Friday, November 7, 2014

Greg Johnson w/ Joshua Blakeney

The New Right, ethnonationalism, and white/Muslim alliances


  1. Yikes! The guest had extremist ideas. Separate geographic areas for blacks, whites etc? Was he joking? Sounds worse than going back to Nazi Germany.

    And the ideas of separate races, think of pixels on a computer screen. It would be boring to have images of only pure red, green and blue pixels. Of course it would be equally boring to have all pixels blended to a uniform gray color. The pixels need to be blended, but not all pixels! In this way the original pixels will be preserved while allowing a whole spectrum of colors at the same time. It's enough to have only some people preserving the original races.

  2. The pixels need to be blended,

    I think that this has been occurring for a few decades and look what it has gotten us.

    The pixels NEED to be blended? As in a forced blend?

    Me thinks you have been asleep for a few decades.

    1. In the analogy, without blending there would only be pictures made up of the pure colors red, green and blue. For a full spectrum color picture the red, green and blue values yes NEED to be blended.

      Yet not totally blended together, because then there would no longer be any pure red, green and blue.

      With races it's enough that only a few people have their original race. Over time the percentage in a population of an original race can then go up and down depending of how the members of the population procreate. In this way all races are preserved.

    2. Joshua Blakeney is heading in the right direction: Away from the real, objective racism against his own people that that Anthony Hall and other agents of Jewry inculcated in him; toward some form of live-and-let-live policy regarding the world's diverse peoples.

      He's not there yet, still privileging Muslim invaders in Europe over native Europeans - but if he's serious that won't last long. If Algeria really belongs to the Algerians not the French, then France really belongs to the French not the Algerians, etc. It's not difficult.

  3. There have always been different races- probably always will be.

    The problem is _not_ racial differences per se, it is the automatic, never questioned assumption of all of the naive dreamers worldwide [and apparently 99.9 % of readers/posters here, plus Fetzer and all of his guests], that governments can/will solve racial problems, when the fact of the matter is that all governments inevitably exacerbate/amplify racial differences.

    Governments are 100% criminal gangs, nothing more, nothing less , and as such are incapable of solving _any_ problem, whether it be racial, economic, financial, social, environmental , religious, or whatever other "problem" you [dear reader] might care to fantasize as being solvable/made better by the application of direct theft, armed coercion and counterfeiting etc.[ i.e., by the _only_ tools that any government has at its disposal.]

    "Government = The Most Dangerous Religion ":

    Meaning, that the real problem for humanity in general is the ongoing non-recognition of the true, unchangeable, immutable, fundamental nature of all governments everywhere.

    Hitler was no solution for Germany, [he was no better/worse than any of the scumbags that preceded him] ; neither is Obama for the US, [nor any of his predecessor scumbags], nor were/will be any government leader who solves problems for any nation, past , present [or future].

    Governments only create problems, they _never_ solve them.

    Quite simply, that cannot be done.

    Until the individual dreamers/fantasizers step back and recognize/admit to themselves the true, unchangeable nature of _all_ states everywhere, past present or future, and instead live choose to live in complete denial of that core nature, and therefor continue to dream of government "solutions" to any of the worlds "problems", including racism, then there will be no hope of solving those perceived "racial problems", or any other "problems" in this world.

    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. Besides the fact that Christ was, very obviously a jew,[as was Moses and the 12 apostles] - a harsh fact that you try to entirely ignore in your anti-jew rants, the fact is that he was also, very obviously, an opposer of the state [ i.e an anarchist ].

      But, I guess, dumb phucks will be dumb phucks, for ever and ever, amen :-)

      "Ho, ho, ho."

      Regards, onebornfree.

    2. The problem is _not_ racial differences per se, it is the automatic, never questioned assumption of all of the naive dreamers worldwide [and apparently 99.9 % of readers/posters here, plus Fetzer and all of his guests], that governments can/will solve racial problems, when the fact of the matter is that all governments inevitably exacerbate/amplify racial differences.

      Love it! Massive truth per square inch ratio in that paragraph. I feel at home with people that understand the true nature of freedom, no matter what their skin color is. Maybe that's the kind of unity governments seek to suppress. When people think critically and don't embrace victim identities, divisive propaganda and dialectical strategies fall on deaf ears. People of different races can live together or not, without implying superiority or inferiority of another race. Not that you would ever see that on TV

    3. I was quoting Onebornfree in the first paragraph... couldn't make that obvious from my phone.

  4. Separate countries for each race? I can't imagine anything more boring. What about nationality? Aren't British whites different from Italian whites, Russian whites? What about the language differences? What a nightmare it would be to have all whites in one place. What about mixed racial groups? How far back would one need to trace one's ancestry to qualify for the white group?

