Monday, March 24, 2014

Kelley from Tulsa and Kate Slate

Sandy Hook


  1. Kate is my favorite......she's such a good digger, and she's NOT having the BS.

  2. So glad Kate's getting new platforms.....the best I am subbed to.....

  3. It would not have occurred to me to think about funeral flowers.....SO smart.

  4. How is the SSDI research going? I have seen a video that says there are no SSDI death records for the kids and adults.

  5. An interesting lack of enthusiasm from Kate and Kelley for the planned visit to Newtown by Wolfgang. I got the impression that they felt such an exercise would be something of a hiding to nothing.

    1. Wolfgang the distractor, Fetzer is a media stop for the Distraction Refocus Look -Over-Here Troupe from the Tavistock Studios.

    2. Had to look up "a hiding to nothing" but if I understood correctly, the guests think Wolfgang's efforts will and can only end up him losing or losing badly.

      I certainly disagree with that idea. No matter the outcome we will all gain invaluable information from his efforts. I think his 16 questions are much much more important than the minutia the guests seemed to be focusing on, though I guess it could be viewed as valuable in some sense.

      Could only listen to about first 15 minutes as I thought it boring and somewhat dumb.

  6. I found this passage from the police report odd: "Teachers heard janitor Rick Thorne try to get Lanza to leave the school. One teacher, who was hiding in a closet in the math lab, heard Thorne yell, "Put the gun down!" An aide said that she heard gunfire and that Thorne told her to close her door. Thorne survived."

    How is it that Thorne, who actually interacted with Lanza, trying to get him out of the school, survived the shooting? Wouldn't he be shot dead straight away? What did he do, have a pleasant exchange with Lanza and walk away when Lanza politely declined to leave? It's just ridiculous!

  7. Here's another one - police found fifteen bodies packed into a bathroom like sardines. There were so many of them that the door couldn't be closed. "...and the shooter gunned them all down." How? Can you shoot through four or five layers of people? Or maybe Lanza shot them first and then shoved them into the bathroom afterwards. And, if they were dead and the door couldn't be closed, why didn't they fall out into the adjoining room. It seems that they are purposely writing the most insane and ludicrous things.

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    3. Agreed. Like what some people say the stats were on space in Auschwitz, etc., as gas death chambers (as distinct from de-lousing gas chambers). Of course also there was a general definite horrible situation there & at other camps b/c slavery & shootings and experiments in some places, despite some being treated well in their slavery, and many regions of Europe where shootings and roundups of Jews and others occurred.

    4. Deflection, Larry? It's the same idea: pack people in in what may be impossible or improbable ways, which many people here know about both cases -- or at least those who read.

    5. Clare said...
      "Of course also there was a general definite horrible situation there & at other camps b/c slavery & shootings and experiments in some places, despite some being treated well in their slavery, and many regions of Europe where shootings and roundups of Jews and others occurred."
      There be truth in that statement, unfortunately John Friend would not allow my similar comment on "How the "Holocaust"was faked" article.
      John Friend seems to lose all objectivity when it disagrees with his "Hitler is all good" thesis.

