Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dennis Cimino

The Surveillance State


  1. Absolutely brilliant. Excellent show!!!!!

  2. A reality check. That podcast is a keeper! ")

  3. I came across this on Ralph Schoenman's site by Dr. Fetzer. This is really outstanding.. Play the whole tape.


    Jim Fetzer, keynote speaker at the Honoring Wellstone Tribute (Minneapolis, Oct. 23, 2012), quotes CIA head William Colby (who was himself murdered for such revelations). Fetzer (U. of Minn. philosophy professor, ret.), is the author of American Assassination (The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone). He is also featured in Snowshoefilms’ documentary, Wellstone: They Killed Him. In his Tribute talk, Fetzer recalled the words of Pres. Reagan’s CIA director, Bill Casey: “The CIA will have succeeded when everything that the American people believe is false.” In under 20 minutes, Prof. Fetzer exposes the absurd official story (FBI, NTSB, NIST & the Media) the American

    people have been fooled into believing about the Wellstone crash. The CIA’s success is nearly a done deal, and groups like the Wellstone Action are gatekeepers reinforcing the trance state. As Fetzer says in conclusion, ‘Minnesota nice isn’t gonna cut it.” -18 min.

    1. I am not saying that the CIA does not own everyone in the major media, but it is clear that they certainly want us to believe that they do, whether they do or not. Do not necessarily believe it when the CIA tells us that it is so.

      Did they own CNNs Jamie McIntyre when he said no plane hit the Pentagon? And wasn't it Dan Rather who said about the Twin Towers that it almost looked like a controlled demoltion? Did they own him too.

      Again, do not be quick to believe everything these people tell us. Rather ask yourself, is this true, or is it a lie they would like us to believe?

    2. Really good points, Stooy44. Almost everyone wants to blame CIA for almost everything. It is perfectly safe, and no resistance should be expected. Another trick is to blame the illuminati or the Jesuits. No resistance there either, but not everyone believe in that stuff, so then they can blame CIA instead.

    3. Well, owning is a short-form idea, and "everyone" is a short-form idea. The point is, the main persons are profiled, can be expected in general to hold certain ideas and not question certain things; and most people in general don't sit there in life being suspicious (as we do), just in case, and willing to call a very weird event weird and stick with it with truly honest talk. Plus, there are lots of people who will back off and take advice from CIA, or a friend (who they may not know is CIA, etc.), and some are spooks, happy to be "patriots".

      In combination, the CIA can say they "own everyone" of significance.

      But MacIntyre is an example of a genuine person (fully honest in the moment) being sent, in spite of the general control of the event and the media.

      (Radical doubt people would suggest this is not so: that MacIntyre was sent to make the media service look more honest, but he is clearly embarrassed later, and insistent at the time in a genuine manner not a forced-style.)

  4. Bulls eye. Confirmed everything I already knew... and that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing. It isn't enough we know what's going on. It's essential that people like this reinforce what we already know. The reinforcing helps to combat the steady diet of Jewish BS we've been fed throughout our lives.

  5. Thank you Dr. Fetzer for bringing some sanity to this conversation at the end (maybe without realizing it). To say the least, I have mixed feelings about this guy. Agreed with some of what he said, and thought he made blanket extrapolations on other things.

    Snowden creating a Pollyanna atmosphere? He was probably instrumental in the fact that a number of states are denying or say they will deny resources if the NSA builds a facility in their state. And if Snowden is a disinfo piece what does that make William Binney or Russell Tice or any of the others that have had their say about the NSA? Enemy of the State was more reality than we want to know, but for Americans to stand down, well you do the math on the numbers that have raided the gun counters recently.

    I could be wrong, but I’d say more people were aware of the capabilities of RFID than they were aware of the NSA’s tactics until recently, but I don’t see Snowden’s words creating a surrendering posture by the American public.

    I grew up in the era of Peter Finch telling us that our air wasn’t fit to breathe, our water fit to drink or food fit to eat. Miss that guy! Americans know they’re being fucked and the trucker event at Washington not to mention the various not mediatized demonstrations there are evidence to that. Yes, a lot of people aren’t up to speed on the deeper picture but a helluva a lot of people are fed up—ex-military, ex-NSA, ex and present USG, as well as all those who’ve never served in public office and wouldn’t define service the way our present government predominantly does.

    All the events from Aurora to WI to AZ hoaxes as well Sandy Hoax? That’s a bit much. I listened to the police recordings (before they were no doubt erased) on the Aurora event. There may have been actors who did videos, but it’s hard to believe no one died. (Yes I know that sounds like a contradiction). We certainly have a CIA and FBI that have trained assassins in their ranks or were the guys implicated in the Boston event never killed even though a witness saw one get run over and the other was shot point blank. Or what about the fact that the FBI killed one of their own after the OKC bombing and two of their own investigating the Boston event?

