
    "The CIA works for the Wall Street Banks which are all owned by Zionist Jews."

    That's a flip answer, Don. Just what are your credentials that qualify you as a researcher and scholar on JFK or 9/11?

    1. After all Joan this is Jim Fetzer's blog and radio show. Jim likes my work so that's why I get featured here as a guest from time to time.

      Jim, Gordon Duff, Ian Greenhalgh and Preston James among other like work at Veterans Today so that's why my articles appear there.

      Thousands of people have read my articles on 9/11 and JFK on VT and my blog.

      If my stuff wasn't close to the mark the disinfo folks such as yourself wouldn't spend so much time trying to refute my work.

      Those are my credentials Joan.

  14. Don Fox said :"Libertarianism is a Jewish economic system. The main proponents of it are nearly all Jews."


    2500 years ago, somebody said:

    " The greater the restrictions and prohibitions,
    The more people are impoverished.
    The more advanced the weapons of the state,
    The darker the nation …

    Thus the virtuous attend to contracts
    while those without virtue collect taxes …"

    From "The First Libertarian?":

    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Irwin and Peter Schiff and Ayn Rand were all Jews. In fact von Mises was funded by Jew David Rockefeller:

      Von Mises' biographer, Richard M. Ebeling:

      "Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises's life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation."


      The Volker Fund was disbanded in 1962. It still had $7 million in assets, which it donated to the Hoover society.

      But in the meantime another very wealthy Jewish family, the Koch family (see 'the Zionist Billionaires that Control Politics'), had taken over the organization of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

      Fred Koch founded the John Birch Society in 1958. Ed Griffin was educated there. He later wrote a famous book, "The Creature of Jekyll Island". This was a rehash of Eustace Mullins' brilliant 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve', with one exception: it left out all Mullins' analysis of the Gold Standard as a Banker operation and how Britain's demand for taxes paid in Gold were the cause of the war of Independence. Instead it called for the reinstatement of a Gold Standard. This is a key part of the story OF how Austrian Economics managed to take over the 'Truth Movement'.

      Koch's son Charles Koch founded the CATO Institute, together with Murray Rothbard. The CATO Institute remains to this day a leading Libertarian outlet.

      Most leading Libertarians are or were Jewish.

    2. Don Fox said: "Most leading Libertarians are or were Jewish."

      Fact: the Nazi's repeatedly tried to find any trace of a jewish heritage in the lineage of Karl Menger, the actual founder of Austrian economic theory, and failed miserably. :-)

      But even if he had been proven to be jewish, so frickin' what? [Mises and Rothbard definitely were- although I don't believe they were practitioners of the jewish faith - but I could be wrong] - but even if they were actually practicing jews, again I would ask: so frickin' what?

      Does that "prove" that any/all of those "Austrian" theories were/are wrong?
      Does the fact that Mises early on for a while received financial aid from the Rockefellers "prove" that his economic theories/propositions were all wrong?

      Well, yes, I suppose, _if_ you are an imbecile.:-)

      This just in:

      Attempting to dismiss a person's argumentation logic [or illogic], on economic theory, 9/11 theory, or anything else, on the grounds that they are supposedly jewish, or "a shill", a "disinfo agent" [ or whatever] is just total BS masquerading as argument, when all it actually reveals is that the person stating it is fully incapable of a substantive, logic- based argument - and is merely "grasping at straws".

      But by all means, carry on!

      "Regards", onebornfree

    3. Jewish billionaires and trillionaires promote Libertarianism. Austrian school (Jew) economics is a huge win for the rich Jews. Libertarianism IS wrong for 99.999% of the population. Why do so many average working people support an economic philosophy that doesn't benefit them in the slightest? Every tenent of Libertarianism is an attack on the standard of living of regular working people. Working people have nothing in common with Jew billionaires. No more than 2% of the public should ever even consider voting Libertarian or Republican. The fact that so many people DO vote for this BS speaks to the effectiveness of Jew propaganda on TV and radio with hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones etc.

      IF one is going to fight, first one must determine WHO the enemy is. The enemy is those who assassinated Lincoln, Kennedy and Roosevelt. This same enemy was behind the 9/11 False Flag and tricked the United States public into fighting their wars in the Middle East. The enemy is the Jews. You can't fight the enemy while at the same time adopting their economic agenda of Libertarianism.

  15. Simon Pimon wrote:
    "I think even SS got fooled here. He is talking in the movie something about human reaction time (of the reporter) or something to that tune when the nose-out clip is played."