    6. It's even more complex than that, the Nazis were hand-in-hand with the Zionists and Nazism and Zionism are very similar. If you look at Israel, it is very much a facist Nazi state and the Israeli leaders like Menachem Begin, David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir came directly out of the Nazi-Zionist axis. Hitler is a very difficult figure to assess due to the vast amount of obfuscation and outright distortion that has taken place. I have studied the man for 20 years and still don't have firm opinions on many aspects of the man. Another factor is the figures around him such as Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann and their vassals such as Heydrich and Hoess. It appears to be the most likely case that the Zionists wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe to Palestine in order to be able to create the state of Israel and the Nazis collaborated in this. The star of David worn by Jews under the Nazis was actually a Zionist idea and was seen as their equivalent to the Swastika rather than a badge to denote Jewishness or inferiority. The ghettoisation and maltreatment of the Jews was a Zionist program and Hitler gave the Zionists control over the autonomous Jewish regions they had established. Life for the Jews in these Zionist run areas was horriffic, whereas life in German run areas was actually little worse for Jews than anyone else. The Jews in Zionist areas suffered famine and theft of their property, brutality and abuse. Fat Zionist Jews were enjoying themselves in restaurants while poor starving Jewish children begged outside and were brutalised by the Zionist police. The Zionist elite stole the food and resources for themselves, leaving the vast majority of Jews to starve. Of course, all of this has been blamed on the Nazis and the Zionists erased from history by Jewish propagandists like Spielberg and the rest of the Hollywood Jews. The mass killings of Jews in the East by the Nazis was not done along racial lines (in the most part) and in fact was killing of Bolsheviks and political undesirables that opposed the Germans, the fact that most of these Bolsheviks were Jews has been spun into an anti-Jewish program of extermination. The numbers killed in the East by the Einsatzguppen and other German groups has been vastly inflated and Hitler actually acted on more than one occasion to stop shootings of Jews by the SS. I am not a supporter of Hitler but what I would like to do is rewrite the accepted history so that it actually reflects what happened rather than just be Zionist propaganda that demonises Germans and ignores totally the role of the Zionists in abusing and murdering their fellow Jews.

  8. great job from 2 of my favourite researchers, it was a great interview despite the technical problems...great insight on the flowers- that's the first time I've heard that.

  9. I meant to comment on Kate and Kelly, too. Great information, concisely given and well thought out. Other than the phone and mic problems, it was an almost perfect interview.

  10. What is this? Mothers Night on Jim Fetzer's blog? All the hoovering, washing up, dusting and cleaning done? We certainly hope so....

    (Ian, larry excluded).
    PeaceBeOnYourSoul? Too close to call.]

  11. PeaceBeWithYourSoul!

    I do apologize.

  12. Before this relaltively fresh comment thread starts to fill up with steaming piles of "shill" accusations (over every difference of opinion) let's pause and reflect on the first anniversary of an apparently genuine, hiding-behind-a-proxy shill's accidental SELF OUTING (thanks to an automated-clipboard error in the firmware of his cognitive-infiltration workstation):

    For the non-geek reader there's some heavy tech talk to wade through (or skip) at some points, but the overall picture this amazing blog-article-plus-comments paints is mighty impressive (or DEpressive) regarding the power and tentacles of "the Dark Side" in establishing fake presences on the web -- and working to suppress or distort any dangerous (to the PTB) discoveries made by honest "truthers".

  13. Interesting show. Great pair of guests.The devil is in the details.

    I think of grifter movies like "The Sting" as a window into how intelligence operations are run that use actors to create lifelike situations that fool the unsuspecting targets. With unlimited black budgets a whole town or portion of a town could be populated with agents.

    If we truly believe this was a big hoax then we should realize how deeply in trouble we all are considering how the media and every level of government is compromised and turned against the American people.

    There is no human way out of this mess. I believe our blessings are being removed by God and we need to repent and turn back to him.

    1. I get tired of religious people using the god card saying "There's nothing we can do but repent" and saying that will make everything ok.

      God isn't going to come down to earth and fix Sandy Hook for us, expose these criminals and get them ARRESTED and yes, there ARE human ways out of this, a number of different ways.

      Ever heard of the term: "The Lord helps those who help themselves"? He's not going to help people who sit around and do nothing and throw their hands in the air saying "There's nothing we can do, but repent."

      Get your head out of the clouds and stop trying to demotivate people.

    2. Good comment Paulstal. Along the same line, in my years on 'net forums dealing with known, trained shills (not suggesting Lavicrtoire is a shill...), they'll occasionally pipe up with comments bemoaning the downward spiral of the USA/West-- fair enough, we agree; but then in an attempt to sound noble by "taking personal responsibility", they'd add, "...and we have NO ONE BUT OURSELVES TO BLAME".

