Friday, January 24, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig / Sofia Smallstorm

A school security expert addresses Sandy Hook


  1. Jim, the heavy breathing sounds a bit creepy.

    1. Egad, man! This stunning confirmation from a former Florida State Trooper and principal who is an expert on school security and confirms that Sandy Hook was a hoax is presented to you and all you can remark upon is "heavy breathing"?

      I haven't listened to the show and therefore do not know precisely what you are reporting, but for that to be your response to this show tells me that you are a trivial person. I am sorry, but that response to this show is ridiculous.

    2. Don't wory about it, Jim.
      Yuck Fooh probably has issues with his own particular brand of "heavy breathing"....... if you get my meaning, Jim.

      Great show by the way!! Can we have some more JFK stuff, please? Any chance of getting Roger Stone on your show, Jim? He wrote a great book on LBJ and the assassination of JFK ( The Man Who Killed JFK....) - as I'm sure you know. Some new and interesting facts.

      Great if you could do it, Jim.

    3. Correction: Two "rs" in "worry".

      Btw, Madeleine Duncan Brown gets very favorable mentions from Roger Stone unlike from some "auteurs" we know who waited until Madeleine was dead and gone (but never to be forgotten) before they put the boot in and slandered the lady and her memory.

    4. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2013

      William H. Warrick III / Roger Stone
      JFK autopsy / The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ


    5. Great news!!

      Didn't realize you'd already done it!!

      Thanks for link!!

    6. Oh dear! I seem to have upset a few people with what I thought was an innocent comment. I suggest you do listen to the show again and hear what I find very distracting from the presentation which I did find enlightening.
      Maybe sit back from or mute the mike?

    7. Yuck Fooh, Jim Fetzer has never jumped to an irrational conclusion in his life.

    8. What the Fook are you talking about? I never complained about Fetzer jumping to irrational conclusions, I just mentioned that his presentation (with Sofia) had heavy breathing on it. FFS. What is wrong with you people? Fuck Yooh.

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  2. Your mic was picking up your breathing during Sofia's section Jim, but it's hardly heavy and nothing to worry about.

    I thought this show was an awesome counter punch to the Michael Piper and cronies faction delivered at precisely the right moment.

    That Wolfgang has been threatened for doing something that is well within his rights as a citizen should deeply concern everyone. The fact that even he, with his highly relevant profession was not allowed to see any of the papers of the inquiry is also deeply disturbing. As Wolfgang pointed out, the fact hey have made the inquiry results of Sandy Hook and Boston secret should be a red flag to all Americans.

    Well done in getting such a high calibre guest on the show Jim, it gives you a strong supporting piece in this really disgusting battle with the Piper clowns.

  3. great show jim!

  4. I'm so glad to hear someone discovered the hoax of Sandy Hook and did something about it. Strange that it would come from a former state trooper, but who else would know the law and protocol that should have been followed. Wolf Halbig was wonderfully clear and to the point in everything he said. How interesting but foreboding the ordeal he went through. Imagine being told asking questions about Sandy Hook was terrorism and if he persisted, he would be arrested.


    Scroll down to see shocking photo of young schoolgirl playing dead for a terror drill--bloodied and her eyes staring. This could be used in another school shooting hoax as "evidence."

    .....Mass school shootings have also created a business boom for those who train schools how to protect their students.

    Texas-based Response Options — tag line “Prepared, Proactive, Protected” — uses 18 instructors with military and/or law enforcement backgrounds to train schools, municipalities and even other law enforcement agencies on “active shooter and violent intruder events.”

    Sessions can run from two hours to two days, with a sliding cost scale, Alvarez said. A one-day training runs $2,500 a pop.


    MALL SHOOTING COLUMBIA, MD, 1/25/14. I saw the first report of this on TV. Again, people were wounded and the shooter was a suicide identified having last name of Johnson whose motive was to kill someone who worked at the mall. Today, he was identified by a different name and was a "suicide" but didn't have a motive. Photos for hours focused on parking lot with loops of SWAT teams going into the mall guns drawn. Most important, there were no medics or ambulances in the lot and no wounded or victims carried out. The mall was evacuated but employees had gone through drills prior to this and hid in closets, etc., according to the report. The same clips of people fleeing were shown repeatedly. There were a few live interviews and it slipped out that people had to leave their purses behind and had to be claimed later. (Strange) Anyway, it was the same modus operandi we've seen repeatedly--an obvious hoax and all in time for the six-O-clock news--after the football games.


    Keith Johnson and Jim Fetzer debate Sandy Hook.
    Does Keith playing devil's advocate, or does he really believe what he's saying? Really sad if he does.

  7. Sandy Hook must have been the cleanest massacre I have ever seen. The escape was also extremely orderly conducted. And not a tear to be seen anywhere, But still. the far most important evidence we have is the interviews with these reported victims parents 15, 16, 17, 18 December. They were so little credible that it is impossible to believe that anyone was killed in this reported massacre. Doesn't really matter what they said after that performance - can not change the conclusion.

    Severe under reporting on medias involvement in this operation also. Jim usually don't like to talk so much about that part - or he forgets, or cannot see that.

    MSM is complicit in all these operations. If not, they couldn't have carried out any of them. And who is this gang who control the media again?

  8. People who believe no one died in Sandy Hook need medical help. SImple as that.