    We certainly got a history on the Rothschilds, who are the accountants for the Jesuits, but I never heard him once mention the latter.

    Oh, interview William Dean Garner will you Dr. Fetzer, the guy Alex Jones wouldn’t let talk about a topic he’s an expert on. Now there’s a guy with a remarkable background!

    1. Check out "The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook", which Dennis and I published, where he lays out some of the evidence about Tucson, which I agree is the least likes to have been a staged event--but there is evidence that it was.

    2. Ok, thank you for pointing me toward this article. I didn't realize the lengths they've gone to on their staged events have included faking the police recordings.

      I don’t have time right now to read the whole article, but I now have doubts about both AZ and CO. What I'm wondering about is the court "case" in CO as well as the fact that Holmes must have been a student at the University in CO. So is he a patsy or an actor?

      I must say if Aurora was a hoax and not merely a staged event, which I've always thought all of them were, this is pretty mind blowing and shows a deep schism in our society between those willing to accept and be preyed upon (maybe for lack of logical thinking-I include the income deprived making such decisions under that) and those willing to resist.

  6. Why does every gatekeeper blow his mouth off about Jesuits?

    1. Garner a gatekeeper..don't think so. Why do people deny their power... who maybe haven't looked into it? Or maybe have? ;)

    2. In the early 1600s many Jesuit missionaries came to Canada to try to convert the natives to Christians. But their goal was to be tortured to death as horribly as possible. They prayed for the most terrible possible suffering in the belief that they would have a higher standing with the Lord once they passed away.

      The most famous of these, a person almost worshipped to this day in Quebec, was Jean de Brebeuf.

      Brebeuf is considered the greatest of them all because he experienced a horrible tortured death that was extended for a long time, and all the while he continued to preach and try to convert the natives while they tortured him to death.

      Pope JP2, on a visit to Canada, made a point of kissing the skull of Brebeuf, which is preserved in a town north of Toronto.

    3. I think Allison is assuming all persons who believe Jesuits are "the answer" are gatekeepers, just as some would say of Cimino and Jim that their almost-constant emphasis (especially by Dennis -- and Don Fox and Ian Greenhalgh) on Jews (Zionist Jews) as "the answer", means that they are gatekeepers.

      In fact, we can label top-end creeps anything we like and be right about SOME of them. Jewish Zionism is one major source of conspiracy plotting; so is cultic secret society stuff within Christianity, outside it, in intelligence circles, etc.

    4. Stooy44:

      Brebeuf and many Jesuits were doing what they believed to be God's work, not corruption of the modern gunrunning & pedophilia kind and starting 9/11, the kinds of things now attributed to them as a secret group.

      Jesuits, Jews (even Zionists), and all other nameable consortia (say, the CFR and Bilderberg) contain different motives and people have many levels of wanting to know, or reasons to be there. Naming groups part of a conspiracy (or controlling the whole world) can almost never be fully accurate, since not all members of such groups hold the knowledge of the event or the same ideas.

      There are many great and many silly Jesuits, Zionists, etc., and some of the big honchos and some of the little ones of each type are not part of conspiracies, while others are part of conspiracies.

    5. I would agree with this; I don't think there is one power faction. I think in fact there have been hits between different ones, like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

      I think some of the badasses tend to stay, relatively speaking, out of sight and may in fact pose a benevolent posture making them all the more dangerous.

      Your point is well taken regarding how people jump to conclusions about someone being a gatekeeper or even a troll, as all the names you listed with the exception of Don Fox, who I don't know well, have all contributed valuable input on the topics they've expounded on.

      One thing I’d like to say about Snowden, since a lot of people have been saying that he’s not putting anything new out there is that the issue isn’t whether it is new but whether it is new to the eyes/ears of some people and whether that in itself creates a galvanizing action, which I believe it has in some quadrants. Like him or distrust him, the result can’t be dismissed.

    6. Yes, Clare, the Jesuits who wanted to be tortured to death in Canada in the early 1600s did believe they were doing God's work.

      But what kind of teachings, what kind of brainwashings would be required for people to believe that God's work entailed such things?

      Ignatius Loyola certainly had the answer.

      My point is that any so-called Religious Order that prompted young men to such horrid desires must have had something seriously wrong with it in essence.

      The Jesuits are very powerful to this day, and a little knowledge about their earlier conduct cannot harm the discussion.

      The leaders of the Jesuits in France back in those times encouraged young men to go across the ocean to get tortured to death as horribly as possible.

      It is clear that their God is Satan, not Jehovah, regardless of whether or not God or Satan actually exist. The point is that the believe it.