      Nice try, I recon. We have fake "elections", faked/false-flag "tragedies", a gov/corp/mil/media complex which operates with secrecy & deception as their guide. Deliberate dumbing down through "vaccinations" & slow-kill chemicals in our food & water placed there knowingly & with intent. The deceptive rolling out (delphi'd "community meetings" etc) of Commie Core Education. I could go on...

      The US/Western population are "victims" of an evil so pervasive & diabolical, most can't conceive it could be real. So when I see the dark side's shills faux-self-righteously promoting the "...only ourselves to blame" shtick; IMHO that's a red flag to their fraudulence!

    3. Lavictoire said...
      "If we truly believe this was a big hoax then we should realize how deeply in trouble we all are considering how the media and every level of government is compromised and turned against the American people.

      There is no human way out of this mess. I believe our blessings are being removed by God and we need to repent and turn back to him."

      I thank you for this important statement. I have been aware of the evil world rulers precipitating wars and tricking countries to get in a war. While I have been studying he political theater and mass murdering deceptions that have been going on since well before WWI for well over 15 years, your comment helps me to "re-center" rand regain my priorities and what is the proper perspective for me as a Christian.

      Your statement in no way, shape or form has “demotivated” me from continuing in my search for the truth and to better learn how to identify those who are actually promoting lies, deliberate half truths, with the cover of objectively searching for truth.

  14. Hey Jim - Great interview, and Kelly and Kate did fantastically on it!

    Have you had a chance to look into my research regarding Annie Haddad being the woman who was playing Nancy Lanza? They look exactly the same, and there are so many similarities between them it can't be ignored- just too many coincidences.

    If you have a few free minutes, please check out Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza:

    1. I think you make a very good case for Haddad being Lanza, thanks for taking the time to do the research.

  15. Dan, Alex, and Wolf will be at the Newtown School Board meeting for 3 minutes -

    1. A J Mac: that show is 1hr 41mins! But advance to 50 mins for top of WH interview. I'm losing interest in listening to WH interviews-- he tells the same body of info each time. But I'd be interested in hearing when they're going to speak before the Newton school board, to watch out for the video. One tip I heard for overcoming these delphi meetings where public statements are severely time limited. It was getting multiple partners and speaking one after the next, picking up where the last speaker left off.

      Was WH on Coast to Coast? That's what host Dan said near the opening of the show; but I don't think so... I did a YT search for WH/C2C and came up empty.


      "We are traveling to Newtown on May 5th for an...

      We are traveling to Newtown on May 5th for an evening planning session with CT parents.

      On the morning of May 6th we will visit two of the non-profits such as United Way Western Ct and the Newtown non-profit that have collected $24 million dollars and inspect their records as to who contributed and how the funds were allocated.

      May 6th at 7:30 pm we will attend the Newtown Public Schools School Board Meeting and providing them through our Attorney Paul Spinella our CT FOIA request in person.

      We will also visit the Newtown Police Department to introduce myself and get them to provide us with our CT FOIA requests through our Attorney.

      THey came to my house so now I am going to their house.

      Thanks for having faith in me.


  16. wolfgang halbig is a plant. even his name is dodgy.
    sandyhoax was made to be exposed. the question now is not how but why?

    1. Made to be exposed? That does not make any sense. You mean the government wants us to know that they perpetrated this disgusting hoax on the American people? For what possible purpose? To slow down their own agenda of grabbing guns?

      Let's not loose focus here. Hoax busted, plain and simple.

  17. So you think Wolfgang Halbig is "a plant," eh, Pshea?

    Can you back up this troubling assertion?

    Have you tried?

    (At least you didn't call him a "crisis actor"...)

    Although Mr. Halbig has quickly established a substantial Internet presence on the basis of his near-saturation, Sandy Hook-questioning appearances on a large number of "alternative-alternative" media websites and podcasts, trying to find pre-Sandy Hook material on him doesn't come up with much -- considering the impressive-sounding resume that gets quoted in each of his recent interviews.

    But for starters, there do appear to be some traceable business records of his consulting activity, starting with this Corporation Wiki indexing:

    ... which shows that Mr. Halbig has indeed formed multiple business entities, going back as far as 1999, which are "no longer active".