    You're right, SP - I was fooled too, but I have long retracted that early speculation of mine. In my September Clues docu, I suggested that the 'Nose-Out could have occurred due to human error - as the plane was inserted 'on the fly' - and that 'shit happened' as they did so. I do not think so anymore. More likely, the "physically impossible phenomena" shown on TV that day ("nose-out" / "dustifying towers") were intentionally included in the 9/11 movie - so as to generate severe cognitive dissonance among everyone looking into it - much as the absurd / contradictory visuals we were served with in the infamous Zapruder clip.

    As much as I hate to admit it, the Nutwork's psy-op plotters are pretty clever assclowns / con artists, they have a profound grasp of human psychology - and are damn good at what they do (manipulating the minds of the masses).

    As it is, their tactics worked out fine for them for JFK - but a little less well for 9/11 - since further analyses eventually exposed the 9/11 TV broadcasts for the totally prefabricated "Hollywood" production that it ALL was - from start to finish.

    Simon Pimon wrote:
    "The 1993 detonations in one of the towers may even have been an authentic terrorist act."

    Nah.You only need to watch 30min or so of this almost 6-hour-long TV archive of the "1993 WTC Bombing" ... readily realize that it was a totally media stage-managed event. ALL of the participants were entirely in on it - anchors, street-reporters and crisis actors ("interviewed" around obviously staged terror-drill areas set up around the WTC). It was nothing but a dress rehearsal for the 9/11 media / military hoax.

    Simon Shack

  16. Don Fox said : "The fact that so many people DO vote for this BS speaks to the effectiveness of Jew propaganda on TV and radio with hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones etc. "

    You don't know WTF you're talking about.

    None of those persons have anything to do with "libertarianism", and neither did Ayn Rand nor the Objectivist movement she founded. [mentioned in a previous post] .

    The plain fact is that every one of these people are rabid statists, just like yourself [and Fetzer et al].

    You/they are all merely arguing over "the fine print" i.e what you/they fantasize as being the "correct" thing for your ideal version of government to do, when the simple fact is that if you all got your noses out of your collective ass you'd see that no governments have never worked in the way you all continue to fantasize that they do; hence _none_ have ever achieved their stated objectives.

    Government "solutions" [i.e, legal coercion, theft, and counterfeiting] ,only ever make things worse, not better.

    Governments simply do not work- never have, never will.

    See: "Government = The Most Dangerous Religion ":

    Regards, onebornfree

    1. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between Republicans, Libertarians and Communists. They are all merely mouthpieces for the Jewish Oligarchy. You can include Wall Street Democrats in that as well. Before anyone says that Democrats are the same as Republicans ask yourself why the Jewish Oligarchs feel the need to assassinate Democratic Presidents and Senators? If they are the same why not let them do their thing? Jews invented Communism. If anyone doubts that go research who funded the Bolsheviks. And while you are it go read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Protocol 3: We Support Communism.

      Murray Rothbard sucked up to the Jewish Billionaires of his time. If he was around now he'd sound exactly like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Jones - the guys who are sucking up to the contemporary Jewish Billionaires.

      OBF said: "Governments simply do not work- never have, never will."

      For 99.9+% of the population you are correct - governments don't work. But for the wealthy oligarchs governments, be they capitalist or communist, do their intended job just fine: maintain order and guard the wealth of the ruling class from the mass of the people.

  17. onebornfree said : "None of those persons have anything to do with "libertarianism".."

    And neither do the Koch brothers, either, for that matter. :-) .

    Regards, onebornfree

  18. I guess it depends what exactly you mean by "libertarian." As is very clear in this short video, most words used in the US all come to mean the exact opposite of what they originally meant. If you agree with Adam Smith that "Under perfect liberty markets will lead to perfect equality" I'm afraid you would diverge sharply with, say, Ron Paul.

  19. " I guess it depends what exactly you mean by "libertarian." 

    "Libertarian" means "nazi".

  20. Don Fox said:"For 99.9+% of the population you are correct - governments don't work. But for the wealthy oligarchs governments, be they capitalist or communist, do their intended job just fine: maintain order and guard the wealth of the ruling class from the mass of the people."

    So why do _you_ continue to support them/ fantasize that they can improve your life and give you what you want? [I guess you vote too :-) ].

    Libertarianism is merely the recognizance of the fact that _no_ political system works [except for the elites themselves, as you observe], and that they are all unalterably corrupt at their very core[s]. Always have been, always will be.

    The goal of libertarianism has always been to reduce government to the smallest possible size [at the very least :-) ], if not to entirely eliminate it/them, nothing more, nothing less, so that _you_ can live your life as you wish, keep your money and spend it on what you want to spend it on.

    Don Fox said: "Murray Rothbard sucked up to the Jewish Billionaires of his time. If he was around now he'd sound exactly like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Jones - the guys who are sucking up to the contemporary Jewish Billionaires."