  7. Excellent show, I was already familiar with Mr Cimino's work as he shares most of my views on history.

    One point he has missed however (or at least, he didn't mention it on this show) is related to the inbreeding of the Khazarian 'Jews'. Yes, they have inbred for 12 centuries, but there is another branch of Jews that has taken a different approach. The Jews who fled to Spain after the Romans smashed the Judaic rebellions infiltrated their way into the elite of Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands and England. They did this by inter-marriage. They were wealthy, due to the typical Jewish usury and corrupt banking. They would find aristocratic families that were in financial trouble and marry off a Jewish daughter to an aristocratic son, always it was a Jewish daughter because in order to be a Jew, your mother must be a Jew. By infiltrating these Jewesses into the aristocracy they gained power and influence. Spain and Portugal came first, then they spread to France and The Netherlands. They ran the slave trade of Spain and Portugal and became incredibly wealthy. The Spanish crown eventually took action against them and formed the Spanish Inquisition. They banished all Jews who refused to convert to the Catholic Christian faith an the Inquisition hunted down any who tried to hide. those who converted were called 'conversos'.

    England had been free of Jews since the expulsion edict of 1290 threw them all out. But Oliver Cromwell was persuaded by a cunning rabbi called Menasseh B Israel to allow them back in 1656. The reason this happened was that Cromwell needed money as the country was financially strapped due to the Civil Wars and Cromwell needed money to finance his wars against Spain. So a bunch of Jewish bankers from Amsterdam arrived and within a few years had setup the Bank of England and the City of London Corporation. From that point onwards, continuing to the present day, Britain has been under the usurious Jewish thumb. The Rothschilds and Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews arrived in Britain in the late 1700s.

    So, while the Khazarian 'Jews' are foremost in the nefarious hidden agenda, there are also the western European Jews to consider, and they are more deeply infiltrated into white society due to their practice of marrying their daughters to powerful but bankrupt aristocratic families.

  8. great stuff denis. you are a top man.
    jim, some of us knew edWARd sNOWden was a psy-op from almost the moment he appeared on the scene. the question now is whether he is a flesh and blood actor playing the role or a sophisticated CGM (computer generated man)? I am leaning and have leaned heavily towards the latter.
    please research and do a show on the strawman/name fraud. it is the key to smashing their fake system to bits.

  9. Computer Generated Man...

    OMG, how do you dream this shit up?

    Is this another lunatic theory from Simon Shack and his lunatics at the Clues Forum?

    Snowden is a real person, whether that person is an actor playing a role or not is unknown.

    1. No joke Ian. They have become really good at creating CGM these days. Aimi Eguchi 2011, popular Japanese pop star, turned out to be only software: The not-so-perfect pop princess: How Japanese music producers fooled thousands of fans with computerised singer

      Emily is cute too:

      Here, a frame from Anders Behring Breivik in couth, with half his scalp missing: - What camera could have captured something like that Ian? What is your conclusion, and what could the significance of this be?

      Even amateurs are astonishing good these days:

      So in conclusion: even if Snowden is an actor, it will not take long before they can fool everyone with CGMs. Imagine what the gang who have total control on MSM etc, can pull off then! I predict that aliens will arrive soon.

    2. The point is it is a collossal Waste of Time to "debate" endlessly about photos

    3. Precisely.

      My patience for theories based purely on looking at photos is at an end, I am only interested in scientifically valid research where ALL available data sources are considered, cross-checked and compared.

      Looking at pictures without following the proper scientific method and considering other data just leads to the sort of misleading lunacy Simon Shack has become notorious for and has no place among serious research.

    4. A. Peasant, you may have a point. Analyzing cartoonish Hollywood animations in the "live" news reports 911 to figure out what really happened, is a big waste of time. That is something the 911 operation management want us to do, so that we will be spinning our wheels forever.

      Well Ian, If they can fake the live news reports, on all networks, it surely is a piece of cake for this gang to plant or create some scientific reports much later.

      Scientist are some of the best propaganda agents anyway. Just send them some money, and they will discover or find evidence for what they are expected to. Or they just recruit some researcher who believe in the nonsense they want to promote from the get-go - he will receive the founding.

    5. Here are two other examples on CGMs:

      In real-time, on standard HW:

    6. Those who talk of using "only photos" as evidence are right, of course, in the sense that photos bring to bear certain kinds of evidence. They are the only source, however, of some of those kinds of evidence.

  10. PMSL, this is your next attempt at disinfo after your 'nukes are fake' BS didn't fool anyone... PATHETIC

    That picture of Breivik is very low res and is covered in very heavy JPEG compression artifacts, find the original at full res without having been compressed to hell and we'll see just what's the case.

    Infiltration of the MSM allows them to get away with false flags and now infiltration of the truth movement is making it ever harder to do proper research because we have to keep dealing with you shilling crackpots, shame on you.

  11. Ian, the Breivik video used to be here:

    I downloaded and checked the video myself, frame by frame, but couldn't get any better images than that I gave you. Problem only noticeable in about 4 frames there. Other videos should be labeled something like this: "Breivik's February 6, 2012 courtroom entry".