    What ought to be done as soon as possible is to rescind the so-called "hate speech" laws and level the playing field against this unfair advantage and victim mongering.

    Why have none of you bringing attention to the Jewish/Zionist problem mentioned that 2% (in the US) of the population is making the rules and laws for the other 98%? Worldwide, they are less than 1%. Someone, look it up for exact number.

    Two percent own the US Congress now through AIPAC, and most of all, they now own almost all the media not only in the US but also in Europe. He who owns the media owns the piper and can call all the tunes.

    Ordinary people, not aware of the 9/11 hoax, are aware of Jewish takeover of America. In three generations, they have gone from slums to the most elite neighborhoods in the city. They own all the businesses that used to ban them with "restricted" signs on the door. Hollywood stars are now almost all Jewish. Once, they were banned from hotels and resorts, now they own them. Maybe this is justice. Maybe the white establishment took their wealth for granted and became lazy.

    Why did these white elites who founded most industry here give up their assets. Were they tricked out of it by Wall Street? What's the story, Jew-obsessed Apsterian?


    Who Rules America?

    Ted Turner's Lesson: "Be very careful with whom you merge."

    When Ted Turner, the Gentile media maverick, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was panic in the media boardrooms across the country. Turner had made a fortune in advertising and then built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN, with over 70 million subscribers.

    Although Turner had never taken a stand contrary to Jewish interests, he was regarded by William Paley and the other Jews at CBS as uncontrollable: a loose cannon who might at some time in the future turn against them. Furthermore, Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews.

    To block Turner's bid, CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel, insurance, and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch to launch a "friendly" takeover of CBS. From 1986 to 1995 Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Ted Turner to acquire CBS were obstructed by Gerald Levin's Time Warner, which owned nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and had veto power over major deals. But when his fellow Jew Sumner Redstone offered to buy CBS for $34.8 billion in 1999, Levin had no objections.

    Thus, despite being an innovator and garnering headlines, Turner never commanded the "connections" necessary for being a media master. He finally decided if you can't lick 'em, join 'em, and he sold out to Levin's Time Warner. Ted Turner summed it up:

    "I've had an incredible life for the most part. I made a lot of smart moves, and I made a lot of money. Then something happened, and I merged with Time Warner, which looked like the right thing to do at the time. And it was good for shareholders.

    "But then I lost control. I thought I would have enough moral authority to have all the influence in the new company. If you go into business, be very careful with whom you merge.

    "I thought I was buying Time Warner, but they were buying me. We had kind of a difference in viewpoint. Then they merged with AOL, and that was a complete disaster, at least so far. I have lost 85 percent of my wealth."

  6. Who cares what the topic is. Don't you love this:

    I am sick of this kind of rubbish from Compass, who must be Simon Shack under another name As I have pointed out again and again, there are at least a dozen reasons for rejecting this line of argument, including

    (1) that they were standing;
    (2) then they were not;

    (3) they appear to have been blown apart from the top down; and
    (4) converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust;

    (5) when it was over, there was nothing in their footprints;
    (6) we have lots of photos to confirm what is seen in the video footage;

    (7) the photographic record hangs together with regard to videos and photos taken up close, far away, in high definition and low;

    (8) no one has claimed that these videos differ from their own eyewitness reports;

    (9) the attempt to discount the video record appears to be an effort to eliminate crucial evidence receiving support from many other sources;
    (10) it has the objective of attempting to undermine serious research on how it was done;

    (11) I have therefore been forced to conclude that Simon Shack, onebornfree and Compass are working against 9/11 Truth with phony and concocted claims about failing to verify the film and photographic record, which

    (12) because it is internally consistent and not contradicted by any source, creates a prima facie case for its authenticity, which these faux pretend adherents to scientific method fall properly into the category of fakes frauds.

  7. This looks interesting:

    The Realist Report: The Realist Report - Gilad Atzmon: Jewish identity politics

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the internationally renowned author, philosopher and musician Gilad Atzmon. Gilad and I will be discussing his book The Wandering Who and Jewish identity politics.

    You can download the mp3 for this program here, or visit The Realist Report on BlogTalkRadio to subscribe via iTunes and view past programs.