    And either he, or his namesake, thirtysometing son (?) do appear to have established multiple residences in several Florida cities in recent years, according to various people-search websites.

    If this gentleman IS on the level, his forthcoming, in-person sojurn to the Newtown/Sandy Hook area could place him in serious, perhaps mortal danger.

    But if Pshea is right, then stay tuned for some VERY INTERESTING, highly dramatic theatre!

    (And without any real victims, of course.)

    1. Just ignore pshea, Pete Sheehan or whatever name he wishes to use this month, he's just a troll.


    it is all high f-arse as we are being said and lead by the nostrils andy. all part of the script of course.
    sandy hook is the hook, halbig the bait and the American public the catch that 'brings about' what is to come.

    happy or sad ending? well, you tell me.
    I know where my (heart and) mind is at.

    good advice there ian. I might just take it.

  19. The links beneath Pshea's recommended YouTube video (demeaning Wolfgang Halbig) include an extremely interesting and valuable snapshot (contained in the comments section of an ABC news story) of the mindself of Mr. H. BEFORE the Sandy Hook hoax.

    These comments are, essentially, an off-topic rant against Obama -- obviously penned in haste and anger by an equally obviously naive and ill-informed older man who's a Zionist Christian. (Yes, I know full well that's a very oxymoronical category...)

    The stumbling ignorance of political realities and actual history exemplified in Halbig's rant, combined with surviving web traces of various other, pre-Sandy Hook entreprenurial ventures that he seems to have founded and abandoned during his Florida residence, paint a picture NOT of some intel agency-paid, Pied Piper/shill out to mislead honest truthers, but rather of a bumbling self-promoter (and resume-padder) who may have waded into some very deep water this time.

    Of course, the possibility also exists that he's being "advised" by some PR-savvy, shadowy characters who have already guided him down the path to becoming the flavour-of-the-month, across a wide swath of alternative-alternative media.

    So, are they setting him up to be venerated as a martyr, exposed as a paranoid fool, or to become the alternative-alternative media's next "truth" guru?

    Who knows?

    Only months from now he could be dead, scandalised, imprisoned, disappeared, or... co-hosting with Alex Jones!!!

    1. Good points Andy. Halbig is not a shill, naive and a little out of his depth, yes, but cointelpro, no.

      You are quite correct in that it remains to be seen what happens to him and he is going at things in a bull-in-a-chinashop way that may well end in a mess, sadly.

  20. All links and my review of Spingola's Sunday 3/30 show with guests KJohnson and 'Wade':

    Deanna did the first half hour on Sanshilli's show on Monday.

    Sanshilli's was the first Deanna interview I've heard who's challenged her on her complete blind faith & reliance on's "official reports" & "news" stories, in supporting her proclaimed S.Hoax beliefs. Deanna gave some quite absurd "responses", lol. 2nd half hour there, Patrick Henningsen comes on, and they talk a bit of S.Hoax too.

    Also if you missed it:

    ^ beginning about 1hr 23mins, Fetcho & Kaminski talk SHoax and the laughably untenable position taken by DS, KJ, MCP & MG; with Fetcho even saying he scratched his head to the point of bleeding, confounded by DS's position on SHoax. They note the oddity of these 4 prominent alt-media voices, so vehemently trying to prop up djooz' official SHoax story...

    Latest updates at "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story" begin here:

  21. I've followed your thread on Deanna, Pat and it is good work.

    It's all a bit perplexing, the events around Mike Piper, Deanna Spingola and Sandy Hoax. Piper seems to have genuinely had some kind of psychotic breakdown and Spingla has effectively torpedoed her own career, losing most of her listeners. I can understand how they would both act as gatekeepers for Sandy Hoax, but what they have actually done is self-destruct without having had any effect, I can't make sense of it all.

    1. Ian: thanks re my Spingola/Shark thread. MCP's long since been compromised:

      That 2nd link has a link to a pdf of MCP/CIA's "False Flags" book, which Deanna claims convinced her on SHoax (though NOT Boston, ?!).