    Please do show me Ian, a real video where the camera suddenly shows the wall behind through he guys head - it simply doesn't exist, because it is not possible.

    As you know Ian, we have to consider all available evidence, etc. Here is a video where the flashes are not in sync between TV cameras. At 10 seconds there, you should still be able to see his scalp disappears.

    Very fishy of course, that the flashes aren't in sync, but that doesn't necessary proves that ABB is a CGM. There are lots of other indications on this, but those signs are much harder to spot, and point out.

    Ian, the 911 operation management have quite good control on the opposition. They control the mainstream truth movement really well.

    There are many people that understand the nuke hoax, however, much harder to present and defend the case. So we aren't so many that competent. Also rather exotic topic, so it isn't just to jump in everywhere and start talking about it. Takes some time for people to adopt this never heard of idea before. But I'm sure some will become interested when they cannot even find any Ground Zero in Hiroshima in any historical films or photos of the reported event. That's like the 140 feet plane that disappeared or was sucked into a 30 feet hole, you know. But I consider the case even easier that this gas chamber hoax.

    1. Blogger is free. Make a blog and go to it.

    2. It's hard to defend the case for nukes being a hoax because it's indefensible.

      Why are you infecting Cimino's show thread? He never talks about stupid ass September Clueless. Is it because he gets after the Jews?

    3. No Don, the nuke hoax isn't indefensible at al. Lets try if we can locate any traces of any Ground Zero in Hiroshima in any published photos or films of the event to begin with. Aviating yours, if any.

      What gang is it that have total control on all the news networks and also control the election process? The Jesuits?

    4. Ian, I have calculated that in 81.38% of the times BS has be used here at Jim Fetzers place, it has been you who wrote it. Jim never uses terms like that.

  12. PMSL, there's nothing suspicious about that video, you just don't understand how compression algorithms work. The 'disappearing scalp' occurs when Breivik's brown hair passes the brown door frame. The video is highly compressed and what you are seeing is simply artifacts caused by the compression algorithm.

    Stop wasting our time with this clues forum BS.

    1. You need better glasses, Ian.

    2. Ian, find me a authentic video with this "natural" effect then. If this is "natural", it shouldn't be any hard at all to locate. If you cannot locate any other examples on this "natural" effect, it is because they never appear in real videos. Cameras don't work this way. It is a rendering or animation software bug we are watching here.

    3. Rubbish, utter rubbish, you simply have no idea what you are seeing and no understanding of how digital video works.

      This has nothing to do with the camera, it is the result of the video being highly compressed after it was captured for upload to the internet. I can guarantee you that the original high res video did not have this glitch.

      It is nothing to do with rendering or animation software bugs either, you're just guessing from an uninformed standpoint.

      This sort of BS is typical of you Clues Forum lunatics, you don't make even a passing attempt to understand what you're seeing, you don't bother to study the technology that you are looking at, you don't even bother to consult someone with expertise in this field.

      How many times has this video been transcoded? What CODECs were used? What compression algorithms were used? What settings were those algorithms given?

      Do some proper research before you spew this pathetic, laughable BS.

    4. Well, just find another real video with this particular bug, where we can see the wall through the guys head. I know you cant.

      You couldn't find any traces of any Ground Zero in Hiroshima in any historical films or photos of the reported event either.

      You remind me now again about a sheep that is stamping its foot in the ground when it is frightened.

    5. You don't understand the issues so your questions are utterly pointless.

      There is no ground zero at Hiroshima because the bomb exploded at 600metres above the ground, you ignore that fact, either through stupidity or just to be obtuse and misleading.

      The head of Breivik doesn't disappear, what you are seeing is simply artifacts caused by the heavy compression of the video.

    6. The should at least be some traces of one huge blast in some of the published films or photos of the reported event, but you simply CANNOT FIND IT! Very consistent with firebombing, I must admit, and looks exactly like the firebombed Tokyo and Yokohama. Haven't you too noticed that?

      Indicates to me that something could be faulty with you eyeballs, Ian. So when you find a camera filming through his head perfectly ok, without providing any credible example for that this is "natural" for compressed videos, I don't find you witnessing this very reliable.

  13. If you only listen to one Fetzer podcast make it this one. Dennis does a masterful job laying out all the background of what's really going on. Anyone new to the show should start here then listen to the other shows. The other shows will make a lot more sense after you hear this one.

    I was on the email chain Dennis referred to with Piper et al. That was a couple of months ago. At the time I thought Dennis may have been a bit harsh on Piper. I thought Piper's book Final Judgment was excellent. Fast forward a few weeks and look at how terrible Piper is on Sandy Hook and Boston. Hopefully Piper will reconsider his positions.

