Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jeff Rense / Gary King

Sandy Hook / New show about JFK #2 Jim critique's Black Op Radio's video series "50 reasons for 50 years." 1.Dick Russell recounts the cryptic story of intelligence operative Richard Case Nagell and his links to the Kennedy assassination. 2.The Chicago Plot reveals a very similar attempt on JFK life three weeks earlier... Filmmaker Ted Yacucci shares excerpts from his upcoming documentary. 3. Jim DiEugenio reviews the story of Rose Cherami, a woman who expressed clear foreknowledge of an assassination plot against JFK to be carried out in Dallas. She had links to Jack Ruby, and details of her story were confirmed. The Dallas Police Department didn't want to know. 4.Military analyst Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty/ Patriot Radio/War Pigs/Super Hot Chemtrail Weather Girl/Agent76/Agent99/Reporter Jim FetzerReporter/Tony Green/Reporter Carter Lee


  1. I was wondering when you two gentlemen would get together. Fantastic show!

    1. You mean Rense and Fetzer? Or King and Fetzer? Or both?

    2. I was also wondering. For different reasons.

  2. has a banner ad at the top today and a donate click button hopefully provided free of charge to Wolfgang Halbig.

    Clicking on the button in the banner takes you to...


    He needs our financial support. This is deadly serious. I urge you to send what you can to help him crack the Sandy Hook 'SCRIPTED EVENT' wide open. We know what we are ALL up against and what our nation has become. Please join me in supporting this incredibly brave and selfless American hero. It is our patriotic duty to get to the TRUTH about Sandy Hook. Go to ... or CLICK HERE ... to donate what you can and let's hold 'them' accountable for once. Wolfgang Halbig has already been threatened by law enforcement to shut up and stop asking questions. It's time we let him know he is NOT alone.

    Note - ALL funds are being used to raise LEGAL ACTION to bring the key participants into court where they will be sworn, deposed and subject to cross-examination. This matter must be pursued in a court of law and not on the internet which is full of trolls and agents working desperately to silence any inquiry and questioning about Sandy Hook and what did or did not happen there. We WILL know the truth.
    - Jeff Rense

    Again, To Donate To This Fight, Click HERE"

    Mr. Halbig's website is

    The donate button takes you to

    (Thankfully PayPal is not being used!)

    It has been a long time since I absolutely believed in a person and their legal effort to obtain truth and justice. It felt very good just to donate. Donate today. It will be the best money you ever spent.

    I hope and pray that Mr. Halbig’s attorneys make as honest and courageous and totally vigorous an effort in litigating this case as their client has so patriotically demonstrated to us in the truth seeking community.

    Regardless of whether truth and justice is achieved by Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts, we will all get to watch, as under an electron microscope, every legal step of the way just exactly how our government, city, county, state and federal government and judges and lawyers treat an honest citizen, and names will be named. We will obtain, if nothing else, a very clear picture of the state of “the rule of law” in the United States of America.

  3. there is no rule of law not sure there has ever been h zinn

  4. Great to finally hear Jim on Jeff Rense's radio show. Hope there are more shows to come in the future. Also, word has it that Wolfgang will be on with Jeff this week.

    More on the Sandy Hook hoax is posted here

    Also, here's a great thread that dismantles Spingola's stance on Sandy Hook The latest posts address her "Operation Censorship" post, as well as her attacks on Halbig.

    Also, there were some interesting comments in response to Rodney Martin's show with Spingola posted here The moderators seemed to feel the need to intervene and protect Spingola, and eventually shut down the comments. I haven't see them protect anyone else like this.

  5. For those interested, Wolfgang was on with Jeff Rense last night. The commercial free audio is posted here: The first half hour was more of a review of Wolfgang's 16 questions, and the last half hour had some new info (at least new to me) about Wolfgang's plans for going to Newtown, looking at the books of the United Way, and comparisons between Columbine and Sandy Hook

  6. Deanna Spingola was on Mami’s personality “Nick” aka “bread-n-circuses” yesterday. 3 hours, in which during the 3rd hour DS recited her usual list of ad-hom smears against W.Halbig. A Mami’s mod subsequently closed the associated comment thread, before removing at least 4 comments.

    My critique of the show, including reposting the removed Mami’s comments:

    1. Good work, Pat. Spingola has lost her way.

    2. Why will Halbig and other internal fake activists mum on the Qabala, not give even a 10 second plugs for those of us who've had children "suicided" like Senator Schaefer, et. all and a dozen other activists?
      The so-called "War on Terror" is all Jewish Qabala/Masonic BS!

