Monday, January 13, 2014

Sean Dix

Prosecutorial misconduct


  1. Stunning. But why am I not surprised?

    But Sean, Jim is right: don't hope overmuch in the regret by your would-be assassin. Some people are hired or encouraged to kill and regret it --- some live with mostly self-justifications and block it, or even enjoy it.

    Our little group of aware people here, I am sure, support you emotionally, for what it is worth. I know it might mean something to you.

  2. I found this show depressing, how the legal rights of Sean have been completely ignored.

    I think Jim is probably right and the dentist who poisoned him was part of a CIA assassination program.

    The mind boggles when you take time to think of the depth of this affair.

    1. It would be hard to think she is CIA just sitting there as a dentist who happened to treat him. Unless he saw her through a recommendation ...

      but one way or another, she may be, of course. I wonder if J&J got to her. But it is strange.

  3. Yes, shocking treatment. I think they'll find the juice done it.

  4. horrific sean. you have my utmost sympathies. I think this bears heavily on whether you claim to be your name or not. is all official correspondence with you addressed to the all capitals SEAN DIX? if so, and if you have accepted that this is you, then you have been representing the dead legal entity created with your birth certificate. and the dead have no standing. you are a living and lawful flesh and blood human being and should clearly and overtly make this abundantly clear in all future dealings at any levels with officialdom. it makes all the difference in the world.

    please go through kate's writings and radio shows to get a better understanding of the real nature of the name fraud.

    and clare, of course J&J got to her. directly or indirectly, they are intimately involved.

    1. Duh, pshea; of course it is more likely J&J got to her; I know that; the other postulate, that she was pure CIA was in question, and that is far less likely -- that she was just sitting there as a CIA agent.

      Of course we are legitimate human beings; others trade on our identity name, yes, but the "name fraud" idea (that our names are MERELY turned into ID forms which can be traded to others for their own control) is a confused position.

      What would be more accurate is that we need to identify ourselves in various ways; we thus represent ourselves as numbers and names in various forms; those things are also played upon and plotted with and traded in various ways, just as a book we have written can be misused, or people can plot to help us write one (like plot to get us into forms of ID) and then misuse the book (like ID forms).

      So, let us get back on topic with Dix.

      He is a real person, but he is dealing with legal liers -- not MERELY legalese which can be misleading; he is dealing with people who are lying and avoiding him.

      This kind of bullying may not be triumphable always. He needs high-up advocates and he needs to maybe settle out of court about the patents and drop the assassination claim, or vice versa.

      That is all. He will get nowhere fighting on both fronts; we know that. Unless he becomes, as I said, an international celebrity about it.

      Try that, Sean. Try taking out Youtube videos about your invention: glitzy, happy, smiley, and informative.

      Do a bunch of them. Pepper the names for Google searches. Do a serious campaign. Get a backer. An ad-man.

      And meanwhile, sue J&J -- but not for the death.

      Or watch your step as you go on the street. Let's be realistic/

  5. I like you clare. are you doing anything Friday night?
    funnily enough, I will be in clare on Friday night! (county clare, Ireland, that is.)

    in the meantime, please go through the link I posted above to get a clearer understanding of the implications of the name fraud being uncovered.
    if the 'judge', as is always the case, asks sean at the very beginning of any hearing if he is sean dix, and sean responds that he is, then the judge is perfectly entitled to continue as if dealing with the dead legal fiction created with the birth certificate sean dix, who has no standing and whom the (corrupt) judge can assume and presume for all the world that the living being sean has just fully (and unwittingly) consented to be.
    I AM THE WITNESS TO THE NAME FRAUD THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO GET ME TO AID AND ABET YOU IN BY ATTEMPTING TO GET ME, A LIVING AND LAWFUL FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEING TO REPRESENT A DEAD LEGAL FICTION, AND THE PROOF OF THIS FRAUD IS MY (SEAN'S) BIRTH the necessary response. the court then becomes a common law court and sean takes out common law and private prosecutions, as a living human being, against all those who other living human beings who have injured him and obstructed him in his search for justice.

    sean needs to represent himself at all times, and outside the legal (all things dead) and inside the lawful (all things living) systems. please go through the link I posted above sean for a much clearer idea of how these ground-breaking discoveries and game changing perspectives can make all the difference. there is at least nothing to lose.

    1. You are lucky to be in Co. Clare, Ireland. I always used to want to go there.

      As to the "legal fiction" of his name: you are, I know, making the point that there is a double entendre when someone asks for your name confirmed. They are asking if the documents and arrangements in your name are yours (and some are done for you, such as, let's say, a draft for war, which you do not wish to participate in), and they are asking if you are you.

      But responding in the manner you are suggesting, pshea, will only get one into more trouble.

      SO, you might well put it the way I suggest above, instead: that you are not everything done in that name and what that name legally represents, but you are the human being addressed by that name.

      How is that? It is empowering, but it is also not likely to get him thrown out as crazy. Yes, I am aware of the material you linked to. I will check it out again, to honour you, but the point is, we are both represented by our certificates (and that can backfire, or not), and we are ourselves as ourselves, with no name.

      Anyway, he has far bigger problems, pshea:

      the idiots are likely to keep stalling on a court case (fiction, as you put it) which he very much needs, and keep lying to him, and perhaps make another attempt on his life.