    Even Tarpley thinks Snowden is a limited hangout. As Tarpley states: did we learn ANYTHING new from Snowden? We already knew that the NSA was spying on us. He had no big 9/11 or JFK revelations.

    1. Well said Don, this show really fills in a lot of the most crucial background info.

      I went through the same journey with Piper as you did, from respecting him for Final Judgment to shaking my head in disbelief at False Flags.

      Piper has to do a lot to resurrect his credibility in my eyes.

      I have thought Snowden was a psyop since day 1, I think he is a classic example of putting out some bad news in order to hide something far worse. We already knew the NSA were monitoring virtually everything, what worries me is what really horriffic thing has Snowden been used to distract from that is yet to be disclosed.

    2. Well, at least, Don and Ian, you are not advocating the idea Piper's inability to conceive an all-fake event is that he is a Zionist agent, as some people have on these forum discussions.

      On the other hand, most events are not all-fake; Paul McCartney's death was not, 9/11 footage is not, JFK's death and images were not. There were cover-up things among the record, but not all was fake in the simple sense of the word.

  14. can you make your position on 9/11 clear dennis, for the benefit of ian.
    I think I also show clearly here that mark potok might very well be another computer generated man.
    (I wrote as ex-member topsyturvyone-banned for talking too much about media mofackery. they don't like that over at ATS management!)
    (do you get the joke with the name? 'mark' meaning to take heed, and 'pot-ok' is self explanatory.

    take heed, pot is ok!

    better than ok, if you ask me. cannabis oil cures all forms of cancer. ask rick simpson.

  15. piper is an agent, so take heed of how much attention he gives to 'the jews done it' meme!
    if my 'enemy' tells me 'the jews done it', I just know that I might need to look there but I definitely need to look elsewhere as well.
    jfk's death was a faked/staged affair. culto proves it (and more) over at letsrollforums.
    I assume you have been through culto's work dennis? what do you make of it?

    1. Culto's analysis is flawed in so many ways, pshea.

      As to the "Jews did it" for almost all events: we have to remember that Jews (Zionists from Israel and the US) were probably involved in 9/11 planning and execution of the events, but that sometimes Cimino, wonderful as he is in so many ways, treats a situation as if one is an honourary Jew just for being involved in a crime.

      So does Salvador Astuccia, in his work on Rock Star deaths; he also tends to work in the FBI no matter what, when, for example with Lennon's death, the main person he fingers for the crime is a likely CIA, not FBI asset.

      I am not saying these things (Jews of Israel fanatic groups, or FBI, or even CIA and so on) are not linked, overlap, have friends in each other's bad side of the groups, but they also have their own ideas and agendas they are living out when helping each other.

  16. For anyone who doubts Cimino's Zionist claims, let me direct you to a 2826 page pdf called Saint Einstein written by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. You can also listen to many interviews he's given on youtube which agree with Eustace Mullins research as well.
    And, for anyone calling me an anti semite - Fuck you! I am Jewish. With my last name being Schuster, I'm as Jewish as it gets. Zionists will leaves us Jews holding the bag of guilt as everything turns to shit. If you are Jewish, spread the truth or next time the Holohoax might be real.
    Zionists are anti-Jews and need to be expelled from the planet or we are all screwed.

  17. What kind of a Jew does not read from and follow the Talmud? Judaism would not be Judaism without the Talmud. Are you telling me you're different than every other Jew on earth? Because, for ever other Jew on earth, the Talmud has been the main Jewish book for a very, very, long time. Still is. Do I need to start referencing Michael Hoffman II to refresh your memory?

    "Jews worship from the Old Testament Torah" is what Jews tell Christians... Christians that don't know better. It's the genesis of the mythical term "Judeo-Christian". Judeo belongs attached to Christian like water belongs to oil. They are in no way similar. You should know better than to peddle that BS, of all places, here.

  18. Excellent. I knew that only the most intelligent people listen to Fetzer. And I'm sorry I went off the handle on Allison. But, I felt I needed to be harsh because this is such a dire situation we are in. And we will never solve it if we fall into the very trap the Zionists have set - Divide and conquer.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into your reply.
    Again, please download the Saint Einstein pdf which you can find with google. 2682 pages is alot to read - and I confess I did not read all of it yet. But it answers so many confusing issues about history. It is truly fascinating.

  19. You're welcome. History is my passion, particularly the two world wars so it's a subject i know about. I'll check that pdf out, sounds fascinating.

  20. Start your argument over again, this time without mentioning anything that has nothing at all to do with the subject at hand. Do I know there are many Christian Zionists? Did you know most people consider the moon to be white but it's really more of a cream?

    I don't usually talk to people who call themselves "Jew", period. Typically, they resort to name calling. Do it again and you can argue with yourself.

    Ian, I never asked for your help, so butt out. This is between me and the Jew.

  21. Wow, it's not often at all I encounter someone with such irrational hatred. I don't know whether to be disgusted or feel sorry for you.

