Friday, November 21, 2014

Larry Rivera

JFK conference in Arlington, Texas.


  1. So grateful to all you people for working on these things, in the interminable "unofficial" cases.

    Bless you.

    My general ongoing Blogtalk show on reasoning and difficult controversial cases (conspiracy, big-time cases):
    RFK (recent & fairly short - 1 hr):

    JFK & other items: see general show above or some below.

    Spreaker (show ended): 9/11, JFK, PID & reasoning:

    1. Not that your comment really deserves a reply, apsterian, but regarding your idea that "working on these things, in the interminable 'unofficial' cases" is not clear:

      I meant working on the difficult cases, working on the problems of reaching people, etc.

      I think I had a typo ("in"), instead of just putting a comma, to place the two in apposition, 1. "these things" and 2. "'unofficial' cases".

      That's what I meant.

  2. Clair. You're one of my favorite people on the internet. Stay gold: )

  3. Clare, now that you have your own radio program, how's about asking Simon Shack to be a guest?

    He's repeatedly expressed his utter disdain for Dr. Fetzer's interviewing style, but perhaps Simon might give a more gentlemanly response to an invitation from Lady Clare!

    1. I'd love to interview him. I have been greatly affected by his main findings (though those are not necessarily to be concluded from in isolation as he has done).

      I would not mind talking to him and letting him have his say; then I would give my thoughts on the matter.

      However, these shows are on a paid subscription for only a few more weeks & I don't know how to have a guest unless he called in by phone on his own. Skype was giving garbled signal every few minutes so I switched to "Direct Connect". They don't have toll free host line for North America, only USA!