Sunday, March 9, 2014

BONUS PODCAST: Ole Dammegard

Hailey Otis and the Toronto crime family


  1. Hope you guys havent been taken in by the batty old cat lady.

    Some of that stuff, if not true, might be considered by some to be slightly libelous...raping and murdering children comes to mind.

    Truly hope you guys arent biting on a big fat poison pill.

    Peter Levenda would be a splendid guest, imo. You guys have things to discuss

    1. Some of her stuff is direct memories, events, shocks of life, and those seem to be quite real. Other things, which she's put together herself, may more likely be off or partly off. Hard to know, in my opinion. Sad and scary not to know.

    2. Levenda is great, as would be Joseph Farrell. What a meeting of minds that would be! Joseph got his doctorate at Oxford -- though he is an American -- and has written books on the JFK assassination, the breakaway civilization, and seems the best petson to synthesize the Preston material with a depth of knowkedge regarding all the topics mentioned

  2. I don't think the girl is credible.

    1. Agreed.

      And as I have stated, Mr. Fetzer cannot possibly be so gullible or illogical as to accept this kind of nonsense without sufficient evidence.

      Therefore he must have other motives.

  3. Santo Trafficante was rubbed out, but this mechanic is still an illustrious contract agent. Anyone that involved in so many crimes would be a liability and rubbed out.

    1. From Wikkapedia ....
      Trafficante's health had declined in his later years. He died on March 17, 1987 at the age of 72.

      Rubbed out by Cuba cigars and too much red meat. (my observation)

  4. Ask Greg Burnham to ask Gerry Hemmings about this situation. They talk often, and this could be given some perspective confidentially.

  5. Did Gerry pass away recently? Anyway, the real Raul as my research has proven is Robert Emmett Johnson.

  6. I am thinking that this so-called "Agent Ladybug" is a carefully-constructed persona or composite character that is from a psy-ops division in CIA. Long-term objective would be to discredit or neutralize Jim Fetzer by trying to turn him into a paranoid schizoid, or at least make him look as becoming increasingly unstable in public eye.

    Agent Ladybug appears to come and go, sticks to telephone conversations only, and then disappears into the shadows again. She is nevertheless a good actor, very believable.

    The persona may be based on knowledge of lives of several individuals who grew up within mafia or criminal environments.

    As an example, the lady does reminds me a little of an older woman in which I have had a passing acquaintance. She was the niece of Harlan Blackburn , a colorful and low-level figure in organized frame based in Central Florida. He died in a Minnesota prison about 15 years ago.

    As I stated, I was personally acquainted with his niece, basically a nice person who would go out of her way to help you in any way possible. I won't mention her full name, first name is Connie, she never made any kind of notoriety for herself, other than the fact she was exposed to a lot of mafia activities and knew a lot of wild stories firsthand.

    I believe she is still living in a mobile home park in Seminole County, Florida, in past at most only involved in small-time criminal activities. She could talk about her uncle Harlan’s activities in Cuba, such as trying to salvage the mob’s gambling machines that were being dismantled after 1959, to use them stateside elsewhere. She had hearsay info about Kennedy assassination thru her mob ties back in early 1960s in Florida. One could have easily written a book based on her second-hand stories alone. I have lost touch with her at the present time.

    But the point is that the CIA could have carefully constructed a persona based on this and other individuals in similar circumstances of growing up in criminal families. They would have been exposed to that lifestyle which included contract killings, drug running, corrupt judges/policemen, ect. Another task would be to try to collate various serial killings over recent history, put it together in some coherent fashion, to make us believe that there is some serial-killer ‘superman’ who is unstoppable and even has police protection here and abroad (i.e, Toronto). It is almost believeable. Almost.

    Yes, even in a civilized and open society, we are at risk of attacks by deranged killers and hoodlums. If someone is out plotting to kill me, or my family, ultimately I can only offer my resistance and react to it in real time, but I can’t have my universe revolve around that fact, trying to create a 24-7 security zone around me all year round, wearing body armor, packing a concealed weapon, suspicious of every stranger at all hours, ect..

    There is nothing wrong with single, young women walking dogs or jogging by themselves. I see it on campuses and near schools, for example. They don’t as a general rule get targeted for rape and murder. And they shouldn’t. We live in a civilized society.

    If this guy Halley Otis was doing killings like this, in Toronto or Madison, Wisconsin, or wherever, he couldn’t avoid the publicity even if it was initially unsolved. Yes, not all rapes and murders are solved, but to tag this one guy with +1000 unsolved killings is simply not credible IMHO.

    It is a poison pill, designed to try to discredit Jim and make him look paranoid and foolish in public sector.

    1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. This reminds me of UFO experts who claim to have vast knowledge of individual alien species through lifelong contact ( ie Whitley Strieber) who can describe in detail their differences etc. and everyone listens without a stitch of physical proof or collaborating witnesses or evidence. This story is just as fantastic, just as earthshattering and just as unlikely.

  7. At the beginning of the show, Jim, you quickly read and summarily dismissed an e-mail from a fellow who insisted that Ms. Otis was his elderly father's "CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND".

    Well, sometimes the simplest explanation IS the correct one!

    After listening to the woman rave on, with one highly improbable, gruesome and novelettish murder tale after another, and another, and another... and then with still more of the killings conveniently, dramatically fitting in as "missing pieces" of each the mid-20th Century's most infamous assassinations, it seemed certain to me that this old gal's ghastly narrative was no more credible than the storylines of ZELIG or FORREST GUMP!

    Jim, the poor woman is siimply DELUSIONAL!!!

    Sure, she's probably read LOTS of conspiracy books and web postings over the years, and I don't doubt that she now BELIEVES that her ex-lover is the Worst Serial Killer of All Time.

    But just because a person is crazy doesn't prevent him or her from maintaining a fine memory for details and making full use of a VERY active imagination.

    "It all hangs together," indeed.

    The Toronto Police likely have some of their own corrupt secrets to protect, just like most big city PD's do, but their refusal to investigate the wild claims of Ms. Otis likely has a much more banal than malevolent motive.

    I suspect they "wrote her off" years ago -- as just another of the various, troublesome (and highly troubled) "cranks" and "nutcases" they have to deal with on a far-too-frequent basis.