    Bullshit. He could not even get a regular teaching job within the university run economic teaching paradigm.

    All of his books were published outside the establishment owned economic publishing cartel. He was a total outsider whom the established economics profession loathed.

    Rothbard was jewish , yes, but as I asked before, so what? That does not mean that what he taught was wrong- as I said before, that is nothing more than attempted character assassination from someone obviously too lazy to actually read his economic treatises [eg "Power and Market"].

    Furthermore ,Rothbard [and others like him] was not in any way interested in ramming any supposed economic "system", jewish or otherwise, down anybody/everybody's throat at the point of a gun [ ie via government], unlike Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck Jones and the rest of the "neocon" clowns you wrongly imagine to be "libertarian".

    He inherently understood that only the free market ultimately worked, and that eventually it will always overcome any artificial restrictions imposed on it via governments [ ie laws, "legal" coercion], and therefor, any/ all coercively initiated systems.

    Regards, onebornfree.

  21. Jerry Cranston said : "Libertarian" means "nazi".

    You don't know WTF you are talking about. :-)

    Zero regards, onebornfree.

    1. Dagnabbit!
      I can't get a doggone
      thing past you! You sure are one smart mammy jamming cookie.

      I bid you good day.

  22. Simon Shack wrote:

    Simon Pimon wrote:
    "The 1993 detonations in one of the towers may even have been an authentic terrorist act."

    Nah.You only need to watch 30min or so of this almost 6-hour-long TV archive of the "1993 WTC Bombing" ... readily realize that it was a totally media stage-managed event. ALL of the participants were entirely in on it - anchors, street-reporters and crisis actors ("interviewed" around obviously staged terror-drill areas set up around the WTC). It was nothing but a dress rehearsal for the 9/11 media / military hoax.
    I've studied the 1993 WTC event for quite awhile, especially the work of Ralph Schoenman. I've noticed a pattern in the terrorism events. The ones which are blamed on Muslim groups or individuals appear to be set up as stings by the FBI and use FBI operatives.

    These stings are so obvious that they are laughable. Think of the underwear bomber and of course the close association of the FBI with the alleged hijackers such as Mohammed Atta. The 1993 bombing went to trial where the role of the FBI was exposed. The Florida Five, who were blamed for intent to blow up the Sears Tower went to trial three times before they were finally convicted after two hung juries. I thought the video was pretty realistic. Except for some whose smoke stains looked smeared on like shoe polish and the strange pattern on others, I thought they were authentic. I think the motive was to establish the idea that "terrorism" is real and that the WTC could be a target. Remember this was the first terrorist event in the US since the fall of the Berlin Wall (leaving the US without an enemy for the first time since WWII.)
    Bill Clinton had been in office only one month when this event happened. The rest of the nineties saw one after another terrorist events.

    .....1 month after Bill Clinton took office, and at least once a year during his show, terrorism became an American reality. A new age in terror arrives with Bill. 1993 WTC and Waco. 1994 Bojinka. 1995 OKC. 1996 Columbine, 1997 White supremicist bioterror. 1998 Embassy. 2000 Cole. Clinton 'Gladio-style' terror years.

    The 1993 WTC Bombing and following 'Day of Terror' plots were FBI controlled terrorist operations that used paid spys, informants, and patsies to set up the terrorist conspiracy plots..........

  23. They obviously work off a textbook to smear the targets, be it muslims, hippies etc...These are preventive acts as per instigators. It's difficult to debate the issue from this very angle.They deny or scramble everything.The debate is necessary thou. The topic: terrorist hoaxes as preventive weapon. Jim, what do you think?

  24. To Don Fox,
    The Mossad was not in charge of the CIA/FBI back in 1963.

  25. CIA chief Ed Lansdale was in photograph of the "three tramps" according to Fletcher Prouty.
    "Let's look at the pictures. The pictures do show three men that researchers have called "tramps." They're dressed in brand-new clothes; they've got new shoes on; they have new clothes on, they are not tramps. The police that are leading them (one in front and one in back) are in what we call "stage costume police uniform" because they are not Dallas police costume -- police uniforms.

    These "police" did not even put hand-cuffs on these "murderers." Their insignia do not match. One of them has -- very clearly -- a hearing device in his ear. Their shotguns are not police shotguns, police don't carry shotguns.

    Furthermore, the Dallas police don't lead prisoners into the Sheriff's Office. The police and the Sheriff's Office work together, but their jobs are entirely different and taking prisoners to the Sheriff's Office is the last place the police would take any prisoners. So, all that part of it is very questionable, and theatrical."
    Prouty says the man in this photo walking in the other direction from the tramps is Lansdale.