  22. outside anything else, I will say again (for the last time) that ian halfgreen is not to be trusted.

  23. Disgust and pity are both correct, no other reaction would be.

    While I support freedom of expression, I would not be upset if Mr. Fetzer did a better job of censoring some of the comments in his forum.

  24. Dennis has asked me to post the following:

    "Boys and girls, I appreciate you taking the time to come and post. I sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart (wherever that phrase came from) am very glad you listen and comment. So many of you have such wonderfully elucidating comments, and to be honest, this is a hot topic.

    Many of you are khazars, and I know this is in fact true, yet this very important message reaches out to those of you who are, not to disconnect you from your preferred religious faith, which is probably JUDAISM, but to disconnect you from the evil that is ZIONISM which is a wholly different matter, as CoincidenceSkeptic and a few others of jewish faith seem to recognize without any problem whatsoever.

    Having said that, there are some of you who won't like this, and try to derail the whole comment section into the toilet with baseless inuendo as has our good friend and scholar, who around the back sticks the shiv in with assertions that only Jim Fetzer's part of the broadcast was 'sane' compared to mine. People like this have the CD problem very deeply entrenched. And persons like Allison who have a perfect right to be with her own opinions about jewry as a whole, also have the right to freely express herself here.

    Now I had noted that CoincidenceSkeptic more or less apologized for being so hard on her, and of course Ian had every right to take issue with her commentary about jews, but the purpose of the show wasn't to have you guys all hacking each other to death with kitchen knives. So there will be pissed off people like the one jewish commenter (no doubt by his back stab delivered to me) by name of NiteOwl, who pretends to like parts of the show then sticks the shiv in with his smarmy bullshit comment.

    I have not asked Jim Fetzer to remove it though I do have that prerogative to do so, and expect it to be so.
    As for Stooy44 indirectly asking for censorship, that is not going to happen. What I prefer you do is be nice, police yourselves, don't hurl unfounded bullshit like NiteOwl has, and participate in a discourse with each other and politely albeit as heated as you want to get without being denigrating and nasty, debate the show, and stay on topic, don't go off in this JESUIT bullshit lame assed shit because it's obfuscation and bullshit and very on the edge of being removed because it is not really relevant. Not one of you asserting JESUIT participation has made any significant headway here to show proof of their involvement in the ROTHSCHILDS crimes. Hence, be advised that it marks those of you who post this as closted zionist apologists for terrible crimes against HUMANKIND, when you post garbage of that nature.

    Now, having said this, PLEASE do have at it. I noted that some commenters have gone at each other on off topic issues which is fine but for the most part unless it has a direct connection to the subject of the show, or broadcast, don't get into those here, these arguments are deleterious to the discourse about ZIONISM that is imperative everyone get a handle on.

    Don't post about JESUITS. Don't hurl asshole epithets like; "I liked some of what he said but...." shit with modifiers that suggest you are a saboteur more than a participant in real discourse. Be nice. Extend some modicum of friendship to one another, be you gentille, khazarian fake jew, or who you are. IF you follow the TALMUD and are agreeable to those tenets therein, you are a ZIONIST TROLL and you do not belong in here putting out shit that deflects the discourse into the toilet.

    In the future I will ask Jim to delete commentary from those of you who go there, and I mean that. Jim has been very gracious to allow you to remain posted given the very nasty things you have been hurling at each other. But in the future, if these comments go in that direction, they will get expunged at MY REQUEST.

  25. Dennis (continued):

    Stooy44, for what it's worth, please do stick around and post. I have read many of your posts and found your comments more than cogent, they are very good commentary, even though you are having a problem being in a subset of people by your religious beliefs, that is taking a hit for your affiliation with being a 'jew' for sure. In time you'll learn that you can, like CoincidenceSkeptic, be a 'jew' and not be a closeted zionist as NiteOwl is and then some.

    Matter of fact, he's in DE NILE about what his tribe has done. His 'thirteenth' TRIBE, per Arthur Koestler's work...and a few other scholar's and researchers works.

    We can get along. I expect it of you. Don't beat each other up here. Be nice. But contribute, don't sabotage, because that shit will get your asses marked as SHILLS and your IP's logged and if you come in and post under a different moniker you won't beat that, you'll still get deleted by my request. Don't ever come in here to cover for ZIONISM. Don't blame JESUITS for shit they had nothing to do with. THEY are not the problem. And I do mean that. THEY are an attempt by some of you to OBFUSCATE WHO REALLY HAS DONE THESE HEINOUS ACTS AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY!!! I've said my piece.

    1. All Jews do not share the same ethnicity. Most Jews today are Ashkenazi, descended from the Khazars, but not all, there are Sephardic Jews too and they have been very badly treated by the Ashkenazi in Israel.