      Here are numerous proofs, including those of their numerology/symbolism; Google is a fracking TRAITOR:

  7. Dr. Fetzer: could you confirm what's alleged at Wolfgang's Facebook donations page to be an email from you to a number of recipients expressing disgust at Sofia's alleged support of an anti-Wolfgang youtube vid?

    ^ an image of your alleged email is there somewhere, I don't know how to permalink to it. It appears WH has someone else administering that FB page, and as you're surely aware, James Tracy just published an article suggesting that a number of nefarious "handlers" have cozied up with WH to "help him".

    I'm remaining skeptical of the whole "drama" with WH & his handlers, what Sofia is alleged to have said of the anti-WH video, and now your alleged email Dr. Fetzer, until I get something more verifiable to chew on.

    If you did send the email depicted at WH's FB page, did you first talk or correspond with Sofia to verify? Because all I've seen is that the anti-WH video's maker posted a message somewhere CLAIMING Sofia called him by phone, praised the video, and claimed she had more 'dirt' to share-- but apparently didn't share said dirt even though she was allegedly live on the phone? Video maker only said he'd share more (from Sofia) when he got it?

    All very questionable IMHO, and hope you understand my skepticism. So could you please share whatever your can on this "drama", or perhaps "engineered wedging", Dr. Fetzer? Thx, :)

  8. I strongly support Wolf in his efforts, which are directed at exposing the truth about the "illusion" of Sandy Hook. My concern has been that Sofia is undermining those efforts.

    We are in a great battle for truth. Wolf has only asked for donations to support efforts, including legal ones, to get to the bottom of this. He is not taking even a nickle.

    I have been a staunch supporter of Sofia, but I believe that she--and James Tracy, too, alas--have blundered by attacking Wolf, whom we all should be supporting.

    Wolf was copied on those emails and I was asked for permission to post them, which I granted. So they are from me and express my sincere views about all of this.

    1. Thank you for your reply Dr. Fetzer. :)

      I'm still unclear on the question of whether you spoke/emailed with Sofia before sending your inflammatory, "bridge-burning" email(s) and giving your permission for their wide publication at WH's FB page? I would hate to imagine that the anti-WH vid maker just fabricated the tale of Sofia's calling him and saying what he's attributed to her, and bam, this present wedge is driven into SHoax-Truth. Why would Sofia initiate a call to the anti-WH guy, then not share her alleged 'more dirt' right there live in the phone call? So anti-WH guy could just eagerly share this Sofia story as he's done, and leave everyone guessing & infighting??

      And Dr. Fetzer, further 'confounding' is your choice to approve posting your emails into the public realm (WH's FB page), while everyone remains in the dark about what Sofia's concerns about WH even are? What 'GOOD' could come of that? All we have to chew on are the vague, dubious, and possibly vaporous claims of the openly anti-WH video guy.

      Any chance of your having Sofia on your show again soon, to air out your respective concerns, Dr. Fetzer? Hearing Sofia express her (alleged) concerns for herself, is the giant missing puzzle piece in this current drama.

  9. I do not know about that video but the letter on FB by Dr. Fetzer and what he has just posted here I am total agreement with.

    Dr. Tracy has said more than once that he believes people were killed at Sandy Hook, which is the same guarded praise of Halbig given by Alex Jones. Dr. Tracy's position is in jeopardy and that plays heavily on his work unfortunately.

    As far as Mr. Halbig having "handlers", I pray to God he is able to get the best handlers money can buy, and that we help provide that money the best we can.

    I think Alex Jones has a record of using or, as I say, "cashing in" on whatever is "hot" on the Internet. WH is "hot" on the Internet and the top story in the "alternative media." So I hope the "video crew" WH will have with him when he goes to Newtown is not the crew that Alex offered. That will taint WH's efforts. WH needs his own people going with him on behalf of his individual efforts. That will be hard to accomplish because he is ripe for infiltration.

    Mr. Halbig is going to Newtown and ask some important questions and he will go no matter how much money he has to support his effort. What is so cool is the questions he is asking are just the right questions, and they are questions that any concerned citizen has a right to ask and get answers to. He will keep a complete record of how he is treated.

    He is filing civil lawsuits so that the defendants cannot plead the fifth. He plans to go forward no matter what anyone says or does.