      You have any poopy on MCP's being "fired" from AFP on Feb 14? Deanna's "timeline" notes it;
      ...she seems there to be coyly inferring that it had something to do with his SHoax re-bunking activity, same as she did with her own Feb 25 reduction of show-hours at RBN, a fact which she deceptively omitted, misleadingly characterizing Feb 25 instead as, "John Stadtmiller, the owner of RBN, announced my replacement [...]". Otherwise why else would she choose to include MCP's "firing" and her own "replacement" in her "CensorshipOperation" timeline?

      Anyways I debunked her deliberately deceptive Feb 25 timeline entry in this post:

  22. As mentioned in the discussion re the photos on Sipa Press.

  23. A "Spingola Saga Update" lol:

    Kaminski was guest on Nick's "Circus Maximus" podcast last night; find MP3 & (censored) Mami's comments at:

    ^ It's 2 hours, and beginning at 30 minutes, Mami's mod "zapopper" calls in, mostly to inquire about the S.Hoax situation & Deanna. This discussion continues for 17 minutes. Kaminski makes his disillusionment with Spingola clear. Well worth the listen.

    Spingola has posted a couple of, err, 'interesting comments' at mami's blog entry for her most recent AFP show with guest "Wade". You have to read them to believe them:

    First DS comment is [April 3, 2014 at 10:54 AM], which I would describe as a textbook 'Flip the Script and Project' gambit... same MO which has characterized DS's entire anti-SHoax-skepticism campaign which began with her Jan 15 show, where she preemptively 'suggested' that SHoax-skepticism may itself be... drumroll... a Sunstein cognitive-infiltration psy-op!!... lol.

    Next DS comment in that same thread is [April 3, 2014 at 12:52 PM], which picks knits over Dr. Fetzer's grammar in his angry Sofia/Halbig email, and questions whether the email came from Fetzer?

    lol, where to even begin on that one?!?

  24. Pat Colo jjust said:

    "You have any poopy on MCP's being "fired" from AFP on Feb 14?"

    Well Pat, I did some intense web searching and found absolutely nothing to confirm the shocking rumour which, as you noted, seems to have originated (and gone virtually nowhere, so far) with Ms. Spingola's "censorhip timeline".

    As of this posting, the AFP website is still hawking Piper's books and promoting Deanna's (possibly canceled?) RBN show -- but there may indeed be a storm brewing behind closed doors.

    Yet how something this potentially comment-provoking could escape the major search engines is mystifying.

    Maybe I didn't look hard enough. :(

    So, who knows what's what with these two formerly credible altnernative-alternative news mavens?

    Did their unquestioning support for the Sandy Hoax bring about their downfall?

    Or perhaps the hidden puppet-masters (yes, even the truthers have them, you know...) are still trying to decide how to rectify this clumsy bust-up.

    1. I had the same null-results when I searched for info on MCP's "firing" a few weeks ago.

      Re: "Or perhaps the hidden puppet-masters (yes, even the truthers have them, you know...)", MCP agrees with you on this; note my short transcription of one of his shows last year, lol:

  25. I'm going to refrain from saying much about he Piper and Spingola affairs for two reasons; firstly I was told some things in confidence and secondly, I don't wish to get involved in the messy politics surrounding he whole mess. All I will say is that both have effectively destroyed their careers.

  26. the 'truth' movement (and it's many entrenched operatives) is imploding, as it was always meant to. spin-gola and (pied) piper know exactly what they are doing and are under orders and simply following the script.
    do you think jim fetzer is any different?

    we will see it all differently though from the other side.

  27. good interview....I just listened to this tonight...

    only three things to clear up...

    the cafeteria wouldn't have served breakfast at SHES.

    The time-frame for his dance-dance-revolution sessions showed from his Garmin GPS, show between 1am and 2 am when he left to go "dancing" at the theater.

    The amount Peter paid to Nancy each month was Alimony only, not child support. Adam was over 18 years old.

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