      An example of a good Jew, and he is a Sephardi - Mordechai Vanunu, he exposed Israel's nuclear programme and had nothing at all to gain from it, his was a truly selfless act.

      An example of how the Zionist Ashkenazi badly treated the Sepharic Jews. In 1949, after they had driven out the Palestinians, the Israelis were left with large tracts of extremely fertile farm land and they had no-one to farm it. The immigrant Israeli Jews were Europe a city dwellers, they had neither the skills nor the inclination to become farmers. Ben Gurion found the answer though - there were over a million Sephardic Jews in Iraq,they had lived there peacefully for centuries, they were basically Arabs who followed the Jewish faith. Ben Gurion decided these Iraqi Jews would make an ideal workforce for the farms of Israel, but how to get them to migrate? They were happy in Iraq. Ben Gurion devised a heinous campaign of terrorist violence against them, he sent Israeli terror squads into Iraq, they exploded bombs in public places such as cinemas and market places, they opened fire on crowded streets, they threw hand grenades into cafes and restaurants. This violence against the Sephardic Jews was blamed on the Iraqis so the Sephardic Jews decided to flee to Israel and Ben Gurion got his farm labourers.

      It's wrong to tar all people with the same brush, that course leads only to intolerance and violence.The Zionist Jews view everyone else as inferior, the Talmud tells them we are animals and only they are human beings. We should prove we are not evil, twisted, hateful people like them by refusing to share the same mindset. Judge an individual on his merits rather than by his race, religion or ethnicity.

    2. Well said Chris. I agree with you.

      Zionists tend to keep their allegiance hidden, although I hasn't always been that way, back in the late 19th century, there were many who proclaimed their Zionism, Cecil Rhodes for instance.

  26. I find myself in agreement with Dennis. We should debate and sometimes it will get heated because these are difficult, divisive topics, but we shouldn't fight amongst ourselves, that would be handing the advantage to the enemy.

    About the Jesuits, I have no firm opinion, they keep cropping up in my research but I don't know what to make of them. I have read that they maybe crypto-Jews, having stemmed from the Conversos of the 15th century in Spain, but I haven't found anything concrete about them, which is in stark contrast to what I have found when researching the Zionists.

    I do recommend reading The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, it isn't a completely original work, and appears to be based on several earlier documents.However, it does lay out in detail the Zionists methods and give you a good insight into why the world today is how it is because the Zionists have planned for a long time to achieve certain goals, those goals are also explained in the Protocols.

    I also recommend the works of Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins. A good way to find texts worth reading is to look for those which have been labelled 'anti-semitic', that label just means they don't want you to read them. has quite a lot of old material that is well worth studying.

    The nature of the Judeo-Zionist problem was well known prior to ww2, you will find much material from prior to ww2 that was published in mainstream newspapers and magazines, it really is only since the Holocaust myth began in the 1940s that this material has been banished from the mainstream.

  27. For those trying to wake others up to Zionist control over the US, I've found the work of Benjamin Freedman to be particularly helpful. He was actually an insider (he worked with and was family friends with Bernard Baruch), but became so sickened by what the Zionist bankers were up to that he broke ties with them and spent the rest of his life and much of his personal fortune trying to warn Americans. You can find one of his speeches here: Freedman says that the Zionist Jews rule America as if they were absolute monarchs and provides some important information about what they were up during WW1, in their attempts to get control over Palestine. If actually want to listen to Freedman give his speech, go here:
    Here's another one of his speeches:
    Freedman also wrote a book, "The Hidden Tyranny," which is available here:

    1. I second the recommendation on Freedman, his work is some of the best on the subject and the Willard Speech is essential reading.

  28. Egad, man! Why would you think that? I am anti-Zionist, not anti-Jew. See "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda", "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?", "Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots" (with Preston James), and "Anti-Anti-Semitism and the Search for Historical Truth". Don't you do any research?

    I have also done perhaps 100 interviews with Press TV, where my anti-Zionist views have been publicly stated on many occasions. You think that because I feature guests and allow them to express THEIR VIEWS even if they may differ from my own that that makes ME an anti-Semite? I really thought those posting here were just a bit more intelligent that this. I guess I am wrong.

    1. You've addressed this point on the show Jim, I forget which one now, but you gave a good explanation of the issue.

      All I'll say is that anyone doing even the barest research into whether Jim is anti-Zionist or just doesn't like Jews will quickly find the answer.

      To give you a clue, I don't support those who have irrational hatred of ANY group.

    2. If what you say is true then Mr. Fetzer will censor any post which is racist. I hope he does. I enjoy debating these issues, but I will not continue if racist garbage continues to be mixed in and permitted.

    3. Why not think of it this way - not censoring allows us to see just what the real views are of people, which is valuable. For instance, Allison Hunt has clearly shown that they are ill-informed on the subjects of Judaism and Zionism and has an irrational hatred of Jews. This is useful to know because we can then weigh their views on other subjects in light of their standpoint on the Judeo-Zionist issue.