    Below are relevant links for this program:

    Gilad Atzmon - YouTube

    Once PC Is Gone and Truth Prevails, Shoa Panic Is Detected

  8. Why bother with 9/11,JFK, Sandy Hook topics when they are just spammed from discussion. Let's talk about the spammer's topic:
    ? Once PC Is Gone and Truth Prevails, Shoa Panic Is Detected - YouTube

    \Six minutes segment from a Q&A session at the Washington Report's AIPAC Conference March 2014. You can easily detect the panic on stage once the Zionist Holocaust narrative is challenged by a knowledgeable lady..As far as Justin Raimondo & Philip Weiss are concerned, it is all about the primacy of Jewish suffering.

  9. Fetzer, Fox, et al are blaming all the events on Israel anyway. Don't dare disagree. You;ll be ridiculed and insulted.



    Ralph Schoenman: It's important to look at what happened in 1993 because there you see indisputably the hands of US intelligence and the Mossad all over the operation. In essence the…. and by the
    way, it's not just about bombing the World Trade Center. It also has to do with what is called the Landmark Case. And bear in mind that the patsy - the person who is held responsible for both the World Trade Center in 1993 and a presumptive plot to blow up what are called the landmarks, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations and so on - all of this is laid at the door of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, a blind Egyptian cleric with his mosques in Brooklyn and in New Jersey.

    But in actuality, what happened in 1993, a high-level FBI operative and figure out of Egyptian intelligence named Emad Ali Salem was sent into the mosque in New Jersey in particular, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to recruit young men on a need-to-know basis, for meetings about which they were not told - namely, as to the purpose. And then various provocations were initiated by this operative. Emad Ali Salem proposed bombing the World Trade Center. He made a plan for so-called 'taking out' the landmarks, Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, the Statue of Liberty etc.

    Throughout these discussions, these meetings, the provocations and plans, he wore a wire and transcribed the contents of each meeting. Those transcriptions were deposited in offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York. Fifty file boxes for a period of six months prior to the actual event in 1993 at the World Trade Center.

    When you look at what in fact took place, you find that the very person who arranged the Ryder rental van and the safe-house and was working in conjunction with EMAD ALI SALEM was a figure named Guzie (also Josie) Hadas of the Israeli Mossad and the Israeli intelligence services with their internal Communications (Matera) had already been exchanging back and forth the parameters of this event prior to its occurrence.
    That's on the record. Ironically, and by the way, what I am describing here with respect to the role of Emad Ali Salem, an FBI operative planning, implementing, wholly responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

    This has been documented in the New York Times, in the Village Voice, the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Muslim World Monitor. In fact, Ralph Blumenthal in his long article in the New York Times [Oct. 28, 1993] which describes the role of Emad Ali Salem, cites Emad Ali Salem as stating that the FBI had assured him that at the penultimate moment, the explosives put into play would not detonate.

    Now leaving aside that second line of defense, it's actual acknowledgment of the role of the US intelligence agencies in instigating this event. Keep in mind that all of the major media subsequently have ascribed to the perpetration of the bombing a lynchpin role in the 9-11 events. the article by Richard Bernstein in the New York Times on the first anniversary of 9-11 imputes to Ramzi Yousef and his meetings in Malaysia, contact with none other than Mohamed Atta, for the planning and implementation of the bombing of the WTC in 1993.

    So you have in 1993 an actual dry run implementation of the 9-11operation so far as it affects the WTC. I don't mean the putative planes, but the bombing of the World Trade Center as such.

  11. As far as the Jewish takeover of the world goes, all's fair in love and war. They could never have gotte this far without the coplicity of the non-Jews--the "Christians who really went to pot in the 20th century. I do object strongly to the :hate speech: laws and imprisonment of Holocaust inquiry.: This is very serious and everyone should begin by taking back our right to free speech.

  12. Compass said : "As far as the Jewish takeover of the world goes, all's fair in love and war."

    Joan, "the jews", however defined, will never takeover/run the world, no differently than any other group, real or imagined, will.

    For fundamental reasons to do with the nature of all governments, individual human action, and immutable laws of economics that I will not get into here, it's impossible, a chimera, no different than is "one world government" or anyother imagined single group running everyone's lives worldwide.

    Bottom line, its impossible for one small group to run the entire world, top down.

    However, this will not prevent all of the "one world government" type idiots from trying.

    A never ending "chain of fools", no less.

    I say: "sit back and enjoy the show" as they all repeatedly fail in their attempts to run the entire world.

    Regards, onebornfree.

  13. Fetzer is off to another conference to repeat the same thing (verbatim) that he's been saying for the last 10 or more years.

  14. Ian probably has administrative rights to the blog. He edits whatever he wants to his liking. He looses every conversation as long as he stops jew spam, and even when he is spamming nothing hangs together. It's a sad state of affairs.