    4. Interesting rationalization. Thank you for taking the time. But I do not have an interest in a forum where the moderator does not censor blatantly racist remarks.

    5. Well, I can only hope that you will stick around and continue to contribute as you do have some insightful and useful contributions to make. I share your distaste at blatant racism but am not prepared to let one or two bad eggs spoil things.

    6. I don't believe in censorship. Each of us is entitled to our own point of view. I am not going to impose constraints. If someone gets too far "out of line" with personal attacks, then they may get the boot. I am tolerating your views as much as I am those of others.

    7. Thank you for your response.

      We differ as to what we would deem to be too far out of line.

  29. Bullshit.

    Zionism of course is real, it controls my country just as it does yours.

    But this is not grounds for allowing others to post blatant attacks upon individuals simply because they happen to be jews. This is simple racism and has nothing to so with zionism.

    Censor this garbage if you want any kind of intelligent, civil debate.

  30. Dennis writes:

    Pshea, Stooy44, NiteOwl, et-al, you all came in to disrupt the discourse, Stooy44 thought he was 'in charge' suddenly, and Pshea came in with ideas that JFK's murder in Dealey Plaza was 'faked' and or 'staged' when too much evidence supports that this notion is not only 'preposterous' but quite
    unfounded in any fact. Then he, like Stooy44 and NiteSchwantz, want to blame the 'jesuits' now.

    Oh my, what a rebellion we have. But look guys, this is bullshit. The Vatican as evil as it is, turned over their financials to ROTHSCHILDS a long time ago. Why do you think that to be true? Because they just hand their money to anyone? I don't think so.

    Furthermore, there as per Alison's statement, is allusion to JESUIT involvement but no real meat to it...because we'd see it. They are not so clever as to keep that from us.

    Now given that, sure, the Catholic Church has been part of the problem. But it has not been IN CHARGE OF IT ALL. The assertions you guys make are so off base and ill founded in any real fact that your sole purpose was to steer the discourse and disrupt it all. Assertions of the JFK assassination being fake is the open comment of someone who is either not doing any meaningful research or has not, because some of us have at least a good working knowledge of who did that one. It was NOT faked.

    Much of what happened on 9/11 absolutely was CGI, no two ways around it. Does that mean it was all CGI? Absolutely not. Nobody in their right mind could make that assertion without hitting a brick wall called TRUTH dead on. Now Stooy44, Pshea, don't come into the comment section and put out this shit without substantial evidence that supports these assertions.

    Not that I am the sole arbiter of TRUTH, I am not. But clearly you had an 'other than' agenda here. And you wore out your welcomes fully. I don't need badgering by fuckers insisting to take over Jim Fetzer's turf when it is not your right to do so. We present what we believe as best as we know is TRUTH. When you steer the discussion into the reeds it makes you obvious TROLL material. And it's really not going to cut it.

    What Jim does with your comments from here on out is his choice, but if it were mine, your shit would be deleted on discovery or made impossible to post now.

    Not to be vindictive, but to keep the shit on topic. This broadcast wasn't about JESUITS for good reason. Though they no doubt played a role in things globally, they were NOT IN CHARGE OF IT. And, to make that assertion is totally baseless and false. And I just don't have the patience for that shit here--truly.

  31. Dennis, I blamed the Jesuits for convincing men in the 1600s to go to Canada and hope to get tortured to death. Nothing else. Please read more carefully, and do not jump to conclusions.

  32. if the jews/Zionists are numero uno in the evil pecking order, they sure did a shitty job at hiding their involvement in psy-ops like 9/11 and many, many others (including the recent staged boston marathon bombings). not very Machiavellian, wouldn't you say? not a dicky bird do you hear regarding any Jesuit/Vatican involvement! please explain how or why this might be.
    if the jews are at the top and the Jesuits are their dark minions/workhorses, then let us call equally for the downfall of both. I would certainly support this.

    regarding the jfk faked/staged assassination, it is clear to me that either you have not been through culto's work or, like jim and clare, you choose to ignore and brush it off in short and transparent order so as not to attract too much attention to it.
    you're bully-boy choice of words impresses me none dennis, and you go down a few pegs in my estimation for that (not that you give a shit, i'm sure.)

    also, can you let us know which aspects of the 9/11 footage you deem to be cgi, and which you do not?
    can I also ask how many real victims do you believe perished on 9/11? I can't seem to nail jim or clare down on a clear figure. (I myself believe there were none, nada, zilch, zero, zip). thanks.

    p.s. any news on the latest west coast U.S. fall-out from fuk-u-shima?
    (you know the word 'shima' means mother, right?) - there must be decayed limbs and radiation sore ridden bodies (animal and human) all over the place at this stage, no?

  33. no comment on my